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Industrial Automation Training and Placement

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MindsMapped offers the best job oriented online Industrial Automation Testing training programs, classes for graduates, and experienced professionals. Top rated and high quality job oriented Industrial Automation Testing Training Online and placement.

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Industrial Automation Training and Placement

  1. 1. MindsMapped Consulting Industrial Automation Training and Placement
  2. 2. Page 1Classification: Restricted Online Industrial Automation Training • MindsMapped is committed to providing advanced job oriented practical training in the field of Automation and Control Systems. • MindsMapped offers Online Industrial Automation Training that help participants understand the core concepts of Process Automation, DCS, PLC, SCADA, MMI/HMI. • On successful completion of the job oriented practical training, candidates are ready to attend and succeed in interviews for Industrial Automation Engineer positions • Online Industrial Automation Training is conducted by qualified professionals who have wide range of experience and/or subject matter experts
  3. 3. Page 2Classification: Restricted Who is the Industrial Automation training for? • Do you want to embrace one of the fastest growing technology in the world? • Are you fresh out of school and need to know how Industrial Automation/Control Systems works in the real world? • Do you want to build a career in evergreen Automation stream? • Do you think your career in Industrial Automation is too monotonous and want to add some color to it? • Did you accept an Industrial Automation Engineer/Control System Engineer position and now you need to know how to perform the job? • Have you been an Industrial Automation/Control System Engineer for a while but feel like you need to be more proficient in some areas? • Are you moving from a different platform to Industrial Automation platform? • Do you need to have a clear understanding of the job functions and skills you need to have to shine as an Industrial Engineer? • Are you looking for a course that keeps it simple and explains complex programs in an easy to understand manner? • Are you overwhelmed with the next step to take?
  4. 4. Page 3Classification: Restricted • Candidates would master the concepts of Process Industries, Machine Automation, and Control Systems. • Candidates would understand the concepts of Basic Components of Automation, Hardware / Software classification of Automation concepts like – DCS, PLC, SCADA and MMI/HMI. • Candidates would understand the concepts Basics of DCS, I/O Subsystem, Controller subsystem, Control/Supervisory Network, Layers of automation, Creating Control Strategies, Fieldbus system basics, HMI Subsystem, Graphics building, Trend/Historization of Process Parameters, APC. • Candidates would also be able to understand - What are Process/Manufacturing Industries, Machine Automation, Role of automation in Process/Manufacturing Industries, Basics of SCADA, HMI Part, HMI Elements, HMI Building • Candidates would be able to appreciate the ease of doing Basics of PLC, Different elements of PLC, Programming of PLC using 1131-3 Languages, Developing the PLC programming from Control Narratives, Forcing I/O's. • Mock Interviews would be conducted so candidates understand the questions that can be expected in an Industrial Automation Engineer interview. • Candidates will get a chance to work on various real-time projects. What would you learn by attending the Industrial Automation Training by MindsMapped?
  5. 5. Page 4Classification: Restricted • Training courses are designed to ensure that attendees are knowledgeable on the subject to attend job interviews. • Online training courses are based on real time examples and case studies to enhance the learning experience. • Instructors ensure that online classes are lively and participative making learning a pleasure; our Instructors are experienced Industrial Automation professionals with knowledge of various plants like Oil and Gas Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Food Processing, Power plants and various other industries. • Participants would be given with high quality assignments to gain hands on experience and prepare them to attend interviews confidently. • Candidates would be provided access to high quality study material that would be handy on their jobs as well. Online Industrial Automation Training Features
  6. 6. Page 5Classification: Restricted • Attend 30 hours of interactive online classes. Assistance with resume preparation is included in the course. • Weekly mock interviews and brush up sessions would be conducted until the candidates land in a job of their choice. • There will be a quiz for each module that will ensure you understand the concepts better. • You will have lifetime access to all documentation that comes with the course – study materials, assignments, case studies etc. on the knowledge base section of the website • Classes are conducted weekday evenings and weekends for your convenience and you can attend the online training from your location. • Attend an absolutely free of cost online demo class before deciding on the course. Online Industrial Automation Training Features
  7. 7. Page 6Classification: Restricted About MindsMapped Consulting • MindsMapped offers Online AutomationEngineer Training and Placement services for aspiring Mechanical, Chemical, Instrumentation and Control System Engineers. • Our training's will prepare you to attend job interviews confidently. • We provide placement assistance and ensure you land in your dream job. Our consultants have a sound track record of placing IT professionals all over the US. If you are on a F1, H1-B visa or on OPT/CPT, get your resume reviewed and kick start your career. • Call us now on 385 743 0999 / 385 237 9777 to find out more about the online training. • Or email us at info@mindsmapped.com for more details. • www.mindsmapped.net • http://google.com/+mindsmapped • http://twitter.com/mindsmapped • http://facebook.com/mindsmapped • http://pinterest.com/mindsmapped