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Monoprinting sheet


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Monoprinting sheet

  1. 1. 1. First dollop a small amount of ink onto your plastic board, then dip your roller into it and roll the ink. When rolling make sure you lift the roller so you don’t just roll the same bit of ink and move the roller in different directions 2. Make sure the ink is nice and thin and even when you have got the correct surface area it should become ‘tacky’ and when you hold up the board slightly transparent. What you will need: An apron, newspaper, a plastic board, ink, roller, a range of marking materials Eg:pencils, pens and a range of papers to experiment with. Step-by-step Monoprinting 3. Then place your paper on top of your rolled ink and draw on the back of it. You can use different types of pencil, pen, anything you can find. They all make slightly different marks. 4. Turn over your paper to see the results. There are often lovely accidental marks in the background when using this technique, these are what make Monoprints so charming and unique each time Try making marks with your fingers, this leaves a lovely soft line, good for shading. Also remember if you're including any lettering you have to write backwards! Tips…