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Business Productivity Online Suite

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This is introduction to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite

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Business Productivity Online Suite

  1. 1. Introduction to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite(BPOS) Atul Totre (http://atotre.wordpress.com)
  2. 2. Atul Totre Collaboration Practice Director, US West for Burntsand Inc More than 16 years of IT industry experience  Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist- MOSS and WSS (Configuration and Development)  TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect  PMP and Certified SCRUM Master  Writes Applied SharePoint blog @ atotre.wordpress.com  Follow me @Twitter: mindscout  Introduction
  3. 3. What is BPOS?  What does it offer?  How does it work?  How much does it cost?  The good, the bad and the ugly  Benefits  Limitations  Who is it for?  Questions  Agenda
  4. 4.  BPOS=Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite ◦ Microsoft’s entry in “Software as a Service” market ◦ Hosted software delivered to you on Pay-as-you-go subscription basis ◦ Microsoft manages the hardware and the platform software; you use it for your business use What is BPOS?
  5. 5.  BPOS=Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite ◦ It is a hosted solution delivering collaboration, messaging, communication and business productivity ◦ Attempts to simplify IT administration, streamline communication and deliver business-class continuity ◦ You get enterprise-class software hosted by Microsoft on subscription basis  You let Microsoft manage their own server setup, patches etc What is BPOS?
  6. 6.  BPOS=Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite ◦ Available in “Shared” (Multi-Tenant) or “Dedicated” (Sole-Tenant) mode  Shared: You access the service based on hardware which hosts multiple similar services used by others  Dedicated: The servers are hosting only your services and thus are dedicated to your organization What is BPOS?
  7. 7.  BPOS=Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite ◦ Includes:  SharePoint Online  Exchange Online  Office Communications Online- Only available in Dedicated mode for now  Office Live Meeting  Exchange Hosted services – a collection of services for emails includes filtering, archiving, encryption and continuity What is available in BPOS?
  8. 8. BPOS: Dedicated vs Shared  Dedicated Shared You need 5000 users As minimum as 5 users $15/per user/per month $15/per user/per month You get your own server Shared server setup setup High-level of control Low-lever of control High-degree of potential Low-degree of potential customization customization Low Risk – It has only High Risk- If some other your content so you don’t tenant’s software crashes have the risk of failure the server, then you get because of someone else affected Dedicated vs Shared
  9. 9. BPOS: Is it for me?  ◦ We want to pay only for the features and products we use ◦ We do not want to take responsibility of managing the servers and we do not have the skill-set to manage such an environment ◦ We do not have the need for onsite servers for collaboration, email etc ◦ We buy in to all things in cloud as we currently use Google services so we are comfortable with the model ◦ We are okay with some downtime if it happens and we trust the provider ◦ We outsource all our technical services as it is not our core business ◦ We operate a lean organization and hence do not want to add IT staff ◦ … Then you might want to consider BPOS Business Case
  10. 10. BPOS: Costs  ◦ $15 per seat per month ◦ Limited time offer at $7.50 per seat per month How much it costs?
  11. 11. Default Admin Pages Your site Admin People and Groups Login / Search / HTTP(s) Lists Lookup Document Presentation Libraries Default Pages Administrator Workflows Custom UI and HTTP(s) web parts Search Documents, Business Logic Reports, Pages etc User Sites Custom Pages and Web Parts SharePoint Online Host Architecture
  12. 12. You don’t own the servers and you don’t manage  ◦ So no updates, patches, backup and maintenance You can get up and running quickly   You get latest software  You can scale up easily as you grow  Simplified and centralized administration  You can estimate and manage how much you will pay  You get business continuity and disaster recovery ◦ You get data recovery as all data is backed up at highly secure data center ◦ 99.99% uptime SLA You get readily available remote access to your content   Provide secure mobile access to your mobile users easily Benefits
  13. 13. Limited functionality for customizing the SharePoint Online  ◦ Visual Studio based customization not supported ◦ Only SharePoint Designer based customizations supported  Which are normally limited Line of business integration not supported for now and can be a  challenge in future Your organizational Active Directory based authentication can  not be used You can use it to create simple collaboration sites on SharePoint  but not complex business productivity solutions involving custom workflows Limitations
  14. 14. SharePoint Online Deep Dive  ◦ Differences between dedicated SharePoint and SharePoint Online ◦ Developer guide for SharePoint online ◦ What can be done with SharePoint Online? Next
  15. 15. Contact information: ◦ Atul Totre  Atul.totre@gmail.com  Atotre.wordpress.com Thank you! Questions