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Analysis of 2 « heavy Facebook Analysis and Study

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Analysis of 2 « heavy users » in France and in the US
provides some interesting user profiles to analyze

Robert Scoble (US) Natacha Quester-Séméon (FR)

• The former Microsoft blogging evangelist • Former journalist for newspapers
(Channel 9,…)
• Currently chief editor of the
• Currently VP of media development at MemoireVive.org blog, web content
PodTech.net, chief editor at Kyte.tv, author producer (i-Marginal), personal blog :
of the Scobleizer.com blog and lesimpertinents.com
ScobleShow video blog
• 291 friends on Facebook, an average of
• 5,000 friends (the maximum limit), an 34 blog posts a month (perso and pro) and
average of 70 blog posts a month and 7 20 tweets a week, more than 120 video
tweets a week, more than 325 video podcasts recorded
podcasts recorded in 2007 to date (Sept.
20th) • Main social applications used (outside of
Facebook): Twitter, Scoopeo, Fuzz,
• Main social applications used (outside of Ma.gnolia, Humanews, Flickr
Facebook): Powncer, Jaiku, Twitter,
Upcoming, Google Reader Shared Items

Beyond a certain reach, the audience/traffic of a typical blog is often linked to the
number of posts so it is crucial that bloggers find a more engaging way to interact
with their audience to create value and escape their natural production limit

Source: faberNovel analyses 03.10.2007 – Facebook study

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