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The Revolution will not be Televised...but if you're lucky, it'll be memed.

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I gave this presentation at CTAM Canada's annual gathering at Corus HQ in Toronto on June 20th. I think it's safe to say that it was a bit...um...controversial.

In order to prepare for this talk, I poured over mutiple reports and studies about the state of the Canadian Media and Entertainment industry. These reports included a lot of hand-wringing over online and American VOD services (Neflix, etc), but really discounted "User-Uploaded Video" (or "User-Generated Content") as largely irrelevant (except for the CRTC, who seems to want to regulate and tax creators).

So...that's what I focused on in here: UGC, including Creators (and online influencers), remix/mashup culture, stans/super fans, and social media content in general.

Three points where I think the audience winced:

1. with the enormous growth in available content, we are seeing a huge appetite for diverse stories - we don't need any more content aimed at white people.
2. the biggest competitors for attention are your own audience, who are no longer "consumers"...they are creators. And there are many of them and growing.
3. stop worrying about people stealing your content. Content isn't where the value lies. Attention is where the value lies. You should be encouraging them to steal! It's free marketing!

I guess I can understand why my message was a little controversial, but I want to help, not hurt.

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The Revolution will not be Televised...but if you're lucky, it'll be memed.

  1. revolutiont h e will not be understanding audiences in the social era by Tara @missrogue Hunt CEO + Partner, Truly Social Inc. (but, if you’re lucky, it will be memed!) televised
  2. cordnever hello! i’m a @missrogue / @trulysocial
  3. canary coalmine i’m a 45 yr-old in the @missrogue / @trulysocial
  4. @missrogue / @trulysocial SOURCE: NIELSEN CREDIT: Jason Hirschhorn: @jasonhirschhorn / Matthew Ball: @ballmatthew / Tal Shachar: @tweettal, REDEF, 2016
  5. Thinkbox is the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, in all its forms. It works with the marketing community with a single ambition: to help advertisers get the best out of today’s TV. UK Data 2017 @missrogue / @trulysocial
  6. trend of the shift of video watching habits over time (ALL) Live TV -6.0% Playback TV 0.0% Video On Demand 28.8% User Uploaded Video 37.2% @missrogue / @trulysocial
  7. BUT the trend is very pronounced with 16-34s! Live TV -17.3% Playback TV -5.0% Video On Demand 8.5% User Uploaded Video 51.9% @missrogue / @trulysocial
  8. largely thanks to social media, the audience behaviours/expectations have changed drastically. here are: fundamental shifts @missrogue / @trulysocial affecting the audience
  9. time @missrogue / @trulysocial power roles
  10. time shifts shift #1. @missrogue / @trulysocial
  11. ain’t nobody got time for that! “ timeshift #1: attention scarcity @missrogue / @trulysocial
  12. 4.75 billion posts shared on Facebook. 500 million tweets posted to Twitter. 95 million photos are posted to Instagram. 25.9 million minutes of video uploaded to YouTube. every.single.day. @missrogue / @trulysocial
  13. CREDIT: Jason Hirschhorn: @jasonhirschhorn / Matthew Ball: @ballmatthew / Tal Shachar: @tweettal, REDEF, 2016 more and more content! @missrogue / @trulysocial
  14. i want it that way! “ timeshift #2: everything on demand @missrogue / @trulysocial
  15. 1990 @missrogue / @trulysocial In 1990, I: • Heard this song on the radio and fell in love (5:55pm on Saturday) • Ran directly to the HMV, but it had just closed • Ran all around town to find a place that carried it. No luck. • Slept by my ghetto blaster to try and catch it again (to hit play/record!) • Had to be outside of HMV at 10am on Monday Morning • Bought the entire album…not just the single I wanted.
  16. “Yes, Queen.” “Here is George Michael’s Freedom 90 on Spotify!” “Hey Google!” “Can play George Michael’s Freedom on Spotify?” @missrogue / @trulysocial now
  17. Harnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, May 31, 2018
  18. @missrogue / @trulysocial “the more that's available on demand, the more we demand is available“
  19. power shifts@missrogue / @trulysocial shift #2.
  20. let’s go here! this one has good reviews! “ powershift #1: democratization @missrogue / @trulysocial
  21. @missrogue / @trulysocial Reviews can make or break a business - and they don’t just exist on review sites.
  22. "92 percent of people trust recommendations from other people over brands. Teens have a seven times higher emotional attachment to YouTube stars than to ‘traditional’ celebs. And 49 percent of people rely on influencer recommendations when they’re making a purchase." - Adweek: April 11, 2017 http://www.adweek.com/tv-video/its-time-for-marketers-to-change-how-they-select-and-reward-influencers/ @missrogue / @trulysocial
