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Analysis of French students’ behavior Facebook Analysis and Study

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Analysis of French students’ behavior on

French students can be seen as early They mainly use the site to
adopters (in comparison to the rest of socialize, keep in touch with real life
the French population) of Facebook, as friends or renew old connections. Only
more than 50% of them have been on 13% believe they are more active than
the site for more than 3 months their friends.

A few key facts
about French

They do not display any real interest in
They are not really involved in user
applications: 78% add them on
groups, as 91% visit less than 5
invitation, but they do not browse for
groups on a regular basis, and 81% do
them. They use applications mostly
not post messages, photos or videos
for fun.

Sources: faberNovel analyses, faberNovel survey conducted on a restricted sample of
French students aged 20-25, Sept. 2007 03.10.2007 – Facebook study

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