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International growth at a frantic Facebook Analysis and Study

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International growth at a frantic pace

Facebook has developed a strong following in
English-speaking countries
A third of the Canadian population has
joined Facebook as of June 2007, a growth
of more than 3,000% in a year

The United Kingdom is the third largest
country with more than 5 million active
users, London being the largest network
on Facebook (1,105,515 members as of
Sept. 11 2007)

There is far less growth in Europe and Asia as
the website is only available in English
To act against knock-offs who took advantage of
Facebook’s lack of international compatibility, a
major localization initiative will be launched
soon: the website will be translated and therefore
accessible to users from other countries

Top to bottom : Facebook, Vkontakte (RU),
Xiaonei (CHN)
Sources: Facebook, comScore Media Metrix, faberNovel analyses
03.10.2007 – Facebook study

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