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4 Simple Strategies For Converting Visitors To Customers

Convert your visitors to customers with these 4 simple strategies which will skyrocket your online marketing

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4 Simple Strategies For Converting Visitors To Customers

  1. 1. 4 Simple Strategies For Converting Visitors To Customers
  2. 2. MODERN MARKETING SPARK  One of the biggest marketing challenges for any business is traffic. There are unlimited numbers of eBooks, websites, blogs, courses, membership sites, video training and gurus devoted to traffic.  But, all the traffic in the world doesn’t mean anything if visitors arrive at your site and bounce straight off again like fleas on a hot plate. That’s called a wasted opportunity.
  3. 3. MODERN MARKETING SPARK Four Simple Strategies For Converting Visitors To Customers
  4. 4. MODERN MARKETING SPARK Strategy: 1  Offer a freebie gift as an incentive to opt-in to your list. This is a classic online strategy: Collect the email addresses of your visitors to build a list. It’s a cliche, but an unavoidable truth, that “the money is in the list”. That’s why it’s very hard to make a quick buck on the web. You have to put the time and work in to build a list of loyal followers. Then you can look at selling products and engaging more with your prospects.  Achieve this by providing valuable content, which your audience wants and needs, or by solving a problem. And make the sole purpose of your website or blog to get prospects to join your mailing list.
  5. 5. MODERN MARKETING SPARK Strategy: 2  Another way to achieve this same goal is to offer an e-course in say 5 or 7 parts, a video training course or a newsletter. Offer relevant content that your target market can use to improve their business or lives in some way.
  6. 6. MODERN MARKETING SPARK Strategy: 3 A different strategy, but a powerful one nonetheless, is to offer your prospects community. Hosting a forum or Facebook group is a great way to interact with your prospects. And by providing a platform where your prospects can interact with one another, you are adding another layer of value.
  7. 7. MODERN MARKETING SPARK Strategy: 4  If you’re showcasing a valuable product or service (perhaps a membership site), you might consider offering a free trial. People love to try things for free and they can see the value you offer if you let them have limited access to your content.
  8. 8. MODERN MARKETING SPARK Of course, there are many more strategies for converting visitors to customers but these will get you started. Once someone has opted-in to your list you can stay in touch with them, build a relationship and find out which products and services they need. Hey presto, that’s your product development plan sorted too!
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