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If Events Could Date, This is What it Would Look Like

A visual summary of the EventTechBrief.com article, "If Events Could Date, This is What it Would Look Like" - Read the full article and subscribe to the enewsletter at www.eventtechbrief.com.

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If Events Could Date, This is What it Would Look Like

  1. 1. If Events Could Date, This is What it Would Look Like Article by Autumn Thatcher via EventTechBrief.com
  2. 2. A New Software… Installing and dismantling the infrastructure – staging, audio-visual equipment, lighting – of a temporary event can be expensive, time consuming, and wasteful. So, Damian Oracki, a veteran of large event production (including events around the 2012 London Olympics) decided to do something about it. He and his partner created software that helps event planners share the costs for back-to-back events. In the budding “collaborative” economy, they could be on to a concept whose time has finally come.
  3. 3. Oracki and co-founder Jon Gunn launched their company, Showslice, in the UK during the fall of 2014. The concept for Showslice is what Oracki has coined “collaborative procurement.” It allows businesses to anonymously share details about their events so that they can work together to share expenses.
  4. 4. Like A Dating Service Oracki compares Showslice to an online dating service. The web-based platform matches the event producer’s needs – venue, stage, marquee, art installation, etc. – with those of other organizers through profiles created on Showslice. The initial communications are discreet. When both parties want to take the “relationship” to the next level, Showslice charges a fee for facilitating the match.
  5. 5. In Other Words… “Put simply, it saves on budget, time, and planning. When you collaborate, you reduce cost, labor, and waste. It’s really that simple.” Damian Oracki Founder of Showslice
  6. 6. Communicate Safely Showslice is currently in beta testing, but once that phase has concluded (roughly January or February of 2015), event planners will be able to list as many of their events as they would like on the site for free. Showslice empowers event planners, Oracki emphasizes. The platform maintains the confidentiality of users until the time is right. That makes it possible for event owners to safely communicate with one another without worrying about sharing information they are not comfortable revealing.
  7. 7. “They Have Nothing to Lose” Owners and planners have the power on our system. They can communicate about their events, but they don’t have to say an exact location. They have nothing to lose,” says Oracki.
  8. 8. Saving by Collaborating Oracki estimates that businesses working together through Showslice can save an average of at least 15% of their total budget for an event. This can mean thousands of dollars in savings just by collaborating. At a time when planners are under pressure to produce more for less and when “sharing” anything is (Uber) cool, slicing an event could be a viable alternative for reducing costs when venue flexibility is an option.
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