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Viziapps - Create Mobile Apps with No Coding

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The ViziApps Mobile App Development Platform enables the creation of mobile business apps for iOS and Android devices. Without coding, anyone with basic desktop computing skills can build a hybrid, native or web app that accesses data -- from a Google Docs spreadsheet or SQL server or via web services. Businesses use the online tool to create apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Viziapps - Create Mobile Apps with No Coding

  1. 1. Create Data-RichMobile Business Apps.No Coding.Copyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.
  2. 2. MOBILE BUSINESS APPS ENGAGE MOBILECUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEESIncrease Employee Productivity• Customer Relation Management• Sales Management• Field Service – reporting, parts ordering, personnel scheduling• Business social media• Inventory Tracking• Site Surveys• Asset Tracking and CollectionEnhance Customer Engagement• Price and Availability• Health Care Monitoring• Portfolio Management and Document Mobile Commerce• Alerts• Customer Support• ProcessingCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc. 2
  3. 3. CHALLENGES OF BUILDING MOBILE APPSCreating mobile apps is typically:• Costly• Requires engineering skills manyorganizations lack• Takes months33Copyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.
  4. 4. WHAT BUSINESSES WANT IN MOBILE APPSFEEDBACK FROM OVER 11,000 VIZIAPPS BUSINESS USERSCompany data in the hands of mobile usersInexpensive and Fast app creationApps run on major mobile phones and tabletsUse mobile native features: camera, GPS, audio, contactsPublish easilyUpdate Quickly atlow costCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.44
  5. 5. WHY USE VIZIAPPSDesign & BuildMobile Business AppsNo CodingDesign withCustomExtensionsEmbeddedPartnerTechnologiesRobustBackendData Plug-ins5Copyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.
  6. 6. Design & BuildMobile Business AppsNo CodingDesign withCustomExtensionsRobustData Plug-insWHY USE VIZIAPPS- Embedded Technology -EmbeddedPartnerTechnologiesDocumentCaptureInfraredDevicesIn AppAdsNFCMobileCommerce BluetoothSpeechRecognition6Copyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.
  7. 7. Design & BuildMobile Business AppsNo CodingDesign withCustomExtensionsEmbeddedPartnerTechnologiesRobustDataPlug-insGoogle Apps forBusinessIntuitQuickBaseCRMRestful WebServicesWHY USE VIZIAPPS- Robust No Coding Data Plug-ins -SQL7Copyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.
  8. 8. HOW THE VIZIAPPS SOLUTION WORKS1. Design your app onlineFree-form UI Designer and Drag &drop data interfaces – No Coding2. Download to Testin seconds3. Publish or Updatein minutesCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.88
  9. 9. Access data from:– Google Spreadsheets– SQL databases– Intuit QuickBase– Web servicesWith No CodingHOW THE VIZIAPPS SOLUTION WORKS9Copyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.
  10. 10. WITH VIZIAPPS, MOBILE APP CREATIONIS STREAMLINED, INEXPENSIVECustom Mobile App vs. ViziApps Mobile App$25,000 upfront toconsultants• Design & Testing are free.• One-time $99 to publish.• $99-$149/month for production;Volume Discounts availableComplex coding for dataintegrationNo coding for backend dataDevelopment Time:12 weeks to publishtypicallyPublish in days$3,000+ for each appchangeApp changes are freeChanges take 2 to 4 weeksChanges can be made in hours todays – Directly to UsersCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc. 10
  11. 11. CREATE AND UPDATE APPS FASTER AT LOW COSTCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc. 11
  12. 12. MORE SAMPLE VIZIAPPS BUSINESS APPSDocument Capture• BankMortgageAgentsUsers•Camera•Backend DataUsesWorkflow Management Accident Reporting•Field ServiceAgentsUsers•Service Reports•Update PhotosUses• ConsumersUsers•Photos of accident•Audio of witnessesUsesCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc.1212
  13. 13. Why ViziApps• No coding backend database connectors• Free-form, drag & drop designer• Plus JavaScript and HTML5 if needed• Built-in base of Embedded Technologies• Simplified app publishing to App Stores oryour own Apperian App CatalogMobile AppPlatform ofChoiceViziApps: Transforming the creation of mobile apps froman engineering project to an online IT toolCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc. 13
  14. 14. For more info …Email sales@viziapps.comOr go to:www.ViziApps.comCopyright 2013 ViziApps, Inc. 14