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ConneCt to London
         28-29 June 2010
           This document accompanies Think London’s exclusive ‘Connect to London’
           business programme a...
the next Step on an exciting Journey
              “I am absolutely delighted you have           Use London’s vibrant glob...
the ‘Connect to London’ Business Programme

Connect to London is an exclusive and      for Think London clients wishing...
You will start the second day of the              look at broader opportunities with
summit with a presentation on...
our Sponsors
Lloyds tSB

Lloyds TSB is the Official Banking and      young people, communities and
Insurance Partner of th...

Michael Charlton,                Sally Atkins,
Chief Executive,                 Programme Director - London 2012...
Mike Mulvey,                      Louise Poole,
Chief Executive,                  Deputy Group Director 2012
London Busine...
detailed Programme
              Monday, 28 June                          Speakers
13:00-13:45   Welcome & Official Openin...
Tuesday, 29 June                       Speakers
08:30-09:00    Registration & Networking
09:00-10:00    Part Four: Beyond ...
List of delegates and Company Profiles
Company Name                        Delegate Name           Delegate Title
Company Name                        Delegate Name            Delegate Title
Panda Fireworks Group               Weiping (J...
Adstream’s global media exchange                 service of validation, delivery and
services streamline the adve...
Buongiorno - B! digital
B!Digital (previously Buongiorno            with prestigious customers, including
Marketing Servic...
Cox Richardson Architects
COX Architects & Planners was first        and exhibition, commercial and retail
established in ...
disney Interactive Studios

Disney Interactive Studios is a business     videogame domain on all major console,
division o...
Focus on emotions
Focus On Emotions is an operator of         citizens and customers.
proximity marketing and interactive ...
Guangzhou ACt Corporation
Founded in 2001 in Guangzhou, ACT          sports equipment. The company’s
Corporation is a prof...
Incontrol Simulation Solutions
INCONTROL Simulation Solutions                Enterprise Dynamics expertise centre
is a sof...
Majencia Ltd.
As a leading French company specialising       handle global solutions incorporating
in office furniture and...
Multiplied Media
Multiplied Media is the developer of         entertainment and utility tool. Poynt’s
Poynt, an award-winn...
OpenTV’s mission is to provide          services for television, including
customers with the highest quality      ...
Panda Fireworks Group
Panda Fireworks Group Limited is listed      unique fireworks creative studio and a
on the Shanghai ...
RedTxt is a privately held Australian           The team behind RedTxt has
company that has developed a            ...
SAtIR trade Co. Ltd
Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co.         Through 20 years of hard work, SATIR
Ltd (SATIR) is a ci...
South Beauty Food and Beverage Co, Ltd.
Founded in 2000, South Beauty Group is      Centre in Beijing to more than 40
Vital Balance Group
V-Check is a concept of Vital Balance     and monitor a person’s vitality. The
Group, the Netherlands....
Magenta Research
Serving the pro-AV and digital signage      thousands of displays worldwide
markets, Magenta Research is ...
What think London Can do for You

                                             our Services
Why London Is Still #1 for Business

                                           In any economic landscape, London         ...
Success stories

Alibaba.com is the world’s largest          a legacy European HQ in Geneva, but          They...
Crystal CG
Founded in 1995, Crystal CG is one           moving to London, but Think London           news with regular ema...
Your Contacts at think London -
London office
2012 team

       Janet Coyle                           Misa Numano
north America team

      Nick Royle                                 Pru Ashby
      Head of North America                ...

think London’s principal funding partners are the London development Agency and
our network of commer...
Connect to London Brochure
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Connect to London Brochure

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The Connect to London Business Programme begins on June 28th. The brochure includes the full itinerary, bios on all the delegates and a list of speakers.

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Connect to London Brochure

  1. 1. ConneCt to London 28-29 June 2010
  2. 2. Contents This document accompanies Think London’s exclusive ‘Connect to London’ business programme and offers delegates a range of London business information, plus details about the programme itself. Page 2 Welcome Message from the Chief Executive of Think London 3 The ‘Connect to London’ Business Programme 5 Our Sponsors 6 Our Speakers 8 Detailed Programme 10 List of Delegates and Company Profiles 28 What Think London Can Do for You 29 Why London Is Still #1 for Business 30 Success Stories 32 Contact Details at Think London - London Office 1
  3. 3. the next Step on an exciting Journey “I am absolutely delighted you have Use London’s vibrant global market accepted our invitation and are visiting place to ride on top of the world’s London as part of our Connect to economic recovery. This is less of a bold London Business Programme. I believe step than you may think. Whether you you will find the visit thoroughly accomplish this by setting up a business worthwhile and will return home full in London or by strengthening your of ideas and inspiration, ready to plan business through mergers & acquisitions for the globalisation of your business or joint ventures, London is the place through London. to do it. It is the place to make deals, to find top creative talent and cultivate As London business leaders swing back ideas. You will find further information to growth with confidence, now is an about business in London later in this excellent time to set up or expand brochure. operations in London, Europe’s largest city economy and anchor destination I sincerely look forward to meeting you for companies going global. London is and hope that your experience here will a city that is full of real opportunity for confirm for you that London is a place your company and is a wonderful place where your business can thrive.” to live, work, and do business. MICHAEL CHARLTON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, THINK LONDON 2
  4. 4. the ‘Connect to London’ Business Programme Connect to London is an exclusive and for Think London clients wishing to deliver unrivalled access to networking bespoke business programme for senior capitalise on the 2012 Games and opportunities and facilitate introductions executives of international businesses, broader opportunities in London to to key contacts across London’s business centred around a two-day business grow their business. The programme community. summit. Ahead of the London 2012 will provide you with key insights into Games, this summit has been designed the 2012 Games and future projects, Monday You will start the summit with a This will then be followed by a welcome briefing and official opening highly-anticipated panel discussion, of the programme by Think London’s moderated by CNBC, with senior Chief Executive Michael Charlton. This representatiaves from Westfield, Visit will be followed by a presentation on London, Deloitte, and Coca Cola, London 2012’s progress to date by Sir discussing the broader framework major projects. Keith Mills, Deputy Chair of LOCOG around the Olympic Games, the impact After having digested this wealth of (the London Organising Comimttee of on London as a city and the multitude information, the first day of the summit the Olympic Games and Paralympic of business opportunities this will will finish with a networking reception, Games), after which you will receive represent. sponsored by Visa Europe, giving you presentations on the 2012 business The final part of the afternoon will the opportunity for further discussions opportunities and a business perspective provide you with insights into other with speakers and delegates, as well as by Lloyds TSB, Official Partner of the future opportunities, with a presentation a select group of UK companies and London 2012 Games. on the 2018 World Cup Bid, and other contractors. 3
