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The best of mobile marketing 2015

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The list of projects, campaigns and concepts from 2014. Only a little bit subjective. In random order. Definitely worth remembering. By Monika and Karolina from mobee dick. Enjoy!

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The best of mobile marketing 2015

  1. 1. THE BEST of MOBILE MARKETING 2015 The list of projects and concepts from 2015. Only a little bit subjective. In random order. Definitely worth remembering. From @mobee_dick.
  2. 2. A  fitness  tracker  brand,  Fitbit,  has   partnered  up  with  a  food  bank   network,  Feeding  America,  for  a   campaign  called  „Fit  for  Food”  that   encouraged  Fitbit  users  to  donate   their  burned  calories  to  feed  those   hungry.     106,000  users  have  burned  one   billion  calories  which  Fitbit  then   converted  into  a  donaAon  to  Feeding   America.   FITBIT:   FIT  FOR  FOOD   wearable  devices   acAvity  tracker   Bluetooth  4.0   1 USA  
  3. 3. Stop  racing  friends  on  fitness  tracking   apps  and  take  on  something  more   compeAAve  instead…  Like  a  tiger  with   a  GPS  tracker  for  instance.     Contestants  can  monitor  their   performance  against  the  big  cat  and   each  other  using  the  hashtag   #Run4Tiger  on  TwiOer.     Each  looser  needs  to  donate  $5  to  the   WWF’s  Save  The  Tiger  campaign.   WWF  RUSSIA:   TIGER  CHALLENGE   Russia   social  media   2 running  mobile  apps  
  4. 4. Exercise  brand  Equinox  was  losing   members  of  its  indoor  cycling  classes   to  bouAque  brands  like  SoulCycle  and   Flywheel,  which  offered  a  more   compelling  cycling  experience.       By  leveraging  mobile  technology,   Equinox  created  “The  Pursuit,”  an   interacAve  cycling  course  that  reported   members’  biometrics  in  real  Ame  and   set  up  compeAAons,  both  individually   and  team-­‐based,  to  moAvate  beOer   performances.  The  new,  innovaAve   experience  helped  increase  class  sizes   and  drove  member  retenAon.   EQUINOX:   THE  PURSUIT   biometric   3 USA   second  screen  
  5. 5. MCDONALD’S:     MOVE  UPDATE   fitness  mobile  apps   Poland   Move  Update  is  a  unique  project   turning  real  life  data,  collected  from   fitness  apps  into  mobile  games   bonuses.  All  user  has  to  do  is  to   connect  the  game  with  one  of  the  fit   app  account  such  as  RunKeeper,  Fit  Bit   or  Strava.  The  mechanism  converts   data  collected  during  the  execuAon  of   any  acAons  into  bonuses  and  extras  in   games.  The  more  user  moves  in  real  life   the  more  powerful,  faster  and  stronger   he  becomes  in  the  mobile  world.     The  project  won  Golden  Drum  2015   (Branded  content  Games)  and  Cannes   Lions  2015  (mobile  games,  services   bronze).   4
  6. 6. Millions  of  children  struggles  to   make  eye  contact  due  to  AuAsm.       ‘Look  At  Me’  is  an  interacAve  camera   app,  that  is  scienAfically  designed,   tested  and  proven  to  help  children   with  AuAsm  learn  to  make  eye-­‐ contact  with  their  family  and  friends.     Jong-­‐Hyun  trained  with  Look  At  Me   every  day  for  eight  weeks.  And  it's   not  only  helped  him  to  make  eye   contact  more  easily,  but  also   brought  him  closer  to  his  mom.   SAMSUNG:   LOOK  AT  ME   mobile  app   worlwide   5
  7. 7. Flash  photography  is  one  of  the   easiest  ways  to  detect  the  early  signs   of  ReAnoblastoma  (Rb)  –  an   aggressive,  deadly  eye  cancer   affecAng  predominantly  young   children.  When  a  tumour  is  growing   inside  a  child’s  eye,  it  ogen  reflects   back  as  a  white  pupil  in  photos,   which  can  be  the  warning  sign   parents  and  guardians  need  to   ensure  a  life-­‐saving  early  diagnosis.     Instead  of  posters  that  told  the   audience  what  to  look  for,  the   campaign’s  posters  took  them   through  the  experience  of  seeing   eye  cancer  in  their  photos.   CHECT:   THE  NEXT  PHOTO   ‘InteracAve’  posters   UK   6
