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Present your projects to a group of Investors from China. Our partners have hundreds of billions of dollars that they want to deploy RIGHT NOW. As a Specialist Advisor, I have been mandated by their local correspondent who has an office at the JSE and represents all investment opportunities and Business operations for the Investors. Their mission is simple: the investors hope to create more jobs, promote industrialization and contribute to the implementation of National Development Plan. But that’s not all, they want to assist you fast forward your developments so you can achieve more in a shorter space of time.
We want to invite you to consider funding your major housing projects through this consortium who have access to hundreds of Billions. They fund projects as fast as the SAME DAY if the projects meet with all the qualifying criteria. So again if you have a viable bankable project that meets with the criteria below, and you need the money to get things going swiftly in a forward direction, I STRONGLY urge you to CALL ME RIGHT AWAY. +27 82 796 2871

The investments project eligibility criteria:

1. It must be government projects or cooperation with the government and local enterprises.
2. The investors focus on the large scale Housing industrialization and Wind power (15 unit minimum)
3. Business models including equipment supplying, EPC contracting, cross-shareholding or Joint Venturing etc at any terms, conditions and COST.

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Sany group profile

  1. 1. 233 EUNV' Sany Group Co. , Ltd. fl Sany Industrial Park‘ Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha‘ HUDEFI, China 1. 0731—B4031SSS I 073i—BAO31999 .3 WWW sanygrouii com | SANYGROUPPROFILE |
  2. 2. SANY I Company Overview isita de Estado do Presidente da » ublica Popular da china, XI Jlnpl on July i7, 2014, Xi Jinping, presmeni of me i= eupie's Republic or China. and Dilma Raussen, pmsinem 07 Brazil, allended the Sany investment ngreernent signing ceremony in Brazil which stated Sany would invest 300 million uso rm mnsmmmn ofan Rap and mannraminng lacillly In Jacaiei. Sao Paulo,
  3. 3. SANY I Company Overview on Olzlnbel 3. 2003, Hu Jtntao. runner generai secretary or ttie communist Party or cnina aria presiitent or me People's Reputiiic ol cnina, visited sany, A1 a womsnop oiiiing ttie visit, me tonnei president spoke tiigtity or sany tor its aciiievements and ulleted tiis best wisiies tor its future GEVEIODIVIEIII. BCIOTB leaving, FIESIGEYII HI] (ON HIS CYIEIIWIBII, “Your ECIIIEVEIIIEITIS IIBVE been brilliant, and I am confluent that Sany will achieve even more with the concerted ellons or all! ‘ on January 29, mos, Chinese Premier Wen Jlibao ano German cnanceiior Angela Melkel attended tne Sany investment agreement signing ceremony between iiie sany Heavy Industry co. . Ltd. and Nomi Riiine-westptiaiia or Germany. According to the agreement. Sany would invest 124 million USD tor consnucmn oi an R&D and manutacturing raciiity in iaeatiurg, Norm Rhine- Westphallay Germany. As ol 2009, this was the largest Investment by a Chlnese company In Europe.
