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Task one


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Task one

  1. 1. Due the current circumstances it is not realistic to now complete your Final Outcome for your Mock Exam. All your prep work as well as your Environment project will still count as your coursework as well this mini project we are going to set you. You will need to be creative and think out the box with what you photograph and create Artwork from and as always please do ask if you need any further guidance.
  2. 2. This week we would like you to consider the everyday still life around you and use this to inspire a photographic shoot (you will be creating Artwork from these photographs so think about what you photograph carefully) On the next few slides are some Artists and Photographers to inspire you for this shoot. Please choose one or two (you can find your own or use the ones on this power point) to create a detailed study from and inspire your shoot.
  3. 3. 1. Complete Powerpoint slides on one/two Artists that explore the everyday. You can use the Artists on the previous slides or find your own . You should discuss you chosen Artist(s) and individual images. Don’t forget your descriptions and opinions are key to getting a good mark for this. You must explain how you will use the image/images you have explored to take your own shoot! Please use the support sheets you have at the back of your sketchbooks (remember it is useful to evaluate a specific images in depth and detail). You do not need to create a transcription as this will be your photographic shoot. 3. Take a shoot exploring ‘Everyday Still Life’ (at least 36 shots) using your chosen Artist(s) to influence your theme. Present this on a series of power point slides including contact sheets with analysis and at least three enlargements (if you have facilities these could be edited a little on photoshop (no worries if not though).