  23. time’s up!“ powershift #2: representation @missrogue / @trulysocial
  24. @missrogue / @trulysocial For many years, this is pretty much what marketers (and networks) thought of as “the audience”. Educated, straight, affluent white people. Anyone else was seen as “niche”.
  25. "By 2036, (StatsCan) predicts, as many as 30% of all residents will not have been born in Canada. Another 20% of the population will be native- born, but with at least one immigrant parent." http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/minorities-to-rise-significantly- by-2031-statscan-1.865985 @missrogue / @trulysocial
  26. #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #FamiliesBelongTogether @missrogue / @trulysocial there is an enormous call for pro-active representation
  27. Niche IS the mainstream! We live in an increasingly diverse world. The beauty of Netflix is that the audience can choose based on what they are drawn to. But Hollywood is taking notice, too, and casting and the stories they tell are improving. AND IT’S PAYING IN $$$$$$! @missrogue / @trulysocial
  28. Cha-ching! People DO want diverse representations! $1.2 BILLION $700 MILLION POPULAR SERIES! POPULAR SERIES!
  29. The backlash (anti-immigration, Alt-Right, etc) is evidence that the world is changing at a pace that makes those who have enjoyed the comfort of being the “mainstream” very upset. We have a long way to go. @missrogue / @trulysocial
  30. role shifts@missrogue / @trulysocial shift #3.
  31. all the world’s a stage! “ roleshift #1: content creation @missrogue / @trulysocial
  32. @missrogue / @trulysocial New online services have provided the tools and opportunities for more Canadians to become creators than ever before. This has resulted in the development of a large pool of Canadians who have developed the creative and technical talent and skills necessary to inform and entertain audiences large and small, within local communities, across the country and around the globe. Harnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada, CRTC https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/publications/s15/eval.htm#o2 “
  33. talent production (high cost) networks (limited) distribution (tightly controlled) devices (shared/not portable) audience (captive) THEN @missrogue / @trulysocial credit: REDEF on the Future of Video https://redef.com/original/presentation-redef-on-the-future-of-video
  34. talent audienceproduction + network + distribution + device credit: REDEF on the Future of Video (plus my modifications!) https://redef.com/original/presentation-redef-on-the-future-of-video @missrogue / @trulysocial TODAY
  35. “amateurs” are the influencers Variety Magazine did two studies in 2014 and then 2015 and found that, not only are digital content creators more influential than traditional celebrities, they were also more consistent and relatable. @missrogue / @trulysocial
  36. Internet use is about far more than cultural consumption. Yet the CRTC envisions the Internet as little more than cable television and wants to implement a taxation system akin to that used for cable and satellite providers. Michael Geist, Regulate Everything: The CRTC Goes All-In on Internet Taxation and Regulation: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/2018/05/regulate- everything-the-crtc-goes-all-in-on-internet-taxation-and-regulation/ 😒dear CRTC, do NOT ruin the internet. “
  37. The Internet has blurred the lines between creator and consumer, introduced new players and intermediaries, created a more interconnected and open world and altered consumers’ expectations and opportunities. Strengthening Canadian Television Content: Creation, Discovery and Export in a Digital World C.D. Howe Institute, December 2017 “ @missrogue / @trulysocial
  38. 😒Only one mention of user-generated content in the entire report (but Netflix >50x). @missrogue / @trulysocial
  39. Conclusion: The solution to the threats facing CanCon are: 1. Need more high-quality shows (their “idea” is to produce fewer at higher “quality”) 2. Need to export more CanCon (hence the need for “quality”) 3. Something something simplification something something innovative solutions @missrogue / @trulysocial
  40. check out all of the can-con! @missrogue / @trulysocial
  41. 8,575,469,552 ...combined views for these 6 YouTube creators on only their main channels. Most of them have multiple channels and connect with their audiences on multiple networks. Combined following: 48 Million 06.17.18 @missrogue / @trulysocial
  42. “User-Generated Video” Look at this! 1. Lots of high-quality shows!
 The kind of “quality” that consumers ….apparently… demand. 2. Exported! 
 Both content and, unfortunately, talent. 3. Something something simplification something something innovative solutions! @missrogue / @trulysocial
