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Plan a Killer Q4 Using Cross-Media

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During this 60-minute educational Webinar presented by Joe Manos, Executive VP MindFireInc and Dave Rosendahl, VP of Client Services and Co-founder of MindFireInc, you will learn how to:
- Leverage the scheduling of email and SMS messages for maximum open and read rates
- Use numerous features that make campaign design even easier, including adding an unlimited # of pages to your landing pages and microsites
- Employ new reporting, including tracking cross-media activity by a variety of sources, and enhanced email reporting
- Take advantage of the “Interactive Cross-media Demonstration” (the newest business development solution available to you), used to walk clients and prospects through the entire cross-media life-cycle

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Plan a Killer Q4 Using Cross-Media

  1. 1. Thanks for joining us.The webinar will begin shortly. Join the pre-show chatter on Twitter using hashtag: #mindfireinc
  2. 2. Fall Release Webinar: Plan a Killer Q4 Using Cross-Media A review of new features you can use to generate Q4 revenue. Joseph Manos Executive Vice President David Rosendahl Co-founder, EVP Client Services October 28th, 2010© 2010 MindFireIncThis document is the property of MindFireInc.
  3. 3. Housekeeping We’re recording! Today’s hashtag: #mindfireinc Ask questions
  4. 4. Housekeeping Submit questions/comments during the session via chat
  5. 5. You should hear us now. If you can’t:Please reference the number and access code provided to you via email, or call 949-474-4418 x-219 for help.
  6. 6. While we wait …
  7. 7. Introductions David Rosendahl Co-founder EVP Client Services Joe Manos Executive Vice President Michael Dunahee Client Support Manager
  8. 8. Why Cross-Media?
  9. 9. The World Has Changed Social Media 500+ million Facebook users, 700+ billion minutes p/mo 65+ million Tweets p/day Mobile 3,000+ texts sent by teens p/mo[1] 1 in 2 people w/smart phones by end of ’11 [1] Direct Mail 12% drop in mail volume[2]• Digital Coupons 60% YoY increase, 1% of total coupon utilization[3]• Increased Interactive Spend $55 billion projected by 2014[4] [1] Nielsen, 2010 [2] United States Postal Service 2010 Annual Report [3] Marx, a Kantor Consumer Promotion Unit [4] Forrester’s “Interactive Advertising Models Report”
  10. 10. “Cross-media is no longer a nice to havetechnology, but a must have for serious marketers.” Nancy Costopulos, CMO American Marketing Association
  11. 11. Today’s Tour Quick-Response (QR) Codes Email/SMS Reporting Campaign Flexibility Q & A (15 minutes)
  12. 12. Today’s Approach Not “technical” Learn about new features … spark ideas! Give you 3+ ideas for Q4
  13. 13. QR Codes
  14. 14. QR Codes 2d barcode How used: Printed Scanned with mobile phone Leads to content (web page, videos, coupons …)
  15. 15. Catalogs
  16. 16. Packaging & Labeling
  17. 17. Print Ads
  18. 18. Point of Sale
  19. 19. Clothing
  20. 20. Direct Mail
  21. 21. Business Cards
  22. 22. Public Areas
  23. 23. QR Codes Create two kinds of QR codes: Personalized, one for each Personalized URL For Mass Media (like billboards, print ads) Mass Media QR code key take-aways: Turn faceless visitors into identifiable profiles Capture marketing intelligence for appropriate follow-up Speak to respondents on a personal level Provide special offers or high-value downloadable content Track & measure media effectiveness for ROI
  24. 24. QR Codes: Benefits Benefits: Ties print, web, and mobile together Trackable Increasingly popular w/marketers Must-have for improved results How do I make money w/QR Codes? 1. Get close to your Clients, understand marketing objectives 2. Design the right marketing strategy to drive those outcomes 3. Charge for this strategy (it’s custom built to meet their deliverables!) 4. Consider event/tradeshow use-cases – GREAT opportunity Remember: Leading edge, still lots of room for innovation
  25. 25. Get creative!
  26. 26. Email/SMS
  27. 27. Email/SMS Email: Invaluable in providing additional “lift” SMS: Effective at driving activities (e.g., foot-traffic) Schedule in advance to: Test: Day of week Time of day Coordinate with off-line events (…or impress your boss/client)
  28. 28. Email/SMS What’s the best time & day to send? No universal best day/time, but data are helpful Analyze performance by Client/campaign Test, test, test How do I make money with Email/SMS? Incorporate personalized email w/every applicable campaign Leverage SMS when it supports campaign objective; example: How many of your clients attend tradeshows? Killer app for driving foot traffic Provide testing & analysis of best day/time Remember: When you develop expertise, you bring value that your Clients need!
  29. 29. Reporting
  30. 30. DMA Marketer’s feedback: Don’t need “cute” reports Do need effective reporting – granular in all areas.Core email reporting: Delivered Read Hard bounce Pending (soft bounce)
  31. 31. Tell Us … Are you incorporating email into your service offering? Do you perform time-of-day-and- week analysis?
  32. 32. Tracking Activity by “Source” Track where activity is coming from Easily enabled Can be used with both: off-line (direct mail, QR codes) on-line (e.g., email, social media)
  33. 33. Response by Media Type Press Release 1%Social Media/Viral 12% Email 87%
  34. 34. Social Media/Viral Detail Facebook, 3%Email Footers, 4% LinkedIn, 1% Twitter, 3%
  35. 35. Reporting Benefits: Know which touches are “working” Optimize/eliminate underperformers Focus on what drives results How do I make money with Source Tracking? 1. Educate the marketer on the areas they’re not tracking 2. Track these sources of activity 3. Present the results in a Dashboard 4. Analyze results by Source, and suggest improvements Remember: You can’t be in marketing today – and NOT quantify ROI
  36. 36. CampaignFlexibility
  37. 37. Campaign Flexibility Develop expertise to deploy various scenarios Steps: Take advantage of Training, offered 3x p/week Watch training videos, participate in MindShare Execute your Self-Promotional Campaign Leverage Professional Services if needed
  38. 38. Campaign Flexibility Features for novice or advanced users Examples: Pass data into landing pages Add pages to your campaign flow Turn on/off: System-generated tables & CSS Rich Text Editor (RTE)
  39. 39. Interactive Cross-MediaDemonstration (ICD) Your newest business development tool
  40. 40. Newest Business Development Tool
  41. 41. Interactive Cross-Media Demonstration Flash based Interactive Customized to your company Support your sales presentation
  42. 42. Demo
  43. 43. How do I … Configure the features: Support & Training: 949-474-4418 option 2 Market & sell the features: Carrie Driscoll-Hill: 480-626-4957 Get started: Joe Manos: 916-284-8112
  44. 44. Reach Us David Rosendahl 949-474-4418 x208 David Rosendahl Co-founder daver@mindfireinc.com EVP Client Services @daverosendahl Joe Manos Joe Manos 916-284-8112 Executive Vice President jmanos@mindfireinc.com @jemanos Michael Dunahee Michael Dunahee 949-265-1255 Client Support Manager mdunahee@mindfireinc.com @mindfireinc
  45. 45. Submit yourquestions now.
  46. 46. Joe’s Closing Thoughts . . . Rarely in life do we come across such opportunity A projected $55b+ spent in next 4 years Leverage reporting … even failures are successes Data show cross-media results are significantly better – when used effectively. No voodoo magic. Embrace the change, or get out of the way We are here to help
  47. 47. Q&A
  48. 48. Thank you!