  8. 8. SAMSUNG:   BACKUP  MEMORY   Bluetooth   mobile  app   A  smartphone  can  be  extremely   important  for  an  Alzheimer's  paAent  -­‐   it  helps  jog  memories  that  might   otherwise  be  lost.       Samsung  is  clearly  aware  of  this,  as  it   released  a  dedicated  Backup  Memory   app  to  sAmulate  the  memories  of   early-­‐onset  paAents.  The  Android   tool  uses  Bluetooth  to  detect  when   friends  and  family  running  the  app   are  nearby.  If  they  are,  it'll  both   idenAfy  the  person  and  show  user-­‐ uploaded  photos  and  videos  that   recall  past  events.   7 Tunisia  
  9. 9. The  campaign  encouraged  to  donate     virtual  hearts  through  taking  and   uploading  photos  to  the  network   marked  with    #GiveYourHeart.  Images   tagged  this  way  are  transferred  to  an   applicaAon  for  a  joint  photograph  of   heart  on  dawca.pl/oddajserce.       The  campaign  used  Instagram’s  naAve   funcAon  –  double  tap  to  like  (heart).   DAWCA.PL:   #GIVEYOURHEART     Poland   social  media  (Instagram)   8
  10. 10. VODAFONE:     THE  RED  LIGHT  APP   mobile  app   Turkey   With  one  in  three  women  in  Turkey   being  a  vicAm  of  domesAc  violence,   Vodafone  launched  an  app  which   allows  women  to  alert  their  contacts.   The  app  is  designed  to  look  just  like  a   flashlight,  and  when  the  phone  is   shaken  three  trusted  people  in  the   user’s  contact  list  receive  a  message   that  the  user  is  in  trouble,  in  addiAon   to  indicaAng  their  exact  locaAon.     Over  254,000  women  have   downloaded  the  app,  the  equivalent   of  24%  of  all  female  smartphone   users  in  Turkey.     Vodafone  won  the  Media  Grand  Prix   at  Cannes  Lions  2015.   9
  11. 11. ALWAYS:   BACKMEAPP   Lonely  and  late  home  return  can  be  a   challenge,  especially  for  girls.       BackMeApp  offers  a  simple  way  to   feel  more  confident  in  this  situaAon.   If  something  unexpected  happens   along  the  way,  such  as  deviation  from   the  original  route,  our  friend  is   alarmed  immediately  by  its   smartphone.       mobile  app   10 Israel  
  12. 12. HONDA:   #HRVSELFIE   With  10  cameras  across  the  interior   and  exterior,  the  HR-­‐V  Selfie  EdiAon   allows  drivers  to  snap  self-­‐portraits   while  the  car  is  in  park.     This  campaign  was  organised  at  April   Fool’s  Day  J     3  months  later  Honda  kicked  off   #HRVSelfie  Contest.  If  one  was   interested  in  entering  the  contest,   scheduled  their  Honda  HR-­‐V  test   drive  and  took  a  selfie  with  Honda’s   newest  vehicle.   USA   social  media   11
  13. 13. DOVE:   #LOVEYOURCURLS   Many  of  curly-­‐haired  girls  feel  the   exisAng  female  emojis  underrepresent   their  hair  type.     Dove  decided  to  help  every  woman  to   be  proud  of  their  curly  hair  and  made   ‘Dove  Love  Your  Curls  Emojis   Keyboard’  app.  The  app  works  with  all   of  your  favorite  apps:  iMessage,   WhatsApp,  Facebook  Messenger,  Kik,   Viber,  email,  and  more.     USA   mobile  app   12
  14. 14. social  media  (TwiOer)   USA   13 DOMINO’S  PIZZA:   EMOJI  ORDERING   Dominos  took  an  innovaAve  approach   to  pizza  orders,  catering  for  the   Snapchat  and  Yo!  GeneraAon  with   emoji  based  ordering  system.     Users  can  simply  tweet  the  pizza  emoji   at  the  restaurant  to  place  an  order.     The  system  involves  registering  their   TwiOer  handle  and  entering  their   topping  preferences  and  payment   informaAon.     This  campaign  was  so  successful  it  won   Cannes  Titanium  Grand  Prix  2015  for   most  breakthrough  idea  of  the  year.  
