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Why Does Mobile Really Matter? / ¿Por qué móvil realmente importa?

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Why Does Mobile Really Matter? / ¿Por qué móvil realmente importa?

  1. 1. Why Does Mobile Really Matter? The Case for Mobile and Empirical Evidence of it’s Value October 2016 MMA Forum Mexico 2016 - Mobile Leadership Greg Stuart Global CEO greg@mmaglobal.com
  2. 2. MMA Global Board of Directors John Costello President, Global Marketing & Innovation Dunkin’ Brands Jack Philbin Co-Founder & CEO Vibes Carolyn Everson VP, Global Marketing Solutions Facebook Stephen McCarthy Finance, Infrastructure xAd Cameron Clayton President, Product & Technology The Weather Company Greg Stuart CEO MMA Michael Baker President & CEO DataXu Pete Blackshaw Global Head, Digital Marketing & Social Media Nestle Susan Canavari Chief Brand Officer Chase Tom Daly Group Director, Global Connections The Coca-Cola Company Luis Di Como SVP, Global Media Unilever Amit Gupta Co-Founder InMobi Sanjay Gupta EVP – Marketing, Innovation & Corporate Relations Allstate Insurance Company Jack Haber VP, Global Advertising & Digital Colgate-Palmolive Company Peter Hamilton CEO TUNE John Kosner EVP & General Manager, Digital & Print Media ESPN Ilonka Laviz Digital Marketing Director, Global eBusiness Procter & Gamble William Lonergan Chief Executive Officer RadiumOne Peter McGuinness Chief Marketing & Brand Officer Chobani Margo Geogiadis President, Americas Google Dipanshu “D” Sharma Founder & CEO xAd Gregory R. Raifman President Rubicon Project Andrew Sherrard Chief Marketing Officer T-Mobile Nada Stirratt Chief Executive Officer Verve John Trimble Chief Revenue Officer Pandora Dan Rosen Global Advertising Director Telefonica Alberto Banano - Pardo Founder & CEO Adsmovil Michael Donnelly SVP, Digital Marketing MasterCard Chair: Vice Chair: Secretary: EMEA Regional Rep: NA Regional Rep: LATAM Regional Rep: LATAM Regional Rep: Tom Chavez CEO & Co-Founder Krux At Large: At Large: Treasurer: Chair Emeritus: MMA President: Ernesto Echeverri Dir. Mktg USA, Canada & Caribbean LATAM Airlines Group Kellyn Kenny VP of Marketing Uber Tim Mahoney CMO General Motors Marc Mathieu CMO Samsung Jeff Lucas CRO Snapchat Karin Timpone Global Marketing Officer Marriott
  3. 3. Mobile is the greatest transformation in consumer behavior that we will see in our lifetime Mobile is not a fad, or improvement, it is a fundamental change in the infrastructure of how companies connect to consumers
  4. 4. 4 3 Parts of Today’s Discussion 1. Why does Mobile matter to businesses? 2. What is the real value of Mobile to Marketers? 3. What can you do about it?
