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Rebels at Work

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My presentation on being a more Effective Rebel at work

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Rebels at Work

  1. 1. Rebels at Work how to help the future happen @milouness @rebelsatwork @loiskelly
  2. 2. There is a worldwide conspiracy for the preservation of mediocrity You are probably an unwitting member There is nothing so weak as an IDEA whose time has not yet come you will be uncomfortable
  3. 3. Master the Bureaucratic Landscape Befriend the Bureaucratic Black Belt
  4. 4. Don’t do it by yourself Find Allies
  5. 5. Don’t break rules…..Change rules.
  6. 6. Be for SOMETHING, not just Against the Status Quo
  7. 7. Don’t talk at people Don’t froth at the mouth Keep your sense of humor
  8. 8. Don’t Go All In the first time Management asks for ideas
  9. 9. avoid the dark side
  10. 10. avoid the Athena Trap
  11. 11. Do things in the right order
  12. 12. Accept the inevitability of conflict
  13. 13. Don’t waste your opportunities
  14. 14. Speak up about what you believe
  15. 15. @milouness @rebelsatwork @loiskelly