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The evolution of social networking Facebook Analysis and Study

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The evolution of social networking sites
show they develop new functionalities

Second generation Third generation
First generation
sites can be seen as sites could represent
sites only let users
the first social the first social
manage friends’
networks media sites

There are mainly flat, They are centered around They allow multi-
single entry lists by an individual and his dimensional connections,
schools or classes you friends, and friends of real conversations
attended friends : they follow the 6 between users, in
degrees rule compliance with the social
Examples: Copainsdavant graph theory*
(FR), Classmates.com Examples: LinkedIn (US),
(US) Viadeo (FR), Xing (G) Examples: Myspace (US),
Facebook (US), Bebo

*as exposed by Mark Zuckerberg

Sources: faberNovel analyses, Stanley Milgram (1967), Facebook
03.10.2007 – Facebook study

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