  5. 5. And by 2020, nearly everyone might have a Smartphone By 2020 5bn people on earth will have a smartphone Source: World Bank, GSMA, Apple, Google etc 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Population Population over 16 Mobile Users Smartphones PCs Global Population (bn) Growth to 2020 2015
  6. 6. 6 Mobile is THE first universal tech product Mobile Completes a journey from one computer on earth to another computer in every pocket Every Corp- oration Every home and every desk Every pocket
  7. 7. Disruption of Photo Industry is just one example More iPhones & Android phones sold than Japanese camera’s EVER. More photos taken this year than taken on film ever. Source: Kodak Companies, CIPA, a16z 80B Photos Taken 1999 800B Photos On Social Media 2014
  8. 8. 3-4x more smartphones than PCs Increase in sophistication and complexity of mobile is as important as the increase in scale Used every where Used much more Used in more sophisticated ways Because of this and more, Mobile had a BIG multiplier effect Vastly bigger opportunity
  9. 9. Mobile is not smaller, it is richer, more expansive, and personal… The smartphone is now a more capable and sophisticated internet platform than PC Personal Touch Sensors Cameras Location Payment Social integration Security And much easier to use…
  10. 10. Sensor Purpose / Use Accelerometer Measures movement and orientation Gyroscope For measuring angular rotation across three axes and giving more accuracy to the accelerometer reading Magnetometer Detecting magnetic fields and magnetic North GPS chip Enables location services, along with the magnetometer Front & rear facing cameras Enables photography and detects objects in surrounding environment Microphone Detects sound and speech Proximity sensor Recognizing when you move your phone up to your face Ambient light sensors Adjusting brightness levels based on your environment (high-end Samsung Galaxy phones can measure white, red, green, and blue light independently to tune displays) Pressure sensors Enables touchscreen Fingerprint sensors Reads fingerprint for authentication and privacy Motion coprocessors Add to motion sensing capabilities (e.g. can tell the difference between walking and driving) Air quality Measures air quality Water quality Measures water quality 3D/Stereo camera Improved facial and gesture recognition (eventually emotional state tracking) Radar Increased awareness of surroundings Sonar Increased awareness of surroundings Pollution sensors Detect pollution levels (measure smog, dangerous chemicals, etc.) Internal health & body activities Use an internal chip to monitor health and internal activities (bionic limbs, disease, etc.) More feedback, more data, than you can imagineCommonCuttingEdgeFutureState
  11. 11. In fact, all new industries are being remade around smartphones. The really important new business are native to new technologies Web & Smartphones Smartphones Trucks & Highways Trucks & Highways Airbnb Uber/LyftMcDonald’s Wal-Mart Travel TransportFood Retail
  12. 12. This Missed the Point • The Year of Mobile • Est 1999 Est. 1999
  13. 13. • Problem was, Year of Mobile was too limiting • It’s the age of mobile We Are Really In…
  14. 14. Mobile’s unique differentiator: Mobile is the closest you can get to your consumer
  15. 15. What is the value of being closer? MMA looked at that with a $3M research program SMoX.me = Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness Studies
  16. 16. SMoX : Industry Consortium Coming together to understand business value of Mobile in advertising Mix Awareness Image Purchase Intent Foot Traffic Sales 16 5 Brands 4Countries
  17. 17. TV Print Internet FSI Cinema Social OOH Mobile Display Display, video, social Display, video, native, location Display, audio, video social Display, video, social Display, video, social Display, video, social Display, RM, Weather targeting, social, video Measured a variety of media in each campaign mix 17
  18. 18. How many people can you convert with mobile? ? Campaign Average Mobile
  19. 19. 19 Mobile is significantly more efficient vs. other media across the funnel Brands Campaign Objective People Converted Avg. Campaign People Converted JUST Exposed Mobile AT&T Aware of MotoX Phone 1.0 1.9 Gold Peak Tea Aware of Gold Peak Tea ∨ 4.8 MasterCard Image: Use MC when Travel ∨ 1.7 Walmart Intent to Shop Back-to-School Grocery ∨ 1.9 Walmart Sales in Store at Walmart ∨ 2.0
  20. 20. How many people can you convert with mobile? 2X+ Campaign Average Mobile
  21. 21. What is the impact of a channel that has this kind of engagement/attention for marketers?