  4. 4. SANY I Company Overview Ltllqwengen ctmrriunolsuiverwo ' REWBWMWGWIWIIMIWCWNIDHHCWUIH 7. gm. __ , is DCI7|fly| nIteB'.9'IlIdlI1"Nn1nrtllPeuP| e‘ICnrI§r= sI I enjoy lvalchirlg bottr sunsets and sunrises | ‘rn atways moved try me splendor, beauty and sense at accomplrsriment or eactr t1ay‘s crrtorrirl sunset and by trie reeling or renewal and promise brougnt on by each momIng's sunnse, In the same way, I cherish great dreams let my company, Sany As a powerlul inner drive. those dreams push me In excel, to succeed. I believe that my hard work can curllrlbule lo the success or sany in me world arena, zhnd Xurlyltuttfl vi-ii . lrirnr. use znovwuii X-rla wenod t. i-no Wagon T-no xi-duo vi x-owns zrioir rug: w-no zuoisiuri with many rlslts and challenges, starting a buslness lakes courage. But in less than two decades. Sany tias grown rrom its numble beginnings to become a leader in construction macliinery manutactunng Ttie sany brand and products are now recognlzed as top quality Encouraged by ttits success. I have DECOIVIE even "I018 GCIEITIIIIIEG I0 IIIIIIII the lTIDI| lHfl€I| I3I ITIISSIOII 01 EXPBIIGITIQ 0|]! DIOHUCI IIIDCS and improving our quality even more We will be tmty sucoesslul only when Sany‘s products are supettor to those of our strongest competitors, Sany's goals are to reshape cttlrta's cortstmctlon machinery Industry wttn advanced sany technology. to build products recognized tor ttietr quality vvdrldvnde and improve ttiem with continuous innovation. to exceed our customers' expectations wtttt unparalleled quality and services alto nnalry, to matte sure that ‘Made In China‘ means top quality to the rest or the world Everyone dreams or greatness, Sany's dreams are being realized by its employees, sIep—hy-step ano onebyorte
  5. 5. SANY l Company Overview The Sany Group was rounded in I959 as a small welding materials ractoiy. Today, rt is the largest construction macrunery corpomtlon in china and the filth largest glooalry. Two or its memoer companies are listed on separate stock exchanges; sany Heavy industry on. Ltd. on the Shanghai stock Exchange and SANYHE imemaiiohai Holdings Co. Ltd on the Hong Kong Exchange And sany Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. was the rirstever Cntilese business to SUCCESSIIIW achieve the govemmerrtowned enterprise transrer to the private sector under the nun-Imaable stuck reronn program. it is also listed among the world's top 500 companies The sany Family In the construction machinery industry. Sany Heavy lndusny Co Ltd Today. Sany Is the leading brand in china for concrete pumping machinery. excavators, crawler cranes. 53"Y He3'Vi{ E| ’ie| '!1Y M3Chi"€iY 007. Udr rotary dnitirig ngs and coal mining machinery Arid sany concrete pumping machinery is No. 1 wdndwide Sany Ann, Finance CO L” Each year, sany allocates between 5% and rat or its total sales revenue to RAD proiects, with the goal or Shanghai Sany Precision Machinery 00.. Ltd. providing CV87! MOVE woridclass products 70f CDSIOVIICIS EVEIYWVICIB, Shanghai Zhu Shengyuan propeny Cor‘ Lu‘ 7 At this time, Sany has stateoiiirlean technology development centers and postdoctoral research centers. Sam’ C°a' C"e"‘i5"'V c° = “d As or June 30. 2014. the Sany Group had applied tor over 1.500 patents. with over 5,000 patents already 3ANyHE imematjonai Holdings co“ may (sany group as acmai wmroiier) authorized. the sany Group ranks No. 1 in the industry. T While constantiy working to improve its product quality, the Sany Group is also committed to providing comprehensive and warm-class customer service with 15 logistics and parts orstrihution centers worldwide. with its unique advantages, Sany continues to strive to help build a better world
  6. 6. vision Tn meals a hrstclass business entetpnse. to develop firsl-clms empltlyaei. and to provide fist-class contributions to our wand. Quality changes the world. management Philosophy worliing lur our custorrlers. Helping our employees succeed on the job and in their lives.
