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The Culture of France

  1. Say “bonjour” (hello) without the bisou (air-kiss) if you don’t know the person well or not friends with them
  2. Women greeting men or women they know - kiss the right cheek to right cheek and left cheek to left cheek
  3. 24 of these languages are European
  4. Rest of the languages include languages from the South American, South Asian and Caribbean regions
  5. Fashion-conscious
  6. Good quality accessories
  7. Clothes are elegant and classy
  8. Backless long dresses and elegant blazers
  9. Southwest - Fairly sunny, wet spring, and summers can get very hot and humid
  10. Northeast - Cold and mostly rainy falls and winters
  11. Northwest - Mild summers and winters with rain mixed in
  12. Everything is white
  13. Inside the Church, the couple stand beneath a silk canopy
  14. Outside the church, laurel leaves are laid down as a bridal path
  15. Bride and bridegroom toast each other from an engraved, two-handled cup
  16. President is elected for a five-year term
  17. Semi-presidential system
  18. Based on the French Constitution of the fifth Republic
  19. Declares itself as "an indivisible, secular, democratic and social Republic"