  5. 5. tuesday You will start the second day of the look at broader opportunities with summit with a presentation on the organisations such as the BBC, BT future of the Olympic Park by the and Crystal CG. Olympic Park Legacy Company, followed • The Sustainable Games Workshop by insight into the BBC’s digital strategy. will discuss all aspects of the Green After this there will be a moderated Games and how this impacts on opportunity to observe first-hand the panel session focused on tips for procurement across the supply chain, scale and breadth of transformation tendering & partnering. This will provide whilst putting this into a broader taking place in East London. you with the information you need perspective of London positioning Having whetted your appetite on the to make the most of CompeteFor, the itself as a Green Capital. Park, you will then travel by boat onto intelligence on how to best position • The Legacy Workshop will put Greenwich, one of the Olympic host your business to be successful in the future plans for the Olympic boroughs, for a business dinner hosted tendering for major projects in the UK, Park, presented in the morning by Greenwich Council at the exquisite and practical information on how to session, into the context of wider Painted Hall. With the backdrop of the identify partners and make the most of regeneration across the Thames river Thames on one side and Greenwich your collaboration. Gateway, in particular the five Park – an Olympic venue, on the After this you will have the host boroughs, focusing on key other side, and the company of senior opportunity to participate in the two development and infrastructure representatives from London’s business workshops of your choice: projects and business opportunities community, including a host of 2012 • The Digital Games Workshop will not flowing out of these. sponsors, this will provide an insightful only provide you with the knowledge After lunch you will travel and enjoyable close to the summit. of what “digital” really means for to Stratford for a guided tour of London 2012, but also the chance to the Olympic Park, giving you the 4
  6. 6. our Sponsors Lloyds tSB Lloyds TSB is the Official Banking and young people, communities and Insurance Partner of the London 2012 businesses all over Britain on their Olympic and Paralympic Games. journey to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond. Our vision for our partnership with www.lloydstsb.com London 2012 is to inspire and support Visa europe In Europe, there are over 399 million banks and was incorporated in July Visa debit, credit and commercial 2004. In October 2007, Visa Europe cards. In the 12 months ending March became independent of the new global 2010 those cards were used to make Visa Inc., with an exclusive, irrevocable Visa enjoys unsurpassed acceptance purchases and cash withdrawals to the and perpetual licence in Europe. As a around the world. In addition, Visa/PLUS value of €1.4 trillion. 11.2% of consumer dedicated European payment system is one of the world’s largest global ATM spending at point of sale in Europe is it is able to respond quickly to the networks, offering cash access in local with a Visa card, and more than 70% of specific market needs of European banks currency in over 200 countries. that is on Visa debit cards. and their customers - cardholders and retailers - and to meet the European For more information, visit Visa Europe is owned and operated by Commission’s objective to create a true www.visaeurope.com more than 4,000 European member internal market for payments. Greenwich As a host borough, almost a third of the Greenwich benefits from an excellent events at the London 2012 Olympic transport network and easy access to and Paralympic Games will be held national and international destinations. in Greenwich, attracting hundreds of Major development on Greenwich the innovative offices at Mitre Passage, thousands of visitors, an international Peninsula, an exciting new business where Greenwich Council will help audience and unlimited business district for digital media, design and stimulate this investment as part of the opportunities. Located 11 minutes from technology sectors, is poised to capture Destination Greenwich campaign. Canary Wharf and London City Airport, international investment. A diverse For more information, visit around 20 minutes from central London range of premises is available including www.destinationgreenwich.com and with the planned Crossrail link, 5
  7. 7. Speakers Michael Charlton, Sally Atkins, Chief Executive, Programme Director - London 2012, Think London Deloitte Sir Keith Mills, Andy Anson, Deputy Chair, CEO, LOCOG England 2018 Chris Daniels, Mark Dickinson, Head of London 2012 Project Director for the Athlete's Activation, Village, Lloyds TSB Lend Lease Mark Zimmer, Ralph Luck, Head of Olympic Brand Director of Property, Alliance, Olympic Delivery Authority Westfield Daryl Jelinek, Colin Bailey, General Manager of Olympic Senior Vice President, and Paralympic Games, CH2M Hill United Kingdom Coca Cola GB Ltd Ross Westgate, Duncan Innes, Anchor, Executive Director of Real Estate, CNBC (Moderator) Olympic Park Legacy Company Ken Kelling, Niall McNevin, Communications Director, Director of Planning, Visit London Olympic Park Legacy Company Roger Mosey, Director of London 2012, BBC 6
  8. 8. Mike Mulvey, Louise Poole, Chief Executive, Deputy Group Director 2012 London Business Network Programme, EDF James Yearsley, Dan Epstein, Partner European Sourcing & Head of Sustainability, Procurement, Olympic Delivery Authority Deloitte Jason Choy, Nick Cliffe, Owner & Director, Marketing Manager, Welcome Gate Closed Loop Recycling Alex Balfour, Padmesh Shukla, Head of New Media, Head of Finance, LOCOG Mayor of London’s Climate Change Programme Jon Lane, John Williams, Business Development and Chief Executive Officer, Partnership Director, Gateway to London BT London 2012 Gilles Albaredes, Clive Dutton, Managing Director, Executive Director for Crystal CG International Regeneration, Planning and Property, London Borough of Newham Tim Plyming, Trevor Dorling, Project Executive, Assistant Director, BBC Digital Olympics Employment and Skills, Greenwich Council 7
  9. 9. detailed Programme Monday, 28 June Speakers 13:00-13:45 Welcome & Official Opening 13:00-13:30 Registration & Networking 13:30-13:45 Welcome & Setting the Scene Michael Charlton, Chief Executive, Think London 13:45-15:30 Part One: The London 2012 Games – Business Opportunities 13:45-14:00 The London 2012 Games – The Story Sir Keith Mills, Deputy Chair, LOCOG to Date 14:00-14:30 London 2012 – Business Opportunities Mike Mulvey, Chief Executive, London Business Network 14:30-14:45 London 2012 – A Sponsor Perspective Chris Daniels, Head of London 2012 Activation, Wholesale Division, Lloyds TSB 14:45-15:00 Q&A 15:00-15:30 Coffee Break 15:30-16:45 Part Two: Moderated Panel Topics: The Broader Framework for Delivering • Mark Zimmer, Head of Olympic Brand Alliance, Westfield the Games in 2012 and the Impact on • Ken Kelling, Communications Director, Visit London London. • Sally Atkins, Programme Director - London 2012, Deloitte • Daryl Jelinek, General Manager of Olympic and Paralympic Games, Coca Cola GB Ltd. • Moderator: Ross Westgate, Anchor, CNBC 16:45-18:00 Part Three: Beyond the Games – Future Opportunities 16:45-17:15 Overview of Athletes Village and Other Mark Dickinson, Project Director for the Athletes Village, Lend Projects across London Lease and Ralph Luck, Director of Property, Olympic Delivery Authority 17:15-17:30 London – A Place of Opportunity Colin Bailey, Senior Vice President, CH2M Hill United Kingdom 17:30-17:45 The World Cup Bid – 2018 Andy Anson, CEO, England 2018 17:45-18:00 Q&A 18:00-20:30 Networking Reception 8
  10. 10. Tuesday, 29 June Speakers 08:30-09:00 Registration & Networking 09:00-10:00 Part Four: Beyond the Games – Future Opportunities 09:00-09:30 The Future of London’s Olympic Park Duncan Innes, Executive Director of Real Estate, Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) 09:30-09:45 Q&A 09:45-10:00 BBC - Digital Planning for London 2012 Roger Mosey, BBC Director, London 2012 10:00-10:15 Q&A 10:15-11:15 Part Five: Moderated Panel 10:15-11:15 Tips for Tendering & Partnering • Mike Mulvey, Chief Executive, London Business Network • Jason Choy, Owner & Director, Welcome Gate • Colin Bailey, Senior Vice President, CH2M Hill United Kingdom • James Yearsley, Partner European Sourcing & Procurement, Deloitte • Moderator: Mark Davies, Marketing Director, Think London 11:15-14:30 Part Six: Workshops 11:15-12:30 First Slot Digital Games or Legacy 12:30-13:30 Second Slot Digital Games or Sustainable Games Topics: The Digital Games • Alex Balfour, Head of New Media, LOCOG • Tim Plyming, Project Executive – BBC Digital Olympics • Jon Lane, Business Development and Partnership Director, BT London 2012 • Gilles Albaredes, Managing Director, Crystal CG International • Moderator: Janet Coyle, Head of 2012, Think London The Sustainable Games • Dan Epstein, Head of Sustainability, Olympic Delivery Authority • Louise Poole, Deputy Group Director 2012 Programme, EDF • Padmesh Shukla, the Mayor of London’s Finance Lead on the Climate Change Programme • Nick Cliffe, Marketing Manager, Closed Loop Recycling • Moderator: Pru Ashby, Think London The Legacy • Duncan Innes, Executive Director of Real Estate, OPLC • John Williams, CEO, Gateway to London • Trevor Dorling, Assistant Director, Employment and Skills, Greenwich Council • Clive Dutton, Executive Director for Regeneration, Planning & Property, London Borough of Newham • Moderator: Andrew Cooke, COO, Think London 13:30-14:30 Lunch 14:30-17:30 Part Seven: Tour of the Olympic Park 14:30-15:30 Travel 15:30-16:30 Tour of the Olympic Park Guide: ODA Representative 16:30-17:00 Travel 17: 00-18:00 Travel by Boat to Greenwich 18:00-21:00 Business Dinner Painted Hall, Greenwich 9
