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Remedie OSDC.TW

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Remedie OSDC.TW

  1. Remedie Tatsuhiko Miyagawa April 18th 2009, OSDC.TW
  2. Like watching TV?
  3. I do like TV shows.
  4. But I don't need cable.
  5. I'm addicted to this.
  6. And this.
  7. And this!
  8. Or maybe ...
  9. Problems
  10. Too Many Apps
  11. Inconsistent UI Hard to Keep Track
  12. Remedie
  13. Media RSS Browser
  14. Written in Perl + jQuery Plagger Backend
  15. Plagger Pluggable RSS/Atom aggregator http://plagger.org/
  16. Remedie Plagger + JSON API + UI
  18. Features
  19. RSS/Atom Podcast Supports Video and Audio Inline Playback with Flash (or QuickTime)
  20. Media RSS support Flash embed feeds DailyMotion, Flickr, Vimeo etc.
  21. Yahoo Search Monkey Yahoo! Video, Hulu
  22. Custom Plugins ニコニコ動画 , Veoh.com MSN Video, Pandora.tv, im.tv ...
  23. Playback Options Flash Player, Silverlight QuickTime, VLC, WMP Inline iframe
  24. Local Video Folder ffmpeg Thumbnails QuickTime/VLC for playback
  25. DEMO
  26. UI eyecandy
  27. Shadowbox
  28. Continuous Playback (DEMO)
  29. vi/Gmail style hotkeys j/k to up/down o to open, u to back
  30. jQuery UI D&D
  31. Incremental Search
  32. Context Menu
  33. Growl (with Fluid)
  34. Launch QT/VLC (DEMO)
  35. iPhone UI
  36. Plugin Examples
  37. Roadmap
  38. Non-blocking daemon Current single process blocking architecture sucks.
  39. (More) downloads HTTP downloads Torrent downloads Download queue manager
  40. Social Network Automatic subscription to your friends videos & favorites (Currently it's manual)
  41. Remedie Hub Share subscriptions Bonjour support
  42. Directory Explorer Like Miro HD directory Could be pluggable
  43. iPhone/Touch remote Can play videos on mothership PC/Mac via iPhone
  44. Join Us! #remedie @ freenode http://remediecode.org/ http://github.com/miyagawa/remedie
  45. Thank you! Follow me twitter.com/miyagawa Tweet your feedback #remedie