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Students see Facebook as a Facebook Analysis and Study

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Students see Facebook as a walled garden

Early signs show that they are
Students are apparently outspoken and
becoming cautious about possible
carefree on Facebook
privacy issues

They keep personal
They often use the Wall for short
conversations private: 61% use
messages than can be likened to
their personal message box more
Wall messages
• Greetings
• Enquiring about what has happened
lately 58% are concerned about what
• Wishes on special occasions others may see on Facebook

They keep to their real life
• More than 75% have not added
60% have not changed their strangers and do not plan on doing
privacy settings to restrict access so
to their profile • They trim their contact list to make
sure only people they know well are

Sources: faberNovel analyses, faberNovel survey conducted on a restricted sample of
French students aged 20-25, Sept. 2007 03.10.2007 – Facebook study

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