  7. 7. SANY l Locations Flnllllelslet Gerrrlariy A 3 rliiniraaaa-an-rise-yr-nrio. -r. ae. _ua mi-eiraaaa-at siirrms-. r.. a.. anaare-t-. _ia is-ur-namrvarnresa-rr-ant-nr-«you. iaro. ,»es. ,eaa, a.aaiaio: .ira IO arm: mzraaas-rriaariuaaai-yo-. i.ia rsrr-ins-rr-rera. ..u. e-iaicr. ua Sallymlienea rs. .,r. ... a.. .a. .., acn. sarravnr-awlatssrsavr-eaq-as-remix mnauraaeairsa-rienaluqu-ri= u.ia _ sany lriaa 0. Q , ' . . sany Indonesia 97 0 Sally Brazil Q o . a . 9 Q Sany's Industrial Parks ml Putzmeister (imemationai Headquarters of sany concrete Machinery) 3 Sany Sales 5 Servlce OMCCS In China 9- Sany Sales A Service Oilices overseas - sany Global Coverage
  8. 8. SANY l Locations ea‘, l t to up-tlitnia -«tit-. J-t"“t Changsha Industrial Development Zone The sany Gmup Headquarters, Sany Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. , and Sany Auto Finance Co. , Ltd. are all lucated in the Changsha Industrial Development Zone This zone includes the industrial parks or Changsha, Ningxiang, Yiyang, changde, Loudi and snaoyang. The main products manufactured are concrete pumping machinery, road machinery. port machinery and automobile hoisting machinery Among these, Sany Heavy industry co, Ltd is the core enterprise or the sany Group Founded in 1994, it was nist listed all the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 3, 2003
  9. 9. SANY l Locations Shanghai Industrial Development Zone Sany Heavy Machinery Co . ua . Shanghai Sany Pvectsmn Machinery Co. um, Sany Tumine Machinery C0,, Lm , and Zrleplang Sany Equipment Co. Ltd, are all nocanea m me Shanghai Indusmal Development Zone This zone includes me muusman parks of Shanghai, Chuangsha, Lmgang, Kunsnan, CNBIIQSTILI, NBIIKOVIQ and HLIZNOU The mam products manulacluved RTE crawler CIEHCS and EXCQVEIOIS. :4
  10. 10. SANY l Locations ‘l Ill 1 yr, l . l I 1 l| l|llllll‘l liiiliiilliiiilililiiilr 1 '2 ’T}]. ‘., .., ,,, _” , ill"! .s '““. lp rlullllllllllllrii. Shenyang Industrial Park Be ing Industrial Park SANYHE International Holdings cu , Ltd, is Beijing sany Heavy Macrlinery co. Lid, lucaied rn snenyang. Llaonrng Province, wilere and sany Heavy Energy Macllrnery co. Ille main products manufactured are coal mining Ltd are pom Iocaled in Nanknu Towll, machinery. crrangping District, Beijing, wtrere me mairr producls rllanutaciured are piling mamlnely on November 25. 2009, me SANYHE andwindluminesets. Irltemallonal Holdings C0,. Ltd. was llrsl listed on the Hong Kong Slack Exchange
  11. 11. SANY i Locations ~, Xinjiang Industrial Park Sany Heavy lndusiry Northwest Co , Lid is located in urumqi, xiniiang Province, where itie main products manuiactured are concrete pumping macriinely, excavators, automooiie noislmg rriacriinery and pile driving rrractririery, Zhuhai Industrial Park Sany Marine Heavy Industry Co. . Ltd is located in Zhuhai, Guangaong Province, wriele the main products are part inacriiriery, siiip engineenng and marine equiprneni
  12. 12. SANY l Locations Overseas Plants Wlln manuiactunng plants in the United States. Gennany, India and Brazil, sany is the nrst ctiinese construction machinery company to invest in tliese countries . n:. .4: to. ’ ‘ ‘. -. - zone with a 124 million usu investment oy ine sany Group. the Sany Founded In y y Germany iaciilty is located in Bediwrg, Norln Rhine-Westphalia, and includes 2,590,977 square feet (250,000 square meters) at R&D and inaninacttinng space Putzmeister in April 2nt2. sany completed the acquisition of the Putzmelster company. it is now the headquarters or sany‘: Intematidnai concrete pumping machinery operations. Founded in 2007 with a so million USD investment tly the Sany Group, the sany America headquarters in Peachtree City (near Attanta), Georgia, includes 340,000 square leet (31,587 square meters) or manutactiinng space and 60,000 square leet (5,574 square meters) of olnce space. cunentty, hydraulic excavators, crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes are assembled tiere, with plans tor additzonal machines in lite liiture
  13. 13. SANY l Locations Sany India Established in 2006 with a 50 n USD investment by the Sany Gmup, the sany india raciirty is located in Pune, and includes 3,659,729 square leet (34,000 square meters) or space The main products manuractured here are concrete pumping machinery, excavators, hoisting machinery and road machinery Sany Brazil Established in 2010 with a 200 million USD Investment by the Sany Group, the sany Brazil tacilrty ts located in San Paulo, and includes G, Il3,9DI square feet (568,iJDfl square meters) or space The main products manuiactured here are excavators and lining machinery.