  22. 22. Save video creative would produce stronger results vs.. TV with lower cost Mobile Video TV 40 100 100 450Better ROI! Effectiveness at low frequency Price
  23. 23. Proprietary & Confidential Source: Walmart SC Survey; Data Collected from: 8/4-9/28 MOBILE VIDEO And Mobile is Changing the Way we Look at Media Buying 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% PointIncreaseinPricePerception Frequency Frequency to Lift Response Mobile Video vs. TV* CABLE TV
  24. 24. Mobile Native improved results for Walmart. Price Better ROI! Effectiveness at low Frequency Mobile Native Mobile Display 500 100 100 1000 Effectiveness at High Frequency 300 Manage frequency or rotate creative
  25. 25. Location and format Interact: And REALLY drive Foot Traffic Expandable Units Pencil Units Retargeted Proximity 40%12% No Lift 10%
  26. 26. 1290 Depending on the category, Context Targeting can add significant value Day of the week* 130 100 Weekday vs.. Weekend targeting Time of the day targeting for industry with Strong Time of Day Dynamic Without targeting With targeting Time of Day** 100
  27. 27. 27 What do we know – SMoX Campaign Information Change in Campaign Due to Mobile Company (Brand) Country of Study Overall Campaign Goal & Optimization All Media in Campaign Mobile Formats in Mobile Portion of Campaign Impact when Optimizing within Mobile Mix Also ii Opt. % Of Mobile in Mix with Mobile Best Practices v Boost in Overall Campaign Perf. AT&T (MotoX) U.S. Awareness TV Print Desktop Display 20%  +18% MasterCard U.S. Image (“MC is good card to use when traveling”) TV Print Desktop Social Display Video Social 12%  +17% Walmart (Back- to-School Grocery) U.S. Purchase Intent & Sales TV FSI Desktop Display Native Social Location Targeting 15%  +14% Coca-Cola Co. (Gold Peak Tea) U.S. Awareness, Image & Sales TV Print OOH Desktop Display Audio Video 15%  +7% Coca-Cola Co. (Red Can) China Sales TV OOH Desktop Display Video Social 15%  +16% Coca-Cola Co. (Red Can) UK Sales TV OOH Desktop Display Video Social 16%  +25% Coca-Cola Co. (Red Can) Brazil Sales TV OOH Desktop Display Video Social 19%  +60% Unilever (Magnum) U.S. Sales TV, Print, Desktop Display, Video Social, RM, Weather targeting 17%  +13% i Assumes that overall campaign budget is optimized without making any changes in terms of how mobile mix was allocated ii Assumes that overall campaign budget is optimized and best practices are used to further improve the performance of mobile iii The % of the total advertising budget that should be allocated to mobile in order to maximize the performance of the campaign iv The incremental lift in performance generated by optimizing the budget for mobile / increasing mobile allocation v Employing best practices would include rebalancing the mix in mobile to more cost effective formats, removing ads that failed, increase use of targeting proven to work and more.
  28. 28. In Summary – SMoX Consistently Demonstrates Allocation to Mobile in the Mix, when mobile is done right Produces an Increase in Brand Metrics Produces an Increase in Sales or Profit of: All Studies to Date 12% to 20% ~17% 7% to 25% to 60% 28 Sale s +7% to Sales +60% to Sales +25% Mobile 12-20% Other Media 80%
  29. 29. 29 Your Challenges 1. What do you need to do/have/org to be able to be successful with 20% of spend in Mobile How much more can you squeeze out of TV, newspapers, radio into the future? 2. What does it mean to be closer to your consumer? 3. Can you figure it out alone?
  30. 30. The Math: Mobile will be a $70 Billion U.S. business and over $200 Billion worldwide (just from big brands) However, as Reach Increases, so might Allocation 15-20% Today Increase in Smartphone to 90% 20-30% w/ Increased Smartphones
  31. 31. Truth is, Mobile is Bigger than we thought
  32. 32. 32 Location Segment Leader Video Segment Leader TBD Cross Screen Leader TBD Segment Leader Kicking off Wave II with new Marketers & Supporters Auto Pharma QSR ?
  33. 33. MMA Introduced…. 33 November 1st is the Big Reveal MATT is a community of industry experts committed to rethinking the world of marketing measurement and attribution; seeking to give marketers better measurements, tools and confidence in connecting marketing to business outcomes. All MMA members are invited to participate in MATT
  34. 34. Glad you are with us! SMoX Mobile ROI Research
  35. 35. 35 Thank You! Seizing the Mobile Opportunity, Globally Mobile Marketing Association greg@mmaglobal.com

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  • The first couple of exposures were significantly more impactful in mobile, showing that mobile can be a much more engaging platform.