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OTT TV: A Telco threat or opportunity?

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OTT TV: A Telco threat or opportunity?

  1. 1. OTT: A Threat to Telecom Operators?<br />Presentation to SAMENA, April 2010<br />
  2. 2. 2<br /><ul><li>How much of a threat are global OTT players to telecom operators?
  3. 3. Why should telecom operators get into the digital content game?
  4. 4. Which roles should operators play in the digital content ecosystem?
  5. 5. What are the specific opportunities inherent to the Middle East market?
  6. 6. Which model is best for digital content, in-house or outsourced?</li></li></ul><li>3<br />Consumers in the region are well-served by international and regional web-based video providers<br />Regional players<br />International players<br />Source: thenextweb.com<br />
  7. 7. 4<br />Consumer behavior in mobile is changing with the proliferation of smartphones and applications usage<br />Average time spent on various mobile functions<br />Global unit shipments of desktop PCs, notebook PCs, vs. Smartphones & tablets (2005-2013E)<br />NEW ACTIVITY<br />Mail app<br />All Other<br /><ul><li>Maps
  8. 8. Game
  9. 9. Social Networking
  10. 10. Utilities
  11. 11. Other</li></ul>Telephony<br /><ul><li>Phone
  12. 12. Skype
  13. 13. Messages</li></ul>Web / Web apps<br />Source: Morgan Stanley research Source: AppsFire<br />
  14. 14. 5<br />Key Regional Internet facts<br /><ul><li>13% of MENA search queries are from mobile devices
  15. 15. 50% of all mobile traffic is from Symbian devices</li></ul>Mobile Internet<br />Video<br /><ul><li>Arabic users love Videos:</li></ul>“KSA is in the top 3 mobile playbacks worldwide” (YouTube) <br />Language<br /><ul><li>Queries in Arabic represent:
  16. 16. 54% of MENA queries
  17. 17. 70%of Egypt queries
  18. 18. 80%of Saudi queries</li></ul>Source: Google<br />
  19. 19. 6<br />The advent of these global OTT players is not necessarily bad news for telecom operators<br />Increase in data traffic<br />Higher ARPU<br />iPhone user<br />US<br />1.63<br />ARPU of the average customer<br />Western Europe<br />2.45<br />Source: Booz & Company<br />
  20. 20. 7<br />However, dis-intermediation does present risks<br />Risks<br />Dis-intermediation of telcos<br />User Interface control<br /><ul><li>No control of the user interface: telcos do not capture the full value from the new business</li></ul>Digital content value chain<br />Content1<br />Billing, <br />Care & <br />Analytics<br />Network<br />(content <br />distribution)<br />User <br />Inter-<br />face <br />Content <br />Mkg<br />& Sales <br />Service <br />Design &<br />Delivery<br />Churn<br />Telcos<br />Telecom operator’s / pay TV provider’s core expertise areas<br />Up to 25% of Smartphone users are at risk of churn if they could not access specific content & apps via their operator(AnalysysMason, Jan’11)<br />Content players<br />Traditional media owners<br /> Digital media solution providers<br />Cannibalization<br /><ul><li>New services tend to cannibalize telcos’ core business: e.g. voice revenues (Skype & Nimbuzz apps)</li></ul>Telecom operators and pay-TV players lose the relationship with end-users and become “dumb pipes” in the digital content value chain, at the benefit of other providers<br />(1) Creation, production, adaptation, acquisition, management<br />
  21. 21. 8<br />Telcos should get into digital content, but this is not where the money is for them<br />Mobile revenues in selected regions & countries, by type (2009)<br />Projected market size<br />$7bn<br />Apps sales (2013E)<br />$40B<br />$75B<br />$82B<br />$21B<br />$162B<br />$37B<br />$18B<br />Content<br />1%<br />2%<br />4%<br />5%<br />5%<br />6%<br />10%<br />12%<br />8%<br />13%<br />9%<br />10%<br /> P2P <br />messaging<br />18%<br />9%<br />$1.6tr<br />10%<br />Telecom industry revenues (2013E)<br />8%<br />11%<br />7%<br />Other Data<br />40%<br />37%<br />23%<br />Voice<br />A drop in the bucket<br />0.4%<br />Apps sales represent only of overall projected telecom revenues in 2013<br />Middle East<br />India<br />USA<br />Korea<br />China<br />Japan<br />Africa<br />Source: Informa Global Content Forecasts 2008-2013, and Mobile Operator Revenues Update 2010 Q2. Source: Booz & Company<br />
  22. 22. 9<br />The real economic value of digital media for telcos is to strengthen their core business through…<br />Increasing ARPU<br />Reducing churn<br />Acquiring new customers<br />
