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These examples show two different Facebook Analysis and Study

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These examples show two different approaches
for bloggers to monetize their audience

Two models

Communicator: Robert Scoble makes very strong
Activist: Natacha Quester-Séméon engages in
use of video, clogs users’ feeds with content and
discussions in the group she created, as well as on
only interacts in a “traditional” way with audience
other people’s walls
(responding to comments)

The objective is to develop a community and
The objective is to drive traffic to advertising
have some influence on the socio-political
supported areas (KyteTV, Scoble Show, …)

Analysis of Robert Scoble’s conversation Analysis of Natacha Quester-Séméon’s conversation Wall in
5% 2% 5% Photo in
3% 1% 2% Video in
15% 1% 12% Gift in
Note in
Wall out
Photo out
22% Video out
26% Note out
20% Event out
Status out
Twitter out
Blog post out
Link out
1% Discussion out
14% 14% 10%
Sources: faberNovel analyses, data
03.10.2007 – Facebook study
collected during 4 weeks, Aug/.Sept. 2007

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