  11. 11. List of delegates and Company Profiles Company Name Delegate Name Delegate Title Adstream James Carpenter COO Adstream Howard Pearce Licensee Director Arcalife Paul Taylor CEO Brand Live Group Mo Ling Chui Creative Director Buongiorno - B! Digital Stefano Diemmi Managing Director UK B! Digital Calpine Technologies Jijo George John CEO and Chairman Campus Advantage Michael Peter President and Chief Executive Officer Cardia Bioplastics Dave Green Business Development Manager UK Cox Richardson Architects Satvir Mand Associate Create Advertising Suneil Beri Managing Director Cynergy Systems Kesavan Sampanthar Director of Media Strategy DEC Design Mechanical Consultants Erik Lindquist Senior Project Engineer Disney Interactive Studios Ed Bainbridge Vice President, European Production dZine Adam Wilson UK Sales Manager FEPA/Thwapr Paul Holmes Business Relationship Consultant Focus on Emotions Ignacio Lamarca Director Getty Images Marc Webbon Director Sports Sales Getty Images Nick Evens Lombe COO Global Mechanic Matthew Charde Executive Producer of Development and Marketing Guangzhou ACT Corporation Aixin Lei Chairman of Board Guangzhou ACT Corporation Ya Song Imports and Exports Manager Hash.me Bala Menon Director HSIL Robert Perry Director UK Incontrol Simulation Solutions Jan C.D. Thiermann General Manager Incontrol Simulation Solutions Louis T.Schijve CEO KeepCup Stuart Forsyth UK Sales manager Kinglong Lighting Bingxin Chen Managing Director Magenta Research Diego Barrow Magenta Research Business Manager Majencia Jeremy Thorpe General Manager UK Microvision Ian Brown VP Marketing and Sales MIR3 Steve Skinner Senior Account Manager Multiplied Media Stephen Lougheed Chairman Multiplied Media Philip Gontier VP Business Development Europe Nerve Centrex Software Sujay K.R. Rao Managing Director Offsetters James Tansey President OpenTV John Gee Vice President Sales, Advertising/ Americas Opus International Consultants Patrick Phillips London Office Director Opus International Consultants Mike Grant South East Regional Director 10
  12. 12. Company Name Delegate Name Delegate Title Panda Fireworks Group Weiping (Jackson) Zhao President Panda Fireworks Group Yuhong (Rebecca) Song Overseas Sales and Marketing Director PelicanCorp Duane Rodgers CEO Prestige Kiosks Alvaro Donadelli Managing Director RedTxt Sydney Low CEO RedTxt Nick Orloff COO Regens Web Solutions Reka Moksony Director Saskiasoft Technologies Kaushik Sarkar Manager- Global Business & Alliances SATIR Trade Jingjing Wang Manager Shenling Environmentally Friendly Zihua Cui Management Representative Packing Materials Shenling Environmentally Friendly Richard Weston Business Consultant Packing Materials Sichuan Sunfor Light Ming Zhang CEO Sichuan Sunfor Light Xiaoqin Yang Administrative Officer South Beauty Food and Beverage Sandy Hsieng-Lin Liu Group Director of Marketing ST Engineering Augustine Syn Senior Vice-President, ST Engg Europe Taishan Sports Industry Group Harry H. Shi Director of International Business Vital Balance Group Jan de Jong CEO Xomo Digital Richard Caelius General Manager, Europe 11
  13. 13. Adstream Adstream’s global media exchange service of validation, delivery and services streamline the advertising and storage – connected to the world’s media pipeline. They integrate workflow, largest publisher database management and distribution services for use across all media from print dAMS and publishing to TV, radio and online. • AdBank: Manage & archive all your TV, Interesting Facts Adstream has around 1,000 clients in the Radio, Print and New Media assets • Adstream delivers over 600,000 UK alone, and the largest digital footprint • WorkPath: A cross-media browser commercials to individual TV in Europe of any service. based, hosted solution, which does destinations per year. not require installation of hardware. • Over 25,000 publisher specifications delivery It offers seamless workflow from are constantly monitored and added to. • Broadcast: Digital delivery of your TV brief, through concept and approval, • Adstream has over 2000 active clients and Radio material worldwide. to dispatch, archive and repurposing. in any given month. • Print: A range of tools providing a full www.adstream.com Arcalife Arcalife.com is an easy-to-use online offering its members and partners the community where you can preserve opportunity to leave a richer digital your family history, scrapbook today’s legacy from the Games. Through its memories, and securely record your life unique multimedia showcases and story with photos, videos and written memory capture applications, arcalife memoirs. Arcalife.com took part in the will support the 2012 Games and help www.arcalife.com cultural olympiad for Vancouver 2010 bring the digital games to life. Brand Live Group Our story begins with our name. It’s credentials and operational systems the perfect encapsulation of who we are in place to create unforgettable live because it contains within it the two experiences. At brand.LIVE we bring different, equally important divisions of creative innovation together with solid brand & LIVE. business strategies and unparalleled brand.LIVE’s expertise is creating production expertise to the design and to have been recognised as the first unforgettable live experiences. We execution of concerts, festivals, sporting production company in Canada to connect people with brands. events and activations. actively engage and promote the world brand.LIVE is a highly-experienced We are committed to ensuring all wide EcoNeutral programme. production, event management and of our projects utilise sustainable and www.brandlivegroup.com brand activation company with the responsible practices, and are proud 12
  14. 14. Buongiorno - B! digital B!Digital (previously Buongiorno with prestigious customers, including Marketing Services) is the full service Orange Wednesday in the UK, Citibank digital marketing and advertising agency and Coca-Cola in Spain, and Mondadori, joint venture between the Buongiorno Gruppo Espresso, L’Oreal and Renault in Group; the global leader in mobile Italy. B!Digital is the largest mobile-centric content and digital entertainment, and digital agency worldwide with extensive across mobile marketing, mobile internet Mitsui; a leading Japanese trading house global coverage and local offices in 8 development and mobile advertising. with global investments. Revenues from countries - UK, France, Spain, Germany, The vision of B!Digital is to work with B!Digital (part of the listed Buongiorno Italy, Russia, Netherlands and the USA. blue-chip brands across geographies as Group) amounted to EUR16.0 million in Through acquisitions such as Flytxt, Mobi- a strategic mobile partner and delivery 2008. The growth in revenues was due to Village and HotSMS, B!Digital has built its engine for end-to-end digital solutions. a number of important sales successes expertise and technological capabilities www.buongiorno.com Calpine technologies Pvt. Ltd. Calpine Technologies is a CMMi Level A summary of services offered by 3 certified private limited company Calpine is given below: located in Kochi, India and also has • Software products offices in the USA and Australia. With a • Web based applications team of more than 200+ professionals • E-Commerce websites which is fast growing Calpine is fully • Website Designing www.calpinetech.com equipped to address the customer • Software Consultation requirements. • System Admin Support Campus Advantage Campus Advantage is North America’s 30,000 beds at 37 universities. With largest provider of management, over 900 employees, CA is committed development and consulting services to providing innovative solutions related to higher education. The for both educational and housing company currently operates over communities. www.campusadvantage.com Cardia Bioplastics Cardia Bioplastics is a global developer, Cardia Bioplastics gives you the manufacturer and marketer of choice of using sustainable Cardia sustainable resins derived from Biohybrid resins or Compostable resins renewable resources. Its Biohybrid and for your packaging or plastic product compostable resins deliver packaging solution. Its materials are suitable for and plastic products with a lower carbon injection moulding, blow moulding, www.cardiabioplastics.com footprint. extrusion, film and coating applications. 13
