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Employees are People, too!: Branding from the Inside Out

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Employees are People, too!: Branding from the Inside Out

  1. 1. Randy McDaniels President
  2. 2. Melanie Long MSMHR, Organizational Development and Human Resource Consultant, McDaniels Marketing
  3. 3. • What purpose is there in collaborating with HR? • What affect does employee engagement have on Marketing? • How can you implement these changes into your organization? • Success Stories • Employment Branding
  4. 4. Marketing Delivers • We are surrounded by brands • Organizations work hard to create a brand that is differentiated from the rest • That Brand Promise resonates, heightening expectations • $$$ spent communicating these messages
  5. 5. Human Resources Supports • Establishing and building internal talent • Developing commitment from employees • Alignment to the external message
  6. 6. Building Better Bridges Between Marketing and HR • Proactive Communication • Recruitment • Training • Reward and Recognition Programs
  7. 7. • HR has the tool kit that determines whether that brand promise is affirmed in the hearts and minds of the customer… – Or renounced by disappointing service delivery • Creates Brand Ambassadors • Marketing and PR can play a role too.
  8. 8. Current Situation The Current Market Environment Creates: – Fading employee engagement – Apathy – Retention and Talent Shortages
  9. 9. Orders are Given Hire Better Create Put up a People! Better Ads! Billboard! • We are all doing more with less. • We tend to function within our own departments: ⁻ Speaking different languages ⁻ With different agendas ⁻ And even different processes! ⁻ Often times there is little appreciation for each other’s roles and capabilities in aligning the external and internal brand.
  10. 10. The new and more effective approach gets rid of the silos and offers more collaboration! Operations Marketing Human Resources
  11. 11. Teaming Marketing’s brand messaging with HR’s internal perspective
  12. 12. When the focus is placed on strengthening the brand from the inside out, brand promises are delivered more consistently and effectively.
  13. 13. A win-win strategy Embracing ownership of employee engagement as a team is a win-win strategy.
  14. 14. The best offense in a competitive market is a strong employment brand the perception of your organization as an employer and the value employees gain from working there… Defines your Employment
  15. 15. What Can Marketing Do for HR? • Collaborate • Develop and sustain an employment brand strategy • Develop clear and attractive messaging • Supported by strong and lively values
  16. 16. The challenge of an employer is not to train human resources in branding but to attempt a rare unification between marketing and human resources. Organizations that can unite these two departments behind the power of brand will win the war of better talent. M Ritson, ‘Marketing and HR collaborate to Harness employer brand power.’ – Marketing UK(2002)
  17. 17. Prepare for the Journey • Gather support of leadership • Establish a strong project team – Conceptual agreement – Aligning with current culture – Aligning with organizational goals and objectives
  18. 18. Who Remembers Your Brand? Employees need to believe in the brand within their organization in order to go above and beyond.
  19. 19. Successful Internal Marketing Seeks first to understand the culture of the organization, and then create human resource strategies that will intrinsically motivate the people toward goal achievement.
  20. 20. The End-Game Discovering and creating from the core ignites momentum and empowers employees to deliver the mission, vision and values impacting patient satisfaction.
  21. 21. The Field Investigation • Identify level of engagement – Gather and Analyze – Engage with Patients and Physicians – Observation of employee behaviors – Gather new employee’s initial perception and again after beginning to work at your organization
  22. 22. Collect, Inspect, Analyze and Gauge • Now, state your organizational purpose. • Do the results of the investigation align? • How can we improve communication internally?
  23. 23. How can we tell a compelling story and create a movement within the organization that will deliver an exceptional brand to our prospective customers? It begins with your people…
  24. 24. Use the Data to Your Advantage Results of the field investigation allow you to: • Leverage organizational strengths • Recognize best practices • Launch internal marketing – develop a theme – create motivating messages • Establish an innovative Rewards & Recognition program
  25. 25. Rewards & Recognition Programs Performance Excellence at Eisenhower is driven by five teams that consist of employees and members of the Executive Leadership Team. The five teams concentrate their efforts on meeting the Performance Excellence goals in Communications, Leadership Development, Patient Loyalty, Physician Loyalty and Rewards and Recognition. Each team maintains ongoing programs to reward and recognize the achievements of the staff of Eisenhower Medical Center.
  26. 26. End Result Aligned employees You create a service culture by first letting employees experience being served.
  27. 27. What HR Can Do For Marketing? • Knowledge Sharing • Job Alignment • Conduct Job • Performance Reviews Analysis (accurate and timely) • Accurate Job • Corrective Action Descriptions • Training and • Consistent Development Performance Measures
  28. 28. Market Your Employment Brand Clearly position your organization on the job market. Such as…
  29. 29. Every Life Matters
  30. 30. Capturing Your Employment Brand This is Zendesk Check it out http://vimeo.com/41264553
  31. 31. WHAT AN EMPLOYER BRAND CAN DELIVER • Platform for communicating with current and prospective employees • Litmus test for organizational action and behavior • Filters out poor fits • Less leave for wrong reasons/more leave for right reasons • Helps potential and current employees answer: • Where am I going? • What am I part of? greatplacetowork.com
  32. 32. WHAT AN EMPLOYER BRAND CAN DELIVER POSSIBLE BENEFITS • An effective employer brand and positioning in the talent market • A roadmap for delivering the brand promise • Better employee retention • A committed, motivated and enthusiastic workforce leading to a more spirited ownership of all organizational initiatives greatplacetowork.com
  33. 33. WHAT AN EMPLOYER BRAND CAN DELIVER POSSIBLE BENEFITS • Greater bonding between the management and employees and therefore ability to draw out the best in each other • Climate of trust and confidence amongst the employees leading to greater comfort and therefore greater productivity • Improved sense of belongingness at junior levels greatplacetowork.com
  34. 34. Success!
  35. 35. Randy McDaniels rmcdaniels@mcdmarketing.com Melanie Long mlong@mcdmarketing.com
  36. 36. Thank You! 866-431-4230 www.powerinternal.com A division of

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  • Insert our finger with string tied to it…
  • Randy: An established employment brand will not only help in external marketing, but if it is communicated effectively within the organization, it can really help with employee effectiveness and satisfaction. For example…
  • These brands worked hard internally to prepare for this type of marketing communications. So where do we start?
  • State case study example somewhere…
  • Ranked among America’s top hospitals, recent recognition as best employer by SmartRecruiters. What does this Minnesota hospital need for that? An amazing staff. Their Facebook doesn’t only provide value by giving healthy tips and tricks, but they show off what it’s like to work in their facility. They do a good job of attracting potential candidates by letting them know they’ll always be appreciated. Just check out their Employee Appreciation Day Album.
  • External Message: According to the company, the campaign – “For You, We’re Marriott”– celebrates the diverse experiences the brand offers its guests worldwide.
  • Marriott does a great job describing the culture of the company while emphasizing their philosphy as an employer. Each element is expressed with a video.
  • Finally, Marriott’s Facebook page celebrates the employment brand. Recognizes as Best Employer Brand Awarded to Marriott International at ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards, the innovative company even has a Facebook game called “My Marriott Hotel”.
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