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Audience Persona Profile: University of Florida

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This is a presentation I created for my social media management course at UF, PUR4932. We were charged with creating an audience persona profile for a selected brand.

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Audience Persona Profile: University of Florida

  1. 1. October, 2015
  2. 2. JAKE THE GATOR HATER • Background • Jake is a high school student trying to decide where he wants to go to college. • He is at the top of his class with a weighted GPA of over 4.0. He is involved with student government at his high school, and he plays the trumpet in the marching band. • He has family members who went to Florida State University, so for rivalry reasons he doesn’t want to attend the University of Florida. • He wants to purse a degree in engineering. • Demographics • Male • 17-18 • High School student dependent on parent’s income • Suburban • Identifiers • High achieving high school student • Fan of athletics
  3. 3. • Goals • Jake’s primary goal is to attend a university with a good engineering program. • Jake’s secondary goal is that doesn’t want to root for University of Florida athletics due to family loyalty. • Challenges • The primary challenge is to make Jake aware of the University of Florida’s excellent, top tier engineering program. • The secondary challenge is to change Jake’s beliefs that rooting for University of Florida athletics is bad, or that it is a deterrent from the education he desires from a college. • How We Help • Marketing the engineering program, without pushing the athletics, to Jake would be the best way of reaching him. • We have to illustrate to Jake that attending the University of Florida would help him achieve his goals, because the University of Florida’s engineering program is one of national preeminence. JAKE THE GATOR HATER
  4. 4. • Real Quotes • “I really want to be a top notch engineer someday, but I feel like I would betray my family by being a Florida Gator.” • “It is important to me to be a leader in the engineering field, and to not have trouble finding a job after graduation. • Common Objections • I’ve always rooted for the Florida State Seminoles for sporting events. • I don’t like Florida State University’s engineering program. • My family will resent me if I’m a Gator. JAKE THE GATOR HATER
  5. 5. • Marketing Messaging • The University of Florida’s top-tier engineering program, and the success of UF engineering graduates being leaders in their fields. • Elevator Pitch • At the University of Florida, we are a top notch university with top tier programs. Our engineering program is one of the best in the country, and our graduates are leaders in their engineering fields. • Social Media • Jake the Gator Hater is on 3 social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We should push our messages on these platforms. JAKE THE GATOR HATER
  6. 6. SAMPLE SOCIAL MESSAGING: TWITTER • @UFadmissions: Do you want a career in engineering? Check out all our engineering programs here: *link to the undergraduate programs page* #UFengineering • @UFadmissions: Our engineering undergrad program is ranked 20 in the world. Find out why here: *link to facts & statistics page* #Ufengineering • @UFadmissions: UF is paving the way with a new type of engineering program. Learn more today *include link and attach photo shown below* #Ufengineering
  7. 7. SAMPLE SOCIAL MESSAGING: FACEBOOK • University of Florida has the resources to power the new engineering. See why UF should be the place you pursue a degree in engineering. *Link to the “Why UF” page for the College of Engineering* • University of Florida is top 10 in the nation for student enrollment in engineering-related degrees. *Link to a blog post with a student testimony about the program* • Why is the University of Florida Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is rising to national preeminence? Nearly every major global corporation recruits its graduates. List these corporations in a visual/graphic. • Facebook video post of a UF engineering graduate talking about the program and where he is today because of the program and being a part of the Gator nation. • UF engineering recently was given a $50 million catalyst gift from Dr. Herbert & Nicole Wertheim and the Dr. Herbert & Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation. They have invested in UF and the future of engineering and the world of tomorrow. See why you should join them by applying today. *Link to application page*
  8. 8. SAMPLE SOCIAL MESSAGING: INSTAGRAM In addition to the photos, there would be a 15 second video clip from the Facebook video of the UF college of engineering graduate: See why UF engineering helped launch John Smith’s career. Link to the full video here: *link* Visit our website today and see how UF engineering students are leaders in their field. #UFengineering UF is educating the new engineer. Apply to be a part of our innovative program today. #UFengineering