  15. 15. DUREX:   #CONNECT   Durex  has  unveiled  smartphone   ‘technology’  that  claims  it  could   change  couples’  sex  lives  forever:   the  OFF  buOon.     The  Durex  Connect  app  is  a  user-­‐ friendly  way  to  synchronise  your   phone  with  your  partner’s,  so  that   neither  can  renege  on  the  promise  of   dedicated,  tech-­‐free  connecAon.  At   agreed  Ames,  or  by  spontaneous   agreement,  it  will  simply  mask  user   phones’  home  screen,  effecAvely   purng  the  handsets  to  sleep  and   removing  all  distracAons  so  that  their   can  disconnect  from  technology  and   connect  with  each  other.     mobile  app   14 worldwide  
  16. 16. WHISKAS  AUSTRALIA:   CATSTACAM     A  wearable  collar  camera  lets  cats  to   take  and  post  pictures  on  Instagram.     Whenever  the  cat  comes  within   range  of  a  Wi-­‐Fi  network,  the  camera     automaAcally  uploads  the   photographs  to  the  Instagram   account  set  up  for  the  cat  by  its   owner.       Australia   wearable  devices   15 social  media  (Instagram)  
  17. 17. PEDIGREE  &  GOOGLE:   THE  REAL  TIME  LOST   DOG  APP     If  a  dog  goes  missing,  every  second   counts.  Pedigree  has  created  a   ‘Found’  app  that  allows  dog  owners   to  pre-­‐register  their  dog.  If  a  dog  is   lost,  the  owner  can  use  the  app  to   send  out  a  real  Ame,  geo-­‐targeted   message  to  people  in  the  vicinity.     When  an  owner  hits  'LOST'  on  the   app,  a  pre-­‐registered  'lost  dog'   adverAsement  featuring  their  dog  is   created  and  instantly  served  across   the  Google  Display  Network  within  a   1.5  mile  (2.5km)  radius  of  the  owner.     New  Zealand   mobile  app     16 Google’s  digital  ad  network  
  18. 18. Every  passenger  hopes  for  a  chance   to  get  a  free  upgrade  to  the  business   class.     Air  France  launched  a  clever  liOle   mobile  game  that  lets  people  waiAng   at  the  gate  to  compete  against  each   other  for  upgrades  to  business  class.   AIR  FRANCE:   #UPGRADE  CHALLENGE     Asia   mobile  game   17
  19. 19. S7  AIRLINES:     THE  IMAGINATION   MACHINE   biometric  markeAng     Russia   S7  Airlines  used  EEG  technology  to   turn  people’s  imaginaAon  into  game   controllers  of  a  virtual  plane.       People  were  fiOed  with  an  EEG-­‐ brainwave  headset  that  monitored   their  brain  acAvity  throughout   gameplay  via  a  forehead  biosensor.   The  more  people  focused  on  their   dream  desAnaAon,  the  closer  the   plane  on  the  projecAon  mapped   globe  stayed  to  the  ideal  flight  path.   If  people  were  able  to  stay  focused   throughout  gameplay  they  would   receive  a  roundtrip  Acket  to  actually   go  there.   18
  20. 20. VOLVO  CARS  US:   #VOLVOREALITY   mobile  app   VR  -­‐  Google  Cardboard   Volvo  had  to  find  a  way  to  fuel  interest   in  its  not-­‐yet-­‐released  XC90.  Although   the  car  wouldn't  be  available  unAl  the   following  spring,  Volvo  wanted  to   demonstrate  its  design  and   capabiliAes.  The  company  teamed  up   with  R/GA  and  FrameStore  to  design   an  interacAve  experience  using  Google   Cardboard,  a  new  and  low-­‐cost  virtual   reality  plaxorm.  Ager  downloading  the   Volvo  Reality  app,  users  could  slide   their  smartphone  into  the  Google   Cardboard  mount  to  look  around  the   inside  of  the  car  and  take  a  virtual     test  drive.   19 USA  