  15. 15. Cox Richardson Architects COX Architects & Planners was first and exhibition, commercial and retail established in Sydney as Philip Cox developments, tourism, sport (including & Partners in 1964. Since then the the Sydney and Beijing Olympics) company has grown to a national and recreation, transport and bridges, practice with offices in Sydney, Perth, education and housing, health and Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. conservation. The company has within economic, environmental, Internationally the company has developed a reputation for innovative social and functional constraints. COX representative offices in Dubai, Abu and exciting design, with projects, both believe that architectural excellence is Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. current and completed, throughout only achieved through teamwork and COX is a progressive and diversified Australia, the United Arab Emirates, New problem solving which fully satisfies the architectural company covering the Zealand, South Africa, Italy and Asia. The requirements of the client and end user. fields of public buildings, convention practice produces buildings of excellence www.cox.com.au Cynergy Systems Cynergy Systems Inc., founded in Flex, Adobe AIR, and the Apple iPhone. January 1996 by Carson Hager, has been Cynergy is a member of the delivering rich business applications Microsoft Global Agency Initiative, a to a customer base of over 1,500 group of the top 12 firms in the world companies worldwide for over a decade. hand-picked by Microsoft as being the With offices across North America thought leaders in the Silverlight and development, including unmatched and Asia-Pacific, the company has WPF space. It maintains extensive Silverlight expertise, over a decade of developed a well-deserved reputation relationships across the Microsoft building robust and scalable distributed as experts in the development of rich organisation including executive database applications and world-class internet applications using a variety management, engineering, product creative interactive design professionals of toolsets and technologies, including management, support and sales. passionately dedicated to the user Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Windows Cynergy holds the unique qualification experience. Presentation Foundation (WPF), Adobe of expertise in all facets of RIA www.cynergysystems.com deC design Mechanical Consultants Limited DEC is an innovative, Canadian DEC has developed a patent-pending engineering corporation working at system called District Energy Sharing, the forefront of sustainable systems a low-temperature, shared-resource design and construction. Embracing the system that distributes heating, cooling, concept of energy conservation and and in some cases reclaimed water sustainability, DEC fields a uniquely to interconnected buildings within is but the latest result of the dedication, gifted team of bright, experienced a community to reduce community commitment and resourcefulness of this engineers, technologists, and designers energy & water consumption by more pioneering firm. DEC innovative work dedicated to the optimal use of than 50%. has been recognized by the Association recoverable and renewable energy for For 30 years, DEC has provided of Consulting Engineering Companies of the heating and cooling of buildings, planners, developers and builders with Canada with its Award of Excellence, and from single structures to entire multi-disciplinary engineering leadership by the Community Energy Association communities. and excellence; District Energy Sharing with its Energy Action Award. www.decdesign.ca 14
  16. 16. disney Interactive Studios Disney Interactive Studios is a business videogame domain on all major console, division of The Walt Disney Company handheld, PC and mobile platforms. and maintains both publishing and licensing activities in the interactive www.disney.com dZine dZine are the European market leaders change the content and messaging in digital signage technology. dZine was instantly at the push of a button to founded in 1992 and has over 90,000 displays anywhere in the world. The media players live in the world to date. company can also schedule content Digital signage is a form of electronic and message changes to ensure that display that shows information, information is always relevant to the in terms of costs and the decline in advertising and other messages rather time/place and audience as well as printing and transportation impact. than fixed, static, printed media. Digital ensuring the information is constantly dZine works closely with its customers content can be animated, interactive up-to-date. Its latest technology is low to ensure requirements are met, and therefore is more attractive to the power, low network usage and therefore solutions are delivered and ROIs viewer, giving it a wider audience base. has extremely high environmental achieved. Latest IT technology allows dZine to savings and carbon foot print reduction, www.dzine.be FePA/thwapr, Inc. FEPA Group/Featured Entertainment up of over 105 companies in its network & Production Arts Ltd. is a global worldwide. and diversified network and alliance www.fepagroup.com of producers and developers in the following portfolios (but not limited to): Thwapr is the first true mobile video Motion Pictures, Television, Music, Live sharing communications platform. and MTV, Thwapr’s patent-pending Events, Conferences and Special Events, Thwapr’s mission is to provide a social technology allows mobile users to send Digital Media and Mobile Entertainment mobile video sharing experience video “Thwaps” captured with their and Content, Broadcasting, Fashion regardless of carrier or device worldwide. device to any other mobile users, easily Lifestyle Branding and Marketing, Developed by founding members and instantly. The company is privately Destination Hotels and Casino Resorts of Apple’s QuickTime team and held. and Financing. The FEPA Group is made technologists from AVID/Digidesign www.thwapr.com 15
  17. 17. Focus on emotions Focus On Emotions is an operator of citizens and customers. proximity marketing and interactive Focus on Emotions works in creating services at point of sale/or point the technical solutions, designing the of service, creating, designing and applications, planning and preparing maintaining new channels of content and services, and maintaining communication and interaction with the network with a unique set of the leading company in self service and end customers and citizens. tools and a unique set of skills and proximity marketing projects for large Focus On Emotions has created a experiences. venues and public offices. unique set of solutions that enable city Focus On Emotions has been www.focusonemotions.com councils and venues to communicate, recognised with the most important interact and offer best services to their international awards of the industry as Getty Images Getty Images is a leading creator and and imagery help customers produce distributor of still imagery, footage inspiring work which appears every day in and multimedia products, as well as the world’s most influential newspapers, a recognised provider of other forms magazines, advertising campaigns, of premium digital content, including films, television programmes, books music. Getty Images serves business and websites. Visit Getty Images to www.gettyimages.co.uk customers in more than 100 countries learn more about how the company is and is the first place creative media advancing the unique role of professionals turn to discover, purchase digital media in communications and and manage images and other digital business and enabling creative ideas to content. Its award winning photographers come to life. Global Mechanic Global Mechanic is an award-winning for years- and boast a huge portfolio integrated studio dedicated to creating of work to prove it. Its premier facility content in any medium. Founded in is world class and staffed with the 2000 by animation veteran Bruce Alcock, best creative staff and all the coolest GM has produced films, commercials, gear imaginable. Global Mechanic is games, installations, TV shows, positioned to make intriguing and label, but suffice it to say, wherever the interactive experiences, and original delightful visuals that entertain people projects go, they work. photography. The company is a master on the web, on TV, in a playhouse or www.globalmechanic.com at solving visual problems- have been a cinema. Its work is often hard to 16
