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so you wanna do a  startup, eh?bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha...sucka...   http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhinoneal/3907394091
startups are hard.
startups are really hard.
startups are really fucking hard.
startups are heartbreaking.
startups are soul crushing.
startups are life shortening.
fact:this is not reality.
5 myths about startups1. Startups cost nothing to build2. The average tech startup founder is a   25 year old male ivy lea...
myth #1:startups are cheap to build
reality:lean or not, it costs money to build something significant.     and savings run out.
stuff that costs $$        as if you didn’t already know this• hiring amazing people - and you need A  level amazing peopl...
fact:4 out 5 people who use the phrase “it’s cheap to build a startup” have never  built a startup (and probably neverwill...
myth #2:the average tech co-founder is a 25 yr old male ivy league           dropout
Average founder:       40 yrs old        Married     With Children6-10 yrs work experience           Male = yes(4% of tech...
fact:   startup founders look a LOT like  themselves (and can come from ANY background). looking for patterns isthe antith...
myth #3:all you need is a napkin plan and a bunch of passion and      you’ll get money
reality:  the examples that are told around startup campfires (i.e. techcrunch) are the outliers...and there is waymore th...
a week in the lifeof a startup founder
saturday   http://www.flickr.com/photos/milkyworld/3128291642/sizes/l/in/photostream/
fact:   you will wake up in a puddle of your own sweat   several nights a weekbecause you realize you are    completely fu...
how to deal:1. know that you will be rejected.2. understand that you will underestimate the   number of times you will be ...
the worst advice EVAR:    ppl that tell you to do this are idiots.1. when you are rejected, ask for a   referral  dude! IF...
conviction    http://www.businessinsider.com/pandora-vc-2010-7
three freakin hundred!!!!
common vc rejections          aka. “we’re just not that into you.”•   “we think you are too early for us.”•   “we have too...
what they tell us they know...
the reality...
fact:          YOU build the        goddamned future.“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”                ...
myth #4:a good idea wins every time
closer to the truth:             a good idea, good          execution, good timing,         perseverance and balls of     ...
desire todelusional A   change the               status quo           D       C          B       audacity                 ...
the key to #winning: find your product/marketfit before you run out of          money.                T. IS. ALL.         ...
really freakin awesomecreative ways to not go broke• take the bus (Greyhound has wifi!)• use microfunding (Indiegogo/  Kic...
“Paul Graham only invested in us, when he heard about the Obama Osstory. And he figured, well these guys are like really c...
Hey CEO’s!       Your ONLY job is to keep      the company going until you       find product/market fit.                 ...
more funding ideas•   Friends & Family - your network is stronger than you    know (we raised $192,000)•   Go lean - how c...
Are you ready tomake the ultimate    sacrifice? nly one       ther e is o              a nswer
myth #5: where you build yourstartup doesn’t matter
WARNING:this is the part where Iget seriously unpopular.
why Canada sux4         startuping1. barrier for valley funds (especially at seed stage)2. local funds are miniscule compa...
why Canada is PERFECT    for startuping1. there is nothing to do here during our long   winter but work2. we have a high t...
what we need to change1. encourage/educate more investment firms to invest in web   startups2. support one another better....
bonus myth:the startup world is a meritocracy
it’s not just about   working hard.  (though there is hard work involved)
there is nothing fair about this      path.
both brilliant +            both contributed SO              much to sciencetesla died broke          edison died rich
and what of those  with better ideasbut without resources  who weren’t heard       at all?
1880s or 2010s, this   hasn’t really      changed.
you can doEVERYTHING right and  still die broke.
I know. I’m a real     downer.
but true entrepreneursaren’t in it for the fame  and fortune, are we?                     hope fo r both)         (th ough...
q: so why are wedoing this again?
a: fuck if I know.
but here I am.and I can’t imagine doing     ANYTHING else. it’s an unhealthy, but  beautifully necessary       obsession.
because without us crazy, delusional people who dothis the world would be a boring, stagnant place.
“Crazy Ones” Apple Think Different Campaign, 1997             Agency: TBWAChiatDay
thank you for being     crazy. xo
Tara(@missrogue)    Huntceo/co-founder, Buyosphere   tara@buyosphere.com       514-679-2951    www.buyosphere.com   www.ho...
reality: the examples that are
reality: the examples that are
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reality: the examples that are So you want to do a startup, eh?

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reality: the examples that are told around startup campfires (i.e. techcrunch) are the outliers...and there is waymore than passion + napkins involved.

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