  23. 23. 10<br />In the Middle East, global competition is weakenedby specific factors…<br />The regional opportunity is very small compared to other regions<br />Global players do not have access to local / Arabic content<br />Entertainment & media market by region <br />(US$ billion)<br />They might be restricted from operating in the region (licensing & regulatory constraints)<br />Source: PWC<br />
  24. 24. 11<br />Better access to local content<br />… and telcos have an opportunity to leverage unique differentiating levers<br />Billing relationship<br />Telecom operators’ differentiating levers<br />Particularly relevant in the Middle East<br />
  25. 25. Positioning in the digital content value chain—Operators have a choice to make<br />12<br />Network-focused<br />Content enablers<br />Content players<br /><ul><li>Compete on price, coverage, flexibility
  26. 26. Wholesale capacity provider to MVNOs & SMART players
  27. 27. Drive traffic
  28. 28. Network open to all content providers
  29. 29. No direct investment in developing content
  30. 30. Management of device & content experience
  31. 31. Heavy investments required
  32. 32. Strong brand required
  33. 33. Compete on being trusted partner for 3rd party content partners
  34. 34. Open network to 3rd parties
  35. 35. Leverage assets to enhance 3rd party content & services
  36. 36. End-to-end customer experience ownership
  37. 37. Branded devices, content, services
  38. 38. Mixed revenue models, including advertising
  39. 39. Retain control over customer experience only related to core offerings, not for all content
  40. 40. Focus on own content only in 1-2 areas</li></li></ul><li>13<br />Intigral brings value to each stakeholder in the digital content ecosystem<br />Intigral value proposition to its content ecosystem partners<br />Telecom operators<br />Content owners, application developers, content creators<br />End-users<br />Mobile storefronts<br />IPTV/ OTT TV EPGs<br />Advertisers<br />Web portals<br />Wide end-user reach <br />End-to end content solutions: aggregation, development, delivery <br />One-stop shop for all digital content – across 3 screens<br />Targeted advertising capabilities <br />Multi-screen reach<br />Locally relevant content<br />Intigral’s Value Proposition<br />Customer analytics data<br />Flexible solutions e.g. Managed Services<br />Multi-screen ad delivery<br />Rich & enhanced features<br />Monetization opportunities – e.g. advert, billing relationship<br />Multi-format ad delivery<br />Multi-screen capabilities<br />Broad choice of content<br />
  41. 41. 14<br />Intigral’s tight relationship with 250+ content providers is a clear differentiator in the market<br />Content Provider<br /><ul><li>Needs
  42. 42. Customer analytics
  43. 43. Marketing & Promotion support
  44. 44. Access to multiple operators
  45. 45. Multi-platform
  46. 46. Offer
  47. 47. Customized & local content</li></ul>Intigral<br /><ul><li>Offer
  48. 48. Customer analytics
  49. 49. Billing
  50. 50. Customer Care
  51. 51. Marketing & Promotion
  52. 52. Needs
  53. 53. Targeted and local content</li></ul>Examples of partnerships<br />Strong portfolio of Content Provider partners<br />Supplier account management program<br />Health content provider DMC developed their own iPhone application <br />
  54. 54. 15<br />Nadeek – STC’s Sports portal<br />
  55. 55. 16<br />Online, telcos can combine the self-care features of their portal with locally sourced content <br />Local multi-player online game…<br />… Integrated into m3com, STC’s multimedia portal<br /><ul><li>Traffic (1m unique visitors /month)
  56. 56. Billing relationship for paid games</li></ul>Benefits to Jawaker<br />
  57. 57. 17<br />Bringing Cinema at Home to STC’s invision subscribers<br />Objectives: stimulate VOD usage (existing customers), build invision brand awareness and support invision acquisition<br />Run dates: 17 March 2011 - 11 April 2011<br />Activated free channels: <br /><ul><li>Invision website + M3com website
  58. 58. Invision YouTube channel
  59. 59. MMS
  60. 60. Email shot
  61. 61. TV guide
  62. 62. On STB</li></ul>Activated Pay media: <br /><ul><li>Print media
  63. 63. Radio spots</li></li></ul><li>18<br />Newspaper, Radio and MMS Shot<br />
  64. 64. 19<br />Digital and video creative produced by Intigral run across STB and web platforms…<br />On box promo<br />Invision.com.sa<br />YouTube<br />
  65. 65. Thank you<br />© 2010<br />

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