  18. 18. Guangzhou ACt Corporation Founded in 2001 in Guangzhou, ACT sports equipment. The company’s Corporation is a professional sports manufacturing zone in Guangzhou, facility service company, mainly China has 400 staff and is over 100,000 engaged in research and development, sqm in size, with an investment of manufacturing, sales, installation more than U$S20,000,000. As a leading and service of sports facilities. With global sports facility manufacturer, continuous development, Guangzhou ACT focuses heavily on quality control ACT’s products have been exported to ACT Corporation has become one of the and environmental protection, and is more than fifty countries and have been leading sports facility manufacturers in ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Most used in Paralympic Games, Asian games, China. It provides you with a variety of its production equipment, testing National Games, etc. of products, including stadium seats, equipment, and raw materials are www.actcorp.cn synthetic turf, sports flooring, and imported from Europe and America. Hash.me Limited Hash.me has a patent pending together various communication communications platform that allows platforms to simplify and solve the communication across mediums basic task of every communication including text messaging, email, platform - making contact. Facebook, mobile web and Twitter using The platform can easily be licensed a unique identity that works worldwide. by mobile operators, enterprises and University, he developed a powerful What modern means of phone manufacturers. communications platform that helped communication lack is the guaranteed The Founder and CEO, Bala students and professors interact easily ability to get a message through to a Menon has experience developing through mobile phones and computers person instantly. And that is where the communication technologies in the alike. company’s opportunity lies: in bringing mobile space. While at Newcastle http://hash.me HSIL Ltd. HSIL is a member of the Somany Group HSIL has more than 250,000 pieces of India and HSIL alone has a turnover per year free capacity and is currently of approximately US$100 million per setting up a company in the UK in order annum. The company is one of the to give a better service to its customers. largest sanitaryware manufacturers in Its products range from the simplest the world and may well be the largest small wash basin to high end designer HSIL has been trading with the UK for independent sanitaryware manufacturer bathroom ware and LANTAC approved 10 years. in the world. toilet packs for disabled toilet facilities. www.hindwarehomes.com 17
  19. 19. Incontrol Simulation Solutions INCONTROL Simulation Solutions Enterprise Dynamics expertise centre is a software solution provider and to support customers in the use of consultancy company in logistic Enterprise Dynamics or consulting simulation and quantitive analysis. With projects. over 20 years experience, INCONTROL The company’s simulation solution is a frequently asked organisation to Enterprise Dynamics is used in the • Research & development provide insight and solve complex following fields and markets: The popularity of Enterprise Dynamics problems. INCONTROL is headquartered • Manufacturing & material handling can be explained by the vast amount in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has • Logistics & distribution of simulation objects, the use of offices in Wiesbaden, Germany and • Airport & carriers Enterprise Dynamics at universities in Beijing, China. Via its worldwide partner • Railways & operators the curriculum and the support of many network INCONTROL’s simulation • Harbours & terminals industry standards in communication, solutions are available in more than • Healthcare reporting and graphics. 16 countries. Each partner has a local • Defence www.incontrolsim.com KeepCup Ltd. KeepCup is the world’s first barista come to London to view the Games. standard reusable coffee cup. Unlike all This will result in more than 100 million other travel flasks, KeepCup is designed paper cups in landfill at the closing specifically for ‘espresso coffee’, and of the Games. This is an unnecessary, unlike all other travel mugs, KeepCup potentially overlooked, and easily integrates seamlessly into any café outlet. preventable explosion of London’s the London Olympics, but as an actual KeepCups are meticulously considered: environmental footprint. At the end unique and practical working coffee cup! from their efficient and cool looking of the Games the commemorative A potent, subtle and long lasting echo of design to their impressive environmental ‘2012 KeepCups’ can be reclaimed, the eco-efficiency of the London 2012 credentials, they have become the coffee disassembled and recycled, or preferably Games. connoisseurs’ choice reusable cup. the Olympic KeepCups can be taken by Why London 2012? Figures estimate the spectator- not only as a wonderful www.keepcup.com more than 9 million spectators will souvenir, and a reminder of their time at Kinglong Lighting Factory Co Ltd. Kinglong Lighting is a major contemporary lighting fixtures, high-end manufacturer of decorative lighting with glass & crystal chandeliers, spots, and over 16 years experience supplying to downlights with LED lighting sources. major distributors/importers and chain The company uses original designs from stores in the UK & European markets. its European designers and has three Its products range covers residential brands: Kinglong, Illuminati and Moollona. www.kinglong-lighting.net www.illuminati-lighting.com www.moollona.com 18
  20. 20. Majencia Ltd. As a leading French company specialising handle global solutions incorporating in office furniture and workplace design, complete or partial services based Majencia’s vocation is to contribute to around 3 principles: consultancy, project quality of life, well-being and efficiency management and furniture installation. in office spaces, as achieved at Majencia’s Whatever the office layout project is, from headquarters (NEOFFICE). small businesses to major groups, Majencia Majencia benefits from an integrated coordinates all steps from start to finish. principles: social progression, economic model controlling all the skills in order to The company, owned entirely by efficiency and respect for the environment, offer its customers an all-in-one project Majencia’s Executive Board, had a turnover with specific commitments for 2012. from design, production, and delivery up to of €94,4M in 2009. Key figures: People: 742, French installation. Committed as a responsible company, manufacturing centres: 3, Integrated sales Its specific positioning and competitive Majencia is dedicated to sustainable network: 13 branches. advantage lie in Majencia’s capacity to development based on three fundamental www.majencia.com Microvision Microvision has developed a high- Microvision’s strategy is to develop resolution miniature display and imaging and supply a proprietary display engine based upon its proprietary engine called PicoP to potential OEM PicoP® display engine platform. The customers who will embed the end into technology platform utilises expertise a variety of customer and automotive in two dimensional Micro-Electrical products. The primary objective for Mechanical Systems (MEMS), lasers, customer applications is to provide users products. These potential products would optics and electronics to create a high of mobile devices with a large screen allow users to watch movies, play videos, quality video or still image from a viewing experience produced by a small and display images and other data onto a small form factor device with lower embedded projector. Mobile devices variety of flat or curved surfaces. power needs than conventional display may include cell phones, PDAs, gaming technologies. consoles and other consumer electronics www.microvision.com Mir3 The Mir3 notification platform enables a gets messages delivered and receives single user to contact and communicate recipients’ responses to then provide with thousands of people around the real-time updates to and from mobile globe almost instantly. Mir3 is a two- phones, landlines, PDAs and other way communication protocol which modalities. www.mir3.com 19
  21. 21. Multiplied Media Multiplied Media is the developer of entertainment and utility tool. Poynt’s Poynt, an award-winning, all-in-one, free unique approach on local search doesn’t local search application that connects stop with discovery of local businesses. users to businesses, movie theatres, Poynt goes a step further to allow users restaurants, people and retailers, to do more with that business or service whenever and wherever users need whether that is viewing showtimes and them. From inspiration to action, Poynt movie trailers at a local cinema, buying www.multiplied.com helps transform the mobile device cinema tickets or even reserving a table from a communication tool to an at a local restaurant. nerve Centrex Software India Pvt. Ltd. Nerve Centrex is a technology services for businesses and governments that company established in the year 2005 in help them to integrate IT systems into Bangalore, India. The company provides their core work, seamlessly enhancing technology-driven solutions in the field their productivity. Innovative approach of healthcare, digital media, eGovernance is what Nerve Centrex has sustained in and network video surveillance. all its endeavours. Its innovation is driven Nerve Centrex defines designs and by strong R&D talent who deliver key www.nervecentrex.com develops technology-enabled solutions products and solutions. offsetters Offsetters is the top ranked carbon government, which created the first high- management company in Canada and a quality regulated offset market in North global market leader in greenhouse gas America and Offsetters were selected as auditing, lifecycle carbon assessment, the official carbon offset supplier to the carbon advisory services and high- 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic quality carbon offset origination and Games in Vancouver. The company’s retail. Offsetters was selected as the top clients include the Government of Aeroplan, the world’s largest loyalty ranked provider by the British Columbia Canada, Harbour Air and Groupe programme. www.offsetters.com 20