  14. 14. SANY l Social Responsibility Sany People and Machines Work Day Sany Support to Sichuan Earthquake and Night in Ice Disaster Rescue Operation Relief Operation Saves Many Lives The magnitude 8 0 earthquake In Wenchuan, Sichuan, China, on May 12, in January 2000, Hunan Province, location of the sany Group headquarters, suliered 2003, deeply alrected over 24,000 Sany employees a maior ice disaster sany immediately initiated deicing rescue operations with 23 oi its motor graders and 51 machine operators on the Jlngzhu Expressway Aner 10 days and nights or operation, 505 miles i943 kilometers) were cleared, resulting in the sany motor grader being recognized as the -memonous motor grader- inrmediatery aner the eanhquake, the Sany Group donated approximately 3 million usn and dispatched a volunteer rescue team and heavy machinery to the disaster area within a short time. the team opened 19 miles (30 kilometers) or iilesaving access and rescued over20 trapped men
  15. 15. SANY l Social Responsibility Chile’s Miner Rescue Operation on octoher 12, 2010, 33 miners remained trapped 2,297 teet 1700 meters) underground in the san Jose copper mine, located in the Atacama Desert in northeast Chile sanys scc4000 crawler crane was chosen by Chile‘; govemment lor iimng the rescue tuoes Sany’: quick response and rescue resulted in high honors lrom not only Chile's govemment, but the interhahonai community as well MI‘ H30 Heng, the Sany DVEISEBS Clllle SUDSIUISIY SSFVICE engineer and only Asian at the accident site, provided assistance tor a days and nights Saniy’s "N0. 1 crane in china" Contributes to The "Big Giraffe" Assists at Japan Fukushima Nuclear Plant Radiation Leak On March it, 20t1, the Fukusitlma Dallchl Nuclear Power Plant sufleren maior damage lrom the magnitude 9 0 earthquake and tsunami On March 19, the Tokyo Electric Power company (TEFCO), which runs the plant. contacted Sany Heavy industry, hoping to purchase a Sany 52-meter truck-mounted concrete pump to support the water- spraying operation inside the damaged nuclear plant Greatly concerned about the event, sany otiered its 62—meIer truck— mounted concrete pump to TEPCO ireeoi— charge Sany‘s donated 62-meter truck-mounted concrete pump successtirliy iniected water at the No 1 reactor and was later praised as the "big giraiie" by the Japanese people
  16. 16. SANY l History me launai nl sum/ r firs! concrete mix-vi: -no VIII - n-iir riri-nnuim at sany eniemg uie iiiaiine inaeliinevy mum SUI)’ Iucuelfluifl devehvfi the new lnflllflfle (ZN tons) exxxvlwv In Chill. Sany‘: A: Series concrete Plum imegi-led I09 leclinplaiiy beiiueeii Chill and eeiinany, innicri led me nisl 'Imu. ItrinI Revnllmon‘ in me dun-uircnaii mvlueh mi-Ivy, 2006 such Bflllmzn-Cement S-iii devdavell vie Mann! seinili-nu wns IIoIfl'! in and; -md used on ine lseirw runneangadnliing ridruin n-unaneed lrmzfuver unrec- inn-y iaindiiirepdii ine rnmiiineiid ram pidieei ll cririi. Thu Illfl isgir nmpuaiii aided ilie