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Kpi company profile 2015

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KPI company profile 2015

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Kpi company profile 2015

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE www.kpiconsultancy.com
  2. 2. About Us KPI   Helps   companies   and   individuals   to   achieve   be6er   results   from   their   business   communica9ons.   A<er   a6ending   our   inhouse   or   public   training   workshops   and   seminars,  delegates  are  equipped  with  the   skills  they  need  to  help  them  achieve  their   goals.   Professionals   of   all   levels   learn   simple,   func9onal   ways   to   communicate   be6er  and  make  a  posi9ve  difference  at work.     KPI   understands   the   importance   of   an   organiza6on’s   core   values,   objec6ves   a n d   a i m s ,   a n d   t h r o u g h   t h e   development   of   so=   skills   KPI   adds   value   to  companies  looking   t o   i m p r o v e   performance   and   opera6ons   within   their  business. KPI empowers you give your clients the high quality service they deserve What people hear, they forget What people see, they remember What people do, they learn ” “
  3. 3. Our Mission KPI’s   mission   is   to   help   professionals   become   beBer   leaders,   become   more   influen6al   and   beBer  at  communica6on. By   enabling   them   to   be   more   effec6ve   at   their   jobs  they  become  assets   to  their  businesses.   K P I   a l s o   p ro v i d e s   consul6ng   services   to   address   specific   training   and   development   needs   for   individuals   and   companies.   Thorough,   detailed   best   training   a n d   d e v e l o p m e n t   programmes   achieve   impacIul,  las6ng  results.
  4. 4. Innovation Adaptability Collaboration Integrity Improvement Constanly   looking  for   new  ideas Adjus6ng  to new Condi6ons Bekerja  sama   dalam  jangka   panjang Ac6ng  with   respect  and   honesty  in   achieving   our  goals Constantly   challenging   ourselves,   striving  to   achieve   excellence Our Values
  5. 5. Training Fully  tailored  programmes  in: Communica6on Nego6a6on Selling  Skills Presenta6on   Skills Public   Speaking Business  English   Communica6on Leadership Customer  Service   Excellence
  6. 6. Our Instructors KPI trainers help you and your team to achieve better results every time you communicate. They have the experience, passion and energy to help make every training session an effective, memorable experience for each participant. Trainers  help  our  clients  to  achieve   great   results   because   they   use   a   w i d e   r a n g e   o f   p r o v e n   methodologies   in   training   room,   incorpora6ng   them    with   concepts   from   today’s   business   world.   Choose  from  courses  conducted  in   English   or   Bahasa   Indonesia.   Our   trainers   have   a   wide   range   of   backgrounds   and   can   help   you   to   achieve   the   business   results   you   want.  
  7. 7. Why choose KPI? You will get a return on your investment with our training. Your investment in the programme will be rewarded many times over. KPI has a strong track record of delivering new business, cost saving and additional profit to our customers. Delegates will leave our in-house and public training feeling they can immediately apply new skills in their job to affect a positive change. Training   is   kept   both   func6onal   and   interes6ng.  Courses  are  customised  and   kept   relevant   using   case   studies   and   ex a m p l e s   f ro m   yo u r   i n d u s t r y. Management   are   consulted   throughout   the  training  process  to  clearly  determine   what  success  is.
  8. 8. What our clients say about us KPI  has  developed  a  really  good   training  concept,  I’m  very  pleased   with  the  rela6onship  we  share.   Their  instructors  have  lots  of   knowledge  and  were  highly  skilled.   KPI  also  provided  a  Post  training   report  and  some  recommenda6ons   –  Very  helpful  for  con6nuous   improvement KPI’s  programs  are  customized   based  on  our  company’s  need  and   reviewed  regularly  to  con6nuously   improve.  I  can  recommend  KPI  as  a     company  that  can  help  capability   development  within  an  organiza6on. I  will  share  these  new  concepts   and  skills  with  my  sales  team  and   apply  them  in  all  of  my  future   communica6ons.   Sebas6an  A Director  of  Sales  &  Marke6ng Harris  Hotel KPI  sent  in  their  expert  to  review  our   requirements  and  they  presented  us   with  the  most  suitable  solu6on  for  our   business  with  a  guarantee  that  we   would  see  a  return  on  our  investment.   As  sales-­‐focused  opera6on,  we  have   been  delighted  with  our  choice  of   training  provider. Troy  M Chairman Cobra  Group  Indonesia Wahyu  Y   Training  Development Fransisika  H Head  of  organiza6on  development  South   East  East  Asia PZ  Cussons
  9. 9. Our Clients
  10. 10. www.kpiconsultancy.com Contact Us Epicentrum Walk Office Suites Unit A538 Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kuningan Jakarta Selatan 12940 021 2994 1075