  22. 22. opentV OpenTV’s mission is to provide services for television, including customers with the highest quality enhanced programme guides, high- technology, services and end-to- definition services, video-on-demand, end solutions enabling intuitive and personal video recording, home personalised viewing experiences networking, interactive and addressable for consumers of television content advertising, and a variety of enhanced worldwide. television applications. is headquartered in San Francisco, These viewing experiences can OpenTV is a wholly-owned California, with offices worldwide. include a wide array of advanced subsidiary of the Kudelski Group and www.opentv.com opus International Consultants (UK) Ltd. With origins in a former New Zealand United Kingdom in the Midlands, Wales, government entity (the Ministry of London, the South East, the South West, Works and Development - established Yorkshire and the North West. in 1885), Opus brings together the From London Opus provides experience of more than a century of specialist advice and project infrastructure development, covering management across a wide range planning, design, project management, of service sectors. Its main areas engineering, highway design, construction supervision, maintenance of work include architecture, traffic development and maintenance, asset and rehabilitation. Today, Opus has and transportation planning, noise management, and water management. around 2,000 staff in offices and assessments as well as flood risk Opus is a company committed to laboratories throughout the United assessments, infrastructure design, providing sustainable design solutions Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the USA and civil and structural engineering. for future generations. and New Zealand. The company has Opus also provides land surveying, www.opusinternational.co.uk 12 offices located throughout the geotechnical and environmental 21
  23. 23. Panda Fireworks Group Panda Fireworks Group Limited is listed unique fireworks creative studio and a on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock pyrotechnic research institute, which code: SH600599) with a stock value of make it the leader of the industry. With over RMB 2bn. As the earliest private advanced technologies and products like fireworks company in China, Panda air launch, chip-controlled and pollution- Fireworks was established in 1989 by Mr free fireworks, the company has always Jackson Zhao. Since its inception, it has been devoted to integrating modern With over 20 years of hard work always been at the top of its industry. In technologies into the millenium-old and experience, Panda Fireworks has the past 10 years, it has acquired many pyrotechnics industry. been upholding the values of being companies in the UK, Denmark, Sweden Panda covered nearly all fireworks professional, high-tech, reliable, and and China, with a total purchase value shows for the most important events environmental to bring the world more exceeding RMB500m. in China, most notably the Beijing and more brilliant nights. Panda has a 200-people strong Olympics, China’s 60th National Day, www.pandafireworks.com professional pyrotechnics team, a and Shanghai Expo. PelicanCorp Pty Ltd. PelicanCorp provides software and to protect above or below ground services to utilities, asset owners and infrastructure, then PelicanCorp to the Before you Dig industry for provides turn-key solutions. The core the protection of the underground services support the beforeUdig assets and communities. PelicanCorp’s business, asset owners and contractors. solutions range from the operation The services include software of the BeforeUDig contact centre, to consultancy, web services, database and data editing. assisting asset owners to automate development, web development, www.pelicancorp.com plan response processes. If you need technical support, data maintenance Prestige Kiosks Ltd. Prestige Kiosks Limited is the exclusive functional buildings for use as agent in the UK and the Republic of newspaper stands, refreshment kiosks, Ireland for Asteco Industria, Italy’s information booths, flower stalls, fruit leading company in the design, and vegetable shops, public restrooms, manufacturing and installation of market stalls, restaurants and many bespoke steel kiosks and modular other applications. www.prestigekiosks.com 22
  24. 24. Redtxt RedTxt is a privately held Australian The team behind RedTxt has company that has developed a extensive internet and marketing proprietary mobile advertising platform experience. During 1999-2001, they that allows communities to send built the fastest growing internet service SMS messages funded by advertisers. provider in Australia and globalised the The SponsorTxt service is a patented underlying technology with Concert system that is spam-law compliant and plc, a $10B joint venture between independent premium email services. combines a publisher and an advertiser’s AT&T and British Telecom through an They are now focused on making SMS a message automatically creating a new investment of over $40M. From 2003 mainstream communication channel. mobile advertising channel. they developed one of the leading www.redtxt.com.au Regens Web Solutions Limited Regens’ business office was established organisations offering a wide variety of in London in 2009. The Hungarian web 2.0 features, implemented in a safe parent company has been operating for enterprise environment, extended to the over 16 years and provides innovative mobile world. It has several modules for IT solutions for companies, as web fulfilling the expectations companies applications (CRM), portal solutions, have with regard to new and advanced business integration platforms and IT types of collaborative workplaces that services. The company also has in-depth outsourcing services. Regens’ main area use social media tools in enterprise experience in database administration is future internet technologies. The environments. Regens is interested in and development (ORACLE). company’s novel Enterprise 2.0 platform, offering social media, web 2.0, mobile www.regens.co.uk SMARTNET, has been developed for application development and integration www.smartnet-erm.com Saskiasoft technologies Pvt. Ltd. Saskiasoft Technologies is a business to customers across the globe. The application and turn-key technology company was founded by a team with solutions provider, enabling to achieve global expertise in terms of clients measurable business results through and project execution. Currently the the use of IT, with an approach to team services projects for its UK, onsite/offshore software development European, US, and Australian clients that can deliver the right result and in mission critical areas. Saskiasoft have implemented numerous complex quality solutions. A unique blend of offers technology and application solutions for clients over the years. corporate values, enthusiastic, skilled development services and solutions Saskiasoft’s team is highly competent and experienced staff, quality processes, on Microsoft, Uniface, Java/J2EE, Lotus and has extensive international and state of the art technology is the Notes and PHP platforms. The company experience, taking an idea from concept enabling factor in providing best-of- has built a team of professionals, who to reality. breed solutions, services and products are highly skilled and experienced and www.saskiasoft.com 23
  25. 25. SAtIR trade Co. Ltd Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. Through 20 years of hard work, SATIR Ltd (SATIR) is a civilian thermal imaging has become a famous Chinese brand all system company with headquarters in over the world. Guangzhou, China, and R&D, production SATIR has eight main product and sales departments in France, Ireland categories: R&D, predictive maintenance, and the UK. SATIR is the leading instruments, explosives, fire fighting, enterprise in China’s civilian use thermal security, surveillance, and night vision. the electrical, fire fighting, petroleum imaging industry. SATIR was also Each category has an annual capacity processing, metallurgy, coal mining, responsible for drafting the GB/T 1987- of 10,000 units. SATIRS’s products are building, medical, electronic, security, and 2005 National Standards of Industrial sold to over 30 countries and regions surveillance industries. Inspecting Thermal Imaging Cameras. in the world and are widely used in www.sat.com.cn Shenling environmentally Friendly Packing Materials Co., Ltd. Shenling Environmentally Friendly 100% natural fibre. It is microwavable, Packing Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading freezer-safe, and non-toxic. Both white Chinese manufacturer and exporter bleached and unbleached natural of biodegradable tableware. The range fibres are available. As a professional of its product lines, good quality, and manufacturer focused on quality and competitive pricing have made it one food safety management, the company of the fastest growing companies of its has been certified by SGS, ISO9001 Biodegradable Test of ASTM D6868 & kind in China. Shenling produces a wide Quality Management System, ISO22000 EN13432. variety of paper pulp disposables made Food Safety Management System Shenling endeavours to work together from sugarcane bagasse (agricultural (HACCP, GMP included), BRC/IoP Global with you to protect the environment and waste). Bagasse is the by-product Food Packaging Standard, Silliker Factory create a more eco-friendly life. during the sugar refining process – Audit (with Excellent Audit Rating), and www.biodegradableware.com.cn Sichuan Sunfor Light Co., Ltd. Sunfor is a market leading innovator provides a solution in emergency escape and manufacturer of LED lighting systems. and photoluminescent material that Sunfor is located in Chengdu, Sichuan enchances the quality and safety of province. The company has more than living. LED lighting provides a profesional 400 employees in China and has more solution in commercial lighting and than 100 item patents. In 2009, the specialised lighting such as metro company’s sales amounted to 250 sales of 300 million yuan in 2010. lighting, and photoluminescent material million yuan and Sunfor aims to exceed www.sunfor.com.cn 24