  21. 21. PIZZA  HUT:     BLOCKBUSTER  PIZZA  BOX   dedicated  mobile  website   QR  codes   Thinking  that  movie  nights  and  pizza   are  a  natural  fit,  Pizza  Hut  created  a   new  cardboard  pizza  box  that  turns  into   a  working  movie  projector  powered  by   your  smartphone.     If  you  don't  have  Nexlix,  Pizza  Hut  has   printed  a  QR  code  on  each  box  that  you   can  scan  with  your  smartphone  to   download  a  free  movie  (there  were   four  different  genres:  acAon,  scary,   romance  and  sci-­‐fi).   20 China  
  22. 22. In  an  effort  to  reclaim  family   mealAmes  from  the  ringing  of  mobile   phones  and  blare  of  televisions,  the   food  brand  has  created  a  rather   revoluAonary  piece  of  technology.     Pepper  Hacker  is  a  pepper  grinder   that  will  turn  off  all  electronic  devices   in  its  range.     It’s  a  saviour  for  all  frustrated  moms.     DOLMIO:   PEPPER  HACKER   electronic  devices   Australia   21
  23. 23. TELEKOM:     FESTIVAL  BUDDY   electronic  device   Hungary's  Telekom,  sponsor  of  the   famous  Hungarian  music  fesAvals  Sziget   and  Balaton  Sound,  wanted  to  illustrate   the  reliability  of  its  4G  signal  even   during  crowded  events,  as  well  as   engage  fans  at  the  fesAvals  and  those  at   home  who  couldn’t  aOend.     The  FesAval  Buddies  were  sog  and   lightweight  characters  worn  on  the   shoulders  of  specially  recruited  Buddy   Guides  at  the  event.  During  the   fesAvals,  2,000  connecAons  were   established,  and  three  FesAval  Buddies   succeeded  in  showing  the  fesAval  from   a  unique  angle  to  54,000  people.   Hungary   22 internet  connecAvity  
  24. 24. IDEA  BANK:   MOBILE  ATM/CDM   The  BMW  i3  allowed  Idea  Bank’s   clients  not  only  to  deposit,  but  also  to   withdraw  their  money.     Ordering  deposit  machine  through   mobile  app  at  defined  address  works   just  like  ordering  a  taxi.  The  project   was  developed  in  partnership  with   iTaxi,  which  prepared  the  mobile   booking  app  available  for  Android   and  iOS.     Electric  cars  driving  on  the  streets  of   Warsaw  with  ATM/CDMs  is  another   step  towards  making  banking  truly   mobile.   Poland   mobile  app   23
  25. 25. To  promote  the  new  308  GTi,  Peugeot   has  launched  a  mobile  video  ad   campaign  that  uses  hapAc  feedback   technology  to  simulate  the  vibraAons   of  the  car’s  engine  at  key  points  during   the  ad.     The  ads  are  powered  by  a  hapAc   technology  called  TouchSense  Engage,   produced  by  a  company  appropriately   called  Immersion.  The  campaign  was   only  available  for  Android  devices  at   that  Ame,  and  could  be  experienced   through  Immersions  Content  Portal   app  on  Google  Play.   mobile  video  ad  campaign   hapAc  technology   PEUGEOT:   ENGINE  SIMULATOR   24 UK  
