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  1. SOLC RETREAT November 4th-5th Facilitators Lauren Miller, David Keach, and Andrew Sharkey
  2. Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa This group came to us requesting help with - Team Building - Bonding - Group and self improvement - Patience - Communication - Recruitment - Advertising
  3. Schedule for retreat • 5:45-6 introduction, food name game • 6:45-7 energizers/review: shake eights, screamer, name toss • 7-8:45pm initiatives: group juggling, Human knot • 8:45-9 ships and sailors and debrief of the night • Next day 9:945 breakfast • 9:45-10:00 energizers • 10:00- 12:00 went over mission statement and how they could use that to their benefit
  4. Evaluations • Half of members checked that SOLC was extremely effective in meeting their groups needs and the other half wrote very effective • Eleven out of the fourteen members strongly agreed that this SOLC event helped their organization to develop into a stronger team. • Nine members strongly agreed that SOLC helped them in making progress towards their goals.
  5. Facilitator 1: Lauren • Eight members of the group said she completely connected with the group while six said very much • Seven members stated that she was extremely competent during the event while six said very competent • Eight group members said she was extremely effective on maintaining a positive learning environment • Comments: great job, good energy, helpful, don’t be so shy, fun but serious when needed
  6. Facilitator 3 : David • Eight members of the group said he completely connected with the group while six said very much • Six members stated that he was extremely competent during the event while eight said very competent • Seven group members said he was extremely effective on maintaining a positive learning environment and seven said very effective • Comments: good listener, very friendly, inviting, open, outgoing, great suggestions
  7. Overall comments • Great work! • Was a great experience • We got to know each other better and got closer • Very fun • Loved this entire retreat • We made our goals clear and learned solutions to our group problems
  8. Overall success - Goals: Team Building, Bonding, Group and self improvement, Patience, Communication, Recruitment, Advertising - As a result of the SOLC event nine members strongly agreed that they made progress towards accomplishing their goals and five members agreed. - The comments were all positive and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - Out of all the members everyone said either extremely satisfied or very satisfied with how well their expectations were met.
  9. Things to work on in the future • Working better together as facilitators, sometimes we were on different pages • Working on transitions from activities to other things • Debriefing- both as first time facilitators this aspect of the retreat was a little difficult. We used each other as resources however we need to learn more about debriefing before facilitating another retreat
  10. Reflection • As a first time facilitator I think overall the retreat went well. • We arrived late and had to rearrange the schedule but this showed that we could be flexible and were able to deal with change • Doing the actual retreat was easier than I expected especially since we had the schedule written up. • One thing I liked about this group is that were all willing to participate and were very fun. • They were patient and that was very helpful.
  11. Reflection continued • For next time I will know to write every detail even what I will be saying. • For the debrief I was prepared but not fully. Next time I will have everything for the debrief written out and will ask for help ahead of time if I have questions • I had a lot of fun and I am now very excited to lead other retreats!