III: 01 eel-iuuwr unvaried in-am-vv in eniiiiien upnmi eernem Pileernem pidrecu ll Chllll Sany: socdaonnm CIIHEI Came. mm In: I-veal milfmn loiime M z, enn lam, i- i-ii-d ‘No. i an n ine valid’ 2006 sany -uceduiulvy nsmmsfl nu i-iincri in in 133.1 liidt lssineien inrcli. mailed concrete wnv made 5-ivy me fill vollh . min exceeding 184 reel (50 iiieieisi he and iiiaennerii rnaniei imi its Rsccc SM conlaiiiei Re-en Stuzku 2008 saiiyn 255 sliiul (adnieiei) imeii, niaiinled eonereie numn ins iiiiiuduaed. iiinicn buclnlu mu wmv Itflh me laigenl dispincemenr Ind liuioedboovn lnlnei-and me sany SAC1Zn0l'i izoiuuii iniai me rm riyuid exeaiinlor in CflII, Sany: Randriender In luuncried crane, ine larqeil in china, inn me svzlsc, nu dcvelovedw Surly. mm me marl noiverliil eniiirie in inuunienuinlm-urld Al- SllIy'I slum, ine full large, trunnl9e nit: "Winnie nutty aiim nu n An. rm laiaici-d nieiouainnllviellm A sown ndrlzo-ml The Inmch or a sany introduced savvy suedenaitry s-rm cind Planer rediseiiim . diiseiiiin-i diii, iris eoiiiplim iimuinrl iin. tin riipiidu firfl nilly develuvlfl lhl mi Slrry is-iisr. iiiai-ned liiuiinioirgn Ii road urged: nil: rind in Mslny mlfl iiiaisiineiy riymuire iiiinpi giuaei, I214-it: m(37-lneta) iiiiiieieie pump eiided epimuiaian ieaiiipipgy criine. ms luinened iii muted . iiidemne imdlentoumtd ediiueie Chill’: dependence an in aiiiiu BI in mud cciiaiiuimiin pump Illhe pump-rrih -npcrred uiins ieaindlday in min. cnuig-vi. liidiiiiiial em in Hurlnl Pmniide. crnna.
  17. 17. SANY 1 Quality Since 1996. Saws Ilallennounted concrete pump tlas continuously set new world records at single vertical concrete pumping nelgrit x In 2ul)7, it set me liignest record or 1.514 reel (492 meters) diinng me cons1ml: tlon oi the Shanghai W0l1d Financial Center (SWFC). Smong some (mind) me Gorge: nain (CMIII) Fuljrq lhliur Pena Fllmdrllle iiiling (CVIM) ; taJJl [ '1'! ‘ ' ”’/ /I/ /// A Lari Abenn nanrliaa smauner tuaoan) st-dnvore Fryer Ksmloowl
  18. 18. SANY I Quality In January 2008, Sany‘s 216 5400i — } , _, , _ , (ssmezer) IruI: k—I1|nurIted concrete A ‘y ~ —‘_, , , ,_ I LE __‘ ‘ fr. ‘ Dump. mm the warm 5 langesl . , ___ _ , - , , / huam a me | ImeI was used at the massive Manhattan Wesl canstmchon project Attendees of [he Wand 01 concrele llade show held In LBS Vegas, Nevada. also saw mls machine In acuon ‘. '.-. I J’: ; I,. g E“'»‘-51%? » Q V Mm ‘I'"’: ~.E iR"ifas, .uIIII Ariana-I llrenme rugm-y Iumm sues) Fans pun pmpnnim unnumguea pullpmg I: l;: ula123fl| 'l m3 (Gnu) In Americas
  19. 19. SANY l Quality In Europe Rum: -nee Ferry simlrmen Pnaecl Mwzai soon Inrll (timed ><-morn) wem urmeuny emu snaurnstsemu Ind ulonenegvul At L115 leet (340 meters) In height, the main may or Russran Feueralsnn Tower is me iallest buildllg ii Europe In spite oi ine harsh envrmnmeni and Iempeiatures as low as -13' F (-25- c), Sany‘: trailer-mounled concrete pumps succeeded In vertically pumping B90 concrele to the mp 01 the building. ‘nl ‘_ - I En‘ ~‘ ". II. — I II: »* ' .5» —-- :1 I’ - ‘I K’ , I __ 4 I ~ -1 n‘ e», 1 3 , II ». H u '. ‘ i , . I! "'iiIi'II‘» . II ‘lI. i!ElfI In . II'mrI' ‘ I! I" ‘II II II II I"’ q s Ilurrnl : || r'| |- . -. .¢