  26. 26. McDonald’s  became  the  first  brand  to   buy  into  Snapchat’s  latest  ad  product,   geofilters.  ApplicaAon  users  can   decorate  their  snaps  with  an  iconic   double  cheeseburger,  or  other  equally   brand-­‐specific  illustraAons.       This  soluAon  works  very  similar  to  the   filters  that  display  locaAon.   SNAPCHAT:   SPONSORED  GEOFILTERS     US   social  media  (Snapchat)   25
  27. 27. Guitar  players  were  challenged    to   prove  their  skills:  They  had  to  perfectly   play  a  difficult  solo,  wriOen  by  Björn   GeloOe  himself.  The  perfecAon  was   measured  by  using  Shazam  like  never   before:  as  a  musical  judge.       Only  if  the  user  played  well  enough,   Shazam  would  detect  a  match  and   reveal  a  website  with  the  chance  to   exclusively  pre-­‐order  or  even  win  the   new  Les  Paul.     Shazam  measured  250+  successful   matches.  One  lucky  guitar  mastermind   got  the  new  Les  Paul  for  free.  The  rest   of  the  first  producAon  batch  was  sold   out,  before  it  was  even  in  stores.   EPIPHONE  by  GIBSON:   THE  LES  PAUL  SKILL  CHECK     Germany   mobile  app  Shazam   26
  28. 28. MOTOROLA:     MOTO  EXPERIMENT   adverAsing  campaign   social  experiment   Actor  Ashton  Kutcher  is  helping  to   promote  two  of  Motorola's  newest   smartphones,  the  Droid  Turbo  2  and   Moto  X  Pure  EdiAon,  in  a  new   markeAng  campaign.       It  involves  tricking  people  into   parAcipaAng  in  an  "experience"  to  find   out  their  relaAonship  with  their   smartphones.   27 worlwide  
  29. 29. EX  MACHINA  MOVIE:   ’HAVE  YOU  EVER  BEEN     IN  LOVE?'   Tinder  users  at  the  SXSW  fesAval  on   Saturday  were  encountering  an   aOracAve  25-­‐year-­‐old  woman  named   Ava  on  the  daAng  app.     Ava’s  profile  was  promoAng  Ex   Machina,  a  sci-­‐fi  film  that  just   happened  to  be  premiering  Saturday   night  here  in  AusAn.  The  link  in  her   bio  went  to  the  film's  website.  And  it   turns  out  the  woman  in  the  photos  is   Swedish  actress  Alicia  Vikander,  who   plays  an  arAficial  intelligence  in  the   movie.   social  media  (Tinder)   USA   28
  30. 30. HAPPINESS  BRUSSELLS:   SHADOW  WI-­‐FI   Wi-­‐Fi  that  only  works  in  shade  intends   to  prevent  skin  cancer.     The  system  lets  more  than  250  users   to  connect  to  the  network  at  once.  A   direcAonal  antenna  ensures  that  the   Wi-­‐Fi  is  available  only  at  the  shadowed   area.  When  the  sun  moves  and  the   shade  shigs,  so  Wi-­‐Fi  seekers  do.   Wi-­‐Fi  spot   29 Peru  
  31. 31. VODAFONE:     SUNDAY  GRANNIES   social  media   Romania   With  over  40%  of  elderly  people  in   Romania  living  alone,  Vodafone   wanted  to  help  combat  loneliness   while  proving  that  mobile  internet   could  be  an  empowering  force   amongst  this  age  group.  Vodafone   started  off  by  teaching  two  grannies   how  to  use  social  media,  and  from   there,  these  women  who  love   cooking  but  no  longer  have  large   families  to  feed,  created  Sunday   lunch  menus  and  shared  them  on   Facebook.  The  grannies  connected   with  college  students  by  inviAng   them  to  their  homes  to  enjoy  a   home-­‐cooked  meal.     30 Internet  connecAvity  
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