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Korea mobile game_landscape

Hi, Everyone!

Today, we released updated Korea's mobile game landscape

with detailed description! Hope you get informed well from it!! : D

Korea Mobile Game Landscape

1) Developer
Developer refers to a development company that makes its own mobile game contents, is classified into three areas : IPO or Pre IPO (Listed or scheduled to be listed), Major or Venture (Conglomerates or mid-sized companies), and Start up.

The rapid growth of the Korea mobile game industry resulted in a considerable number of new mobile game developers. Of those, ‘Korea Mobile Game Landscape’ selected developers with annual sales of more than 100million won or in possession of hit games and registered it in start up.

2) Middleware, Graphic, Sound
Middleware, Graphic, and Sound are companies providing secondary help (Engine, Graphic and Sound) needed for game development. Companies comprising Middleware are mostly foreign-invested and provide programs needed for game development such as graphic engines and network engines. Companies that outsources game graphics and game sound are sorted into Graphic and Sound.

3) Publisher
Publisher is a company that supports funds to the developer in need of game development costs and takes charge of marketing. The developer with the assistance from the publisher has a burden of sharing profits with the publisher, but for one thing the developer can fully focus on game development because the publisher take care of development costs and marketing. Korea-based publisher companies are undertaking their own game development businesses together with publishing businesses.

4) Korea Office
Foreign companies in Korea are classified into the group called 'Korea Office'. As shown in Korea Mobile Game Landscape, a considerable number of foreign companies from such countries as China, Japan and the U.S. have already entered Korea mobile game market.

5) Marketing
Marketing is a company providing marketing solutions between pre-release and post-release of games. Companies indicated in Korea Mobile Game Landscape are providing a variety of marketing solutions needed in overall mobile games such as viral, rank boosting, review and advertisement. It is Mobidays that is also positioned right in this part.

6) Analytics
Analytics is a company providing app marketing data for setting up mobile game marketing strategies or data information about apps such as DAU, MAU, ratio of male and female users and LTV.

7) Others
Marketing in Korea mobile games comes in various patterns. It is represented by three : Social game platform, Pre-launching campaign, and Community.

- Social game platform is a way of promoting games through messengers or SNS that secures a number of users.

- Pre-launching campaign, which is a campaign conducted prior to releasing games officially, is a marketing solution that secures initial users by giving game points or items to use

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Korea mobile game_landscape

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