  20. 20. Tlllrty—two units or Sany equipmenl worked on me consiruction of the Great Mercrwe Dam in Sudan, the largesi nydruptwver siailon in Mnca win no pmnlenls, During cnnsimeiron. Sany Irucivmnunted enncreie pumps anu tIaIler—muunIed wncrele pumps worked for lung non-stop periods. In Africa
  21. 21. SANY l Quality Sdaulb Rood Canutmchdtl at Sydney ulnmcul Eng»-In; -In um-I snug: Reeemmarenovsydney In Australia . - 1‘, 4
  22. 22. SANY ‘ Products J * Rotary Drilling Rig . ¢ , ,,, ,,, H H V V , , V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V H ‘ SR120 SRISDC SRT15fl SRIWM SRZOOC SR22DC SR250 SRZBDRC sR2eoLH sR2auM sR2eoRIl sR2a5Rc8 Excavator SR: i15RCa SR36I)| I| SR3&5Rca SRMSG SV16C SY35U SV55C SYGDC ‘ SYGSC SY75C SVBSC sY95c I sY115C sY135C SV155C sY2l)5t: SY215C SVZ25C SY23§C SVZBSC SY305C SY335C SYSGSC SV425C SYAGSC
  24. 24. SANY l Products Crawler Crane SCCSOOE SCCSOOOA SCC750C SCCSSOOE SCCBOOC SCC7500 SCCQOOE SCCIOOOO SCCIOOOC SCCIGOOO SCCI250 SCC8065 All-Terrain Crane and Truck Crane ' ' ’ ’ ’ ’ scczsooc sccszoo All-TIfl'IllI Crane THICK Crflfll STC SONGS sCC2&)0A sccamx) SAC I BDD STC200 SCCAOOOE SACZZDD STCZOOS SACZSDD STCZ50 SACIIDIID STC25UH SAC35l)lI STCZSDS . SACW, Smm, Rough-Terrain Crane SACIZDDD STCSDUS ' ' ' ' ' ' V V ' V ' V ' ' ' ' ' V V V ' V V ' V V V ' ' ' ' ' ' ' V ' V V ' ' S1-C750 sncaso sncsso S1-C7505 SRCSSOC SRCEISOH S-“moo SRC750 SRC840 STC1 00°C SRCB65 SRCSGSXL SRCBS5 STC1250
  25. 25. SANY l Products Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump Concrete Batching Plant 25 metal? » 37 illelers 38 meters 47 meters 49 meters 53 meters 56 meters 66 meters 72 meters 86 meters Hzsastlca HZS1 sacs Hzszmcs HZSSOUCB HZSGOF HZSQOTCB HZS I ZDTCB HZS I BOTCE HZSH 1 8008 HZSH24OC8 HZSHCIOOC8 Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump DIQSEI EVIQIVIE TraiIer—Mounted COIICIECG FUND Elecinc Engine TIalIer—Mountea Concrete Pump Super—HlgtI Pressure Traller—Mountefl Concrete Pump lnduslrlal Pump
  26. 26. SANY l Products Concrete Mixer Trucks Concrete Placing Booms 68 series Gas Mixer 17 Mixer Howo-Chassis Mixer HGRZBII HGRIISB HGR36 SY3fl9 C-8 SY3IJ9C-BW (LNG) SZ3‘ID C-3M(lV) SZ31flC»6(lV) HGT39 HGT41 svalu c-a svaluc-sw (LNG) S2312 C-8M(| V) SZ312C—6(| V) Home SYSID C—8W SY312C—6W (LNG) SZ412 C—8M(| V) SZ412C—6(| V) HGY1Bll HGYQOII HGY21 HGV24 SZ3Il] 08M SY412C—6W (LNG) SZ415 C~8M(| V) SZ415C~8(IV) SY312 C—6 SY413C—6W (LNG) SZ41BC~6(| V) SV312 C—&W SY415C—6W (LNG) SZCI12 (LEM SY412 C-5 SY412 C-SW SY415 C-B SY415 C~8W SZ415 08M Line P u mp 05 Series C! series SYSIZBTHB-9014C-6D SY5128THB-IDDZDC-BD SY512BTHB-9D14C—6E SY5128THB-110200-8W SY5128THB—6D16C~6E SYM5lElTHB—1I‘JEl28C—3GW SV5128THB—9D1BC«6DE SYM5151THB—11(J2(JC4iGE SV5133THB—9D1BC~6D 5YM5151THB—1102OC4iG SY5133THB—9D22C~6GD