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Tate modern project


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Tate modern project

  1. 1. Over the next few weeks you are going to create a project on the Tate Modern Art Gallery. Some of you went on the Tate trip so can use the resources you collated when you were there. If you didn’t come there are lots of online resources you can use to completed this work.
  2. 2. Your first task is to create two A4 mood boards of images that relate to the Tate Modern. This could be photographs or images from the internet of the Tate Modern. Consider looking at the outside and the inside of the building, maps of the Gallery, the Tate Modern logo and Art work that is or has been exhibited at the Tate Modern. Use the photographs you took if you came on the trip other wise search Google, Pinterest and the Tate Modern website for inspiration 1.You complete two A4 document collages either on power point, word or publisher slides (these can be printed when you are back at school) 2. If you have a printer you could collage these images either directly into your sketchbook for Art or onto an A2 board for Graphics
  3. 3. 1. Complete your research either on two double pages of your sketchbook for Art (one double page for each Artist) or an A2 board for Graphics. 2. Type up and submit as a word, power point or publisher document and create your transcription on paper (to submit add your document and a photograph of your transcription). When you are back at school you can print ad present this work Your second and third task is to create two Artist research pieces on an Artists that has had their work exhibited at the Tate Modern. If you went on the Tate Trip use Artists that you photographed and liked from the Galleries (it doesn’t need to link to your current themes) If you didn’t go on the trip research and choose Artists by looking on Google, Pinterest (Year 10 Art-Tate Modern Artists) , the Tate Modern website and the following slide on this power point to choose your Artists. Your research pieces must include facts and opinions (use the How to write about Artist sheet), images of the Artists works and a transcription of their work using your own choice of media. +
  4. 4. -Andy Warhol -Claude Monet -Van Gogh -Sonia Delaunay -Marc Rothko -Jackson Pollack -Louise Bourgeois -Damien Hirst -Henri Matisse -Roy Lichtenstein -Mira Schendel -David Hockney -Paul Klee -Alexander Calder