  26. 26. South Beauty Food and Beverage Co, Ltd. Founded in 2000, South Beauty Group is Centre in Beijing to more than 40 headquartered in Beijing and is currently restaurants in locations across the made up of three high-end brands: country including Beijing, Shanghai, South Beauty Restaurants, LAN Club Tianjin, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Nanjing and STEAM. Together they represent and Qingdao, South Beauty Group a dominant restaurant management continues its pursuit of brand innovation group. and breakthrough. From world-class Beijing Olympics. After almost 10 Since its establishment, South South Beauty restaurants to LAN years of solid expansion, South Beauty Beauty Group has always been Club, a luxurious club with the most Group continues to hold some of the dedicated to the corporate core values artistic flavours in China, customers greatest development potential among of innovation, development, style and that frequent South Beauty’s facilities international catering service and health. From the first South Beauty range from business elite and prominent management groups in China. restaurant at the China World Trade poliltical figures to visitors at the 2008 www.southbeautygroup.com St engineering (europe) Singapore Technologies Engineering Exchange, and one of Asia’s largest Ltd (ST Engineering) is an integrated defence and engineering groups. A engineering group specialising in leader in each of our core businesses, innovative solutions and services in the ST Engineering leverages its multi- aerospace, electronics, land systems and sector capabilities to develop advanced and associated companies in 24 marine sectors. solutions for customers across industries. countries and 42 cities spanning the US, Incorporated in 1997 and headquartered We serve both commercial and defence Europe, Asia and Australasia. We have a in Singapore, we rank among the largest customers in over 80 countries, through global workforce of more than 21,000. companies listed on the Singapore a global network of over 100 subsidiaries www.stengg.com taishan Sports Industry Group As the largest sports equipment gymnastics, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, supplier in Olympic history Taishan boxing, track & field, wushu and free Sports Industry Group supplied combat (non-competitive), delivering equipment to the 2008 Beijing Olympic more than 200 types of products and Games for the following sports: 20,000 sets of equipment. www.taishansports.com 25
  27. 27. Vital Balance Group V-Check is a concept of Vital Balance and monitor a person’s vitality. The Group, the Netherlands. V-Check scans the body, registering Vital Balance Group’s mission is its current health and vitality status, to deliver a structural contribution and gives a detailed overview of stress to quality of life and healthcare muscles, disturbed organ systems, management, by developing and dietary deficiencies, energy levels and delivering a wide range of medically current physical condition. And this in position, with only socks and shoes to and scientifically proven products just eight minutes, in a relaxed sitting be removed. and services that measure, optimise www.vitalbalancegroup.com Xomo digital Xomo makes world class mobile apps times. Clients include the 2010 Winter for festivals and events. The company’s Olympic Games, the London Jazz award-winning products are offered Festival, the Vancouver International Jazz turn-key on iPhone, BlackBerry and Festival and the Vancouver International other popular devices and have been Film Festival. downloaded more than 1,000,000 www.xomodigital.com Create Advertising Create Advertising is the first of clients. Hollywood movie trailer company to Our London office brings this open an office in London. As a leader expertise to UK based clients, and with in entertainment advertising, the our mix of UK and international trained company has produced trailers and staff, we pride ourselves in providing campaigns on films such as CASINO a unique global advertising approach. ROYALE, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Our strength lies in being able to edit and SPIDERMAN-3 to name a few. and package footage in a very high dynamic advertising experience, be it Building on our reputation, we have production-value manner. With a top- for broadcast, outdoor, or event specific successfully expanded into industries tier editorial and motion graphics set use. beyond movies, servicing a wide range up, we are focused on creating a truly www.createadvertising.co.uk 26
  28. 28. Magenta Research Serving the pro-AV and digital signage thousands of displays worldwide markets, Magenta Research is the have been trusted with Magenta in industry recognised leader in the virtually all environments including transmission, switching and flexible commercial, industrial, government, distribution of multi-format video, audio military, residential, transport, education, and auxiliary signals over fibre and healthcare, retail, hospitality, sports and Cat-X cabling. Its product range includes entertainment. for audiovisual content delivery and AV extenders, distribution amplifiers For well over a decade Magenta has presentation. By listening to clients and and matrix switchers for DVI, HDMI, been developing and manufacturing the by working with them to understand DisplayPort, SDI, VGA, and component, world’s best performing and highest and address their challenges, Magenta composite, S-Video, audio, USB, RS- quality signal management equipment is continually refining its product vision 232 and IR signals. Magenta’s world for the Pro AV and digital signage and direction to meet and exceed renowned solutions are a benchmark marketplace. Today digital connectivity stringent requirements and standards. in field reliability for 24/7 and mission standards are playing a major role in www.magenta-research.com critical environments. Hundreds of Magenta’s clients’ system strategy 27
  29. 29. What think London Can do for You our Services • We help you make the business • We help our clients identify R&D case for locating or staying in partners at London’s universities London, and help you set up as to facilitate collaboration. quickly and smoothly as possible. • We provide intelligence on the • We help you make the right opportunities at the 2012 Games, connections by offering access to the bid process and connections to relevant business and government the 2012 community. networks, associations and • We signpost companies to the professional services experts. organisations that can help them • We help you find the right people get involved with community Think London connects international from the huge pool of talent and projects such as volunteering or businesses to London. We can offer skills available in London. And we youth training. you the local expertise and advice help you upskill your workforce you need to set up, succeed and grow through access to training schemes. your business in London. Our service is • We help you find the right comprehensive, confidential and funded. property, making sure you set up Our experts work with government and close to the right markets, with local businesses to help you find the the appropriate infrastructure and best people, places and opportunities in business support services. the city. • We help you settle into London Think London can help you set up and life, with information about housing, expand in London quickly and efficiently, schools and local amenities, helping making your international expansion you sort out the important aspects cost-effective, productive and profitable. of living in London for your staff and Whatever size your business, we can their families. save you valuable management time • We act as a conduit for companies’ and money, and help you take full views on London’s infrastructure and advantage of all that London has to business regime to government. offer. 28