  43. dismiss at your own peril @missrogue / @trulysocial
  44. the ATTENTION is shifting to user uploaded video the AD DOLLARS are shifting to digital AND user-uploaded video (influencer marketing) forget netflix. this is what should concern you.
  45. thanks for the inspiration. i’ll take it from here! “ roleshift #2: ownership @missrogue / @trulysocial
  46. @missrogue / @trulysocial “STAN CULTURE” a fan so dedicated to an artist, show or genre that he or she does ridiculous things like driving for 4 hours to buy szechuan sauce.
  47. https://patch.com/new-jersey/newarknj/1-day-get-mcdonald-s-szechuan-sauce-n-j-thank-rick-morty @missrogue / @trulysocial
  48. https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/13/16301174/rick-and-morty-youtube-livestream-adult-swim
  49. “REMIX CULTURE” the act of taking existing popular culture and remixing or remaking it into something else altogether original. generally, but not always, covered by fair use (fair dealing in canada) laws. it’s the ultimate homage to one’s favourite shows and characters. COSPLAY FAN THEORIES MEMES @missrogue / @trulysocial
  50. the book the movie the fanfiction @missrogue / @trulysocial
  51. none of this is new or because of the internet people participate. they create. that’s what they do. @missrogue / @trulysocial
  52. time attention is more scarce than ever --- we want stuff when we want it, delivered how we want it. power word-of-mouth is amplified --- diversity + representation is no longer a nice-to- have roles consumers are now creators --- the idea of ownership is squishy @missrogue / @trulysocial
  53. so then? now what? what can YOU do? @missrogue / @trulysocial it’s not going to be a simple solution.
  54. but…here is a little idea… your new metrics of success: ➔ # of gifs and memes made by fans ➔ # of bootlegs of your shows uploaded ➔ # of cosplays at Comic Con of your characters ➔ # of crazy fan theories ➔ cost of the fan art for sale @missrogue / @trulysocial
  55. @missrogue / @trulysocial https://nineteeneightyeight.com/collections/bojack-horseman/products/rezatron-bojack-bust?variant=51471978259WANT
  56. contentisn’t where the value lies…
  57. audienceisn’t even really where the value lies… (especially in a world where FB makes pay to reach your own followers!)
  58. attentionis valuable. And, even better: RELATIONSHIPS/TRUST and longer term results of positive, real attention.
  59. if they’re not stealing your content, you have failed. - Tara Hunt, right now “ @missrogue / @trulysocial
  60. Thank you! Tara Hunt CEO + Partner tara@trulysocial.ca www.trulysocial.ca
  61. I removed the following slides from my original presentation…as I felt that the “solution” is more complicated and nuanced. I started to riff originally on where the industry could shift their thinking to start to understand where things go from here… Excuse the mess… ;)
  62. rethink first, you need to the way things have “always been done” @missrogue / @trulysocial Deleted addendum:
  63. rethink time @missrogue / @trulysocial
  64. instead of… seasons short-term campaigns think… always-on long-term building relationships @missrogue / @trulysocial
  65. instead of… portals apps pipelines think… transmedia feeds community @missrogue / @trulysocial
  66. rethink audience @missrogue / @trulysocial
  67. instead of… pushing messages at think… listening to @missrogue / @trulysocial
  68. instead of… trying to appeal to everyone think… connecting with a specific audience @missrogue / @trulysocial
  69. instead of… counting views and impressions and paying influencers to talk about you (or “manage” your reputation). think… aiming for engagements, creating more conversations and helping your audience tell the stories organically. @missrogue / @trulysocial
  70. rethink content @missrogue / @trulysocial
  71. instead of… high-level production “professional” actors/ writers/etc. polish + perfection think… connecting to the audience directly, with real people and stories @missrogue / @trulysocial
  72. instead of… intellectual property + ownership think… content that is so awesome that your audience wants to steal it @missrogue / @trulysocial
  73. innovate then you can
  74. SUSTAINING ADJACENT DISRUPTIVE DISCONTINUOUS Normal competition. Incremental streamlining of the current product, market, and/or methods. Altering the mix. New product, new market, new method. Changing how you make money. The old way won’t survive. Changing the world. “I can’t imagine what life was like before.” DOING YOUR JOB. SOMETHING IS AFOOT. SOMEONE IS GONNA GET HURT. THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. 4 kinds of innovation: credit: Alistair Croll
  77. https://d2dpa77enk4uif.cloudfront.net/app/uploads/20160926174555/REDEF_MasterDeck_vPUBLIC2.pdf Addendum: there are a lot of interesting ideas in here!