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Mobile Applications in India - Future bright or bleak?

This presentation talks about the current mobile app ecosystem in India and what's wrong with it. It then attempts to present a few solutions to address this problem.

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Mobile Applications in India - Future bright or bleak?

  1. 1. ENABLING THE MOBILE APPLICATION ECOSYSTEM IN INDIA Bipin Preet Singh Founder CEO CII Summit 13 Nov, 2010 Follow us @ twitter.com/mobikwik
  2. 2. Who am I?  Bipin Preet Singh  Founder CEO, www.mobikwik.com  B.Tech (EE) IIT Delhi 2002  8 years in Consumer Hardware products  Stints at Intel, NVIDIA, Freescale
  3. 3. What is MobiKwik.com?  Direct to Consumer web platform for mobile services, Live since Aug 2009  Example of mobile services  Mobile Recharge  Mobile Bill payment  Mobile Apps  Mobile Content  What we do best?  Kick Ass customer experience  Independent, open access, user discovery model  Monetization
  4. 4. Apps – Why should we care?  Mobile Hardware is now a commodity – differentiation lies in software  Apps represent the primary software opportunity on the Mobile – worth billions of dollars  Mobile apps will drive data usage especially with 3G
  5. 5. Mobile Apps Ecosystem Developers Supply Customers Demand
  6. 6. The Ecosystem in India Today  So WHO are we missing?  We need more Enablers  App Stores  Web downloads  Commissioned apps  Offline Retail To build the Mobile Apps Economy…..
  7. 7. Demand India Country Current Period Previous Period Trend Indonesia 14,454,167 13,736,562 5% India 8,661,600 7,774,230 11% United States 4,817,565 3,815,531 26% United Kingdom 1,356,746 1,400,482 3% Egypt 1,280,035 1,216,057 5% South Africa 1,263,530 1,240,341 2% Source: Getjar.com Jan 2010
  8. 8. Supply India  Many cutting edge apps on the iPhone AppStore are developed by Indian companies  either branded  or white-label So, why aren’t enough apps being developed for the Indian consumer?
  9. 9. What developers care about?  Size of the market  Development Infrastructure  Market feedback  Time (or headache) to market & payouts
  10. 10. Therefore,  Developers mostly not interested in developing for Indian market.  Consumer gets old generation apps with poor provisioning.  And the cycle continues ....
  12. 12. Unlearn the lessons of MVAS  Apps are not ringtones or wallpapers!  Apps are not a single mass market  ‘Push’ model won’t work  ‘Search’, ‘Discoverability’ and ‘Provisioning’ matter  Understand the ‘Long Tail’ of mobile apps
  13. 13. Attract the best developers  The best mobile developers don’t work for you – Accept the truth.  Make Rev share attractive. ( hint: 20% cut after 3 months does not work)  Create the feedback loop.  Create and Promote the developer brand.
  14. 14. Emerging market trends “But unlike North America, where users with high-end smartphones are happy to plunk down a few dollars for a time-killing casual game, growth in emerging markets will lean more heavily on productivity apps used by consumers who don’t have regular fixed-line Internet service. And app developers and distributors will be tasked with finding ways to monetize their wares beyond simple one-off purchases.” - Quoted from gigaom.com
  15. 15. Apply Indian Consumer trends  The Indian consumer  is value conscious  is not an impulsive buyer  bases buying decisions on trust (through word of mouth, internet search and social media)  changes handsets & SIM cards
  16. 16. Partner, Partner, Partner  Software and Telecom are different businesses  Independent players like Mobikwik.com create multiple advantages:  Developer Engagement  Piloting and Feedback loop  Pulse on Macro and Micro Consumer-trends
  17. 17. Q&A  Email me - bipin [at] mobikwik.com  for a copy of this presentation  for partnership meetings  for job opportunities  Follow me on Twitter  twitter.com/mobikwik