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Role / Persona Chains & Sequences Planners will follow the Strategic Oversight chain for visibility into the status of their published final forecasts vs. actual activity in the supply chain; when errors or variances beyond an acceptable threshold emerge in one or more forecasts, they will switch to the Strategic Insight chain in order to understand the new situation; they will move on to the Comparison-driven Synthesis chain to revise their forecasts to reflect their newly generated insights and improved understanding; they will then switch back to Strategic Planner / Analyst Oversight to maintain ongoing awareness of the accuracy and effectiveness of their revised forecasts over time. Strategic Strategic Comparison-driven Strategic Oversight Insight Synthesis Oversight Planning Managers seeking to improve the forecasting practices and methods of their teams will employ a sequences of mode chains that begins with Exploration-driven Search, to identify exemplars of particularly strong or weak forecasts and forecasting practices; they will move to Strategic Insight to understand how and why these practices exhibit strength or weakness; Comparison-driven Synthesis will help Managers Planning Manager formulate new or improved measurements and forecasting practices; and they will rely on Strategic Oversight to gauge the effectiveness of new or enhanced practices once in effect. Exploration-driven Strategic Comparison-driven Strategic Search Insight Synthesis Oversight

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