  30. 30. Why London Is Still #1 for Business In any economic landscape, London Secondly, London helps companies offers overseas-owned businesses some create operational efficiencies. In the of the best opportunities available post-recession era, overseas investors anywhere in the world. As London will start to reconfigure their global businesses prepare for the recovery, footprints in order to create operational there are many reasons why now is the efficiencies. London’s access to a perfect time to establish a presence concentration of specialist business here. clusters, a skilled workforce and new technology helps companies reduce Firstly, London is the host city for the the costs of doing business abroad in 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic multiple countries. Games, and with just over two years London’s historic position as Europe’s to go until the Opening Ceremony, a Thirdly, London’s deep and diverse prime hub for business has made it multitude of opportunities still remain pool of talent enables your business the European anchor destination for across a range of different categories. to ride on top of worldwide recovery. companies going global. Despite the Through the CompeteFor platform Well over half of London’s working global economic downturn, London has procurement for the Games is both population is highly qualified – on a maintained its pre-eminent role as the transparent and open to all businesses, professional, technical or management best city in which to set up a business. ensuring a diverse pool of suppliers are level. In the current economic appointed, delivering the highest quality environment, businesses will find it • # 1 European city for business and best value goods and services. even easier to tap into this highly skilled in 2009 for the 20th year running talent pool. (Cushman and Wakefield, European And the London 2012 Games are Cities Monitor 2009) at the heart of Europe’s largest London remains the perfect gateway for • # 1 European destination for regeneration project, the Thames overseas companies wanting to tap into Foreign Direct Investment for the Gateway – an 800 square mile area the 500-million strong consumer market 12th year running (Ernst & Young, connecting London with the coast along in Europe. London also continues to be European Attractiveness Survey the route of the Thames. It will provide open for businesses from around the 2009) a hub for growth, creating a thriving world, offering competitive tax regimes • ‘European City of the Future’ economy based on strong inward and flexible labour laws. for the third time (fDi Magazine, investment and improved business ‘European Cities & Regions of the opportunities; an eco-region planned Future’ awards 2010) on sound environmental principles of sustainability. 29
  31. 31. Success stories Alibaba.com Alibaba.com is the world’s largest a legacy European HQ in Geneva, but They’ve been incredibly helpful, from online marketplace connecting small considered moving the office to another locating the right office and looking for and medium size buyers and suppliers city in 2009. local staff to expanding our network and worldwide. Founded in 1999 and “We opened our office in Soho, introducing us to the right people such headquartered in China, it has more central London in 2009. It’s an excellent as MWB Business Exchange and HSBC, than 40 million registered users in some location — right at the heart of both of whom we are now using. 240 countries and regions. It employs London’s digital media sector — and we Without Think London we wouldn’t 10,000 staff. Alibaba.com sought to plan to employ 15 people by 2012. be able to set up business in London so increase brand awareness, expand its Think London has been instrumental quickly and efficiently.” customer base and get closer to its in helping Alibaba.com set up our office Maggie Choo, clients across the UK and Europe. It had here in London from the very beginning. General Manager, EMEA Aspire Founded in Seattle in 1996, Aspire sought to become a global company by the UK. is a leading outsourced product breaking into the European market. It set Think London put us in touch development firm with 500 plus staff its sights on London, home to more than with the right people…helped with in India, the United States and now 20% of Europe’s independent software the registration process…provided London. Its services range from product vendor market. intelligence on the market…They made development and advancement to “Europe was the next obvious place it so easy.” product migration, re-engineering to go. We needed a presence in this Prem Sundaravadanam, and support. Having built successful space, particularly as 30 to 40% of the Aspire Systems Regional Director businesses in the US and Asia, Aspire global software market is in London and (UK) Closed Loop Closed Loop Environmental Solutions and creation of new products. The wanted to be here. Waste and Resources (trading as Visy Closed Loop) was company’s clients include Qantas, Action Programme has been a strong founded in Australia in 2001 and is Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust supporter of our programme, as have now a world leader in environmental (MOPT) and the Australian Grand Prix. the LDA. We can relate that crucial packaging and recycling solutions. “Think London really made our lives support directly to the work of Think The closed loop system manages the a lot easier as far as trying to establish London”. entire lifecycle of food and cosmetics a business in this part of the world and Chris Dow, packaging — from manufacture and when we stacked it up against some of Managing Director, collection after use through to recycling the competitors in the UK we ideally Closed Loop London 30
  32. 32. Crystal CG Founded in 1995, Crystal CG is one moving to London, but Think London news with regular email newsletters. But of the largest computer graphics really persuaded us. They were helpful, most importantly for us as newcomers firms in China, producing 3D imagery ever present, and consistently made a to London, both UK Trade & Investment and animations for documentaries, good case for making the move. In fact and Think London invited us to regular advertisements, architects and the you could say that they made it crystal networking events, helping us to meet Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. clear! other companies in the creative services The company’s main aim was to move Think London told us how great the industry.” towards potential growth into European city is and helped us set up, register the Jason Leigh, markets, using London as a base. company and find offices. They also Business Development Manager, “We were already thinking about kept us on top of the latest industry Crystal CG International LinkedIn LinkedIn is the online knowledge easy to discuss the idea. I then got is the perfect fit: its Europe’s advertising network for professionals. It helps talking to the London team on the and commerce hub and so many members share knowledge and seize ground. leading brands and senior people are opportunities as well as develop their We established our European HQ in headquartered here. careers and their business. LinkedIn London in December 2007 and we’re I would highly recommend Think operate in 120 countries via the web, growing fast: our network has topped London: they give you access to the but until recently only had offices in the 23 million people and there’s a new professionals you need to make your US. member every two seconds. operation run smoothly so you can “We considered the UK capital and London is a natural hub for us and a focus on the business.” immediately called Think London. Our great launch pad for global expansion. global HQ is in San Francisco, where Recruitment and advertising are Kevin Eyres, Think London has an office, so it was important revenue streams and the city Managing Director Europe 31
  33. 33. Your Contacts at think London - London office 2012 team Janet Coyle Misa Numano Head of 2012 2012 Project Manager Lucette Demets 2012 Games Business Manager Asia Pacific team Wouter Schuitemaker Grace Lee Head of Asia Pacific Business Development Manager Jeff Cao Zoe Haggan Head of China Business Development Manager Geyang Huang Sunil Dwivedi Business Development Manager Head of India europe, Middle east & Africa (eMeA) team Paola Cuneo Maria Corts Head of EMEA Business Development Manager Carolina Arriagada Peters Kate Barkworth Head of Iberia & Latin America Business Development Manager 32
  34. 34. north America team Nick Royle Pru Ashby Head of North America Business Development Manager Terry Mankertz Fast Track Team Manager Business Growth team Brian Long Jon Collins Director Business Growth Business Growth Manager Ian Yates Judy Ng Senior Business Development Manager Business Growth Manager Kirsty Railton Business Growth Manager 33
  35. 35. WWW.THINKLONDON.COM think London’s principal funding partners are the London development Agency and our network of commercial partners. other key partners are the City of London Corporation, which also provides funding, UK trade & Investment and the business community through London First. Sponsored by Supported by WWW.THINKLONDON.COM