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MoEngage: Next Generation Marketing Cloud

  1. Next-generation Marketing Cloud
  2. P a g e 2The Issue at Hand Are primarily built for the desktop web, and email channels Rely on cumbersome integration with acquired tools Rule-based, with limited machine intelligence Traditional marketing clouds:
  3. P a g e 3The Traditional Way Create Broadcast Messages with Static Copy Deliver to One Channel at a Time in Isolation Pull Broad Cohorts Export and Analyze Data to Improve Campaigns Suboptimal Engagement Poor Experience Slow Conversions
  4. P a g e 4The MoEngage Way Dynamic PersonalizationSegment of One Automation Auto Optimization with Machine Learning Cross-channel Customer Journeys Personalized Experience Improved Conversion Rates Higher ROI, No guesswork
  6. P a g e 6Communication Channels Web Push SMS Ad Retargeting Radisson Blue is # 1 booked hotel in Mysore last week. X See Availability View More Options in Mysore
  7. P a g e 7Dynamic Personalization With Sherpa Interaction Graph Products Abandoned Recommended Related Products Best Seller Recommendations
  8. P a g e 8Completely Integrated and Seamless Customer Journeys Across Channels Wait for 24 hours Wait for 24 hours IF condition added… Send push *CC Recommendations* Has clicked push notification? Send ‘Recommended Cards’ NoYes Has clicked email message Has done event ‘Order Successful’ Stop push ‘Follow up push’ Stop journey Stop journey NoYes Has done event ‘Order Successful’ Send connector ‘SMS Follow up’ Stop journey NoYes Stop journey NoYes Send email ‘Follow up Recommendations’ Stop journey Users exploring a category on the App/Website and not purchasing enter the journey Seamlessly switch channels, based on user’s response Take further decision based on user activity/inactivity Cart Abandonment Program
  9. P a g e 9Comprehensive Customer Journey Analysis Wait for 10 hours IF condition added… Send push 5mins first push follow up Has clicked push notification? Send email follow up NoYes Has clicked email message Has done event NoYes YesNo 14 Entered 0 current/14 done 0 current Stop journey 0 current/3 done 0 current/14 done 0 current 0 current 10 exited Number of users entering the journey Number of users at each stage of lifecycle Stop journey
  10. P a g e 10Next-generation Marketing Cloud, built for Mobile-first World MoEngage is an integrated platform that allows consumer brands to use real-time and contextual insights to engage users across channels. Push In-app NATIV Email Web PushConnectors SMS
  11. P a g e 11Enterprise Software That’s Easy to Use, Elegantly Designed, and Completely Integrated With for 24hours NoYes Has done event ‘Order Successful’ Send connector ‘Send SMS’ Stop journey NoYes Stop journey YesNo Has done event ‘Product Viewed’ Stop journey YesNo Send email with product Re Stop journey 43,000 entered 0 current/43k done 0 current 0 current/3k done Stop journey NoYes Stop journey NoYes Has done event ‘Category Viewed’ Send email with dynamic Stop journey 0 current/40k done 10k exited 20k exited 10k exited 1k exited 43,000 entered 1k exited 0.5k exited 0.5k exited IF condition added… Send push ‘Welcome Push’ Has received push notification? With for 24hours Has done event ‘Order Successful’ Send email ‘Welcome Email with App’ Has clicked email message
  12. Customer Stories
  13. P a g e 13Tokopedia Drives 8% of their Transactions through Cross-channel CRM Strategy Has done event IF condition added… Send push ‘M1 - 1 Langkah’ Has received push Send email ‘M2 - Email B’ NoYes Has done event NoYes NoYes 375387 Entered 0 current/374914 done 1958 current Stop flow 0 current/254325 done Stop flow Stop flow Send email ‘M2 - Miliki Barang’ Has done event Objective Replace separate tools for App, Web, Email,and SMS, drive automation NoYes Stop flow Send email ‘M3 - Email A’ 12700 current 12642 exited 0 current/93289 done 0 current/76888 done3632 exited 18206 exited 214125 exited 21934 current Results 8%of the transactions are driven through a single tool with no data silos
  14. P a g e 14Fave Increased Customer LTV 2x with ‘Flows’ Enter all users in a ‘city’, who have ‘completed a purchase’ Use wisely your power of choice Hundreds of choices! Exclusive deals, just for you. Start exploring now!Stop journey IF condition added… Check User Attribute Send push T + 10 Yes Has done event No Stop journey Send push T + 15 promo Has done event No Stop journey Send push T + 20 promo Has done event Deals you just can’t miss! Up to 10% discount on your upcoming purchase. Limited offer. Hurry! Short cash? No problem! Make payments using your wallet. Do it now and get 5% off on your first payment! Fave uses MoEngage across all channels, and has driven repeat purchases through Lifecycle Campaigns.
  15. P a g e 15 Marc Mallolas, Head - Marketing MoEngage integrates all our Marketing needs on one platform and makes it easy to target the right user, customize messages, and integrate a unified strategy across all channels (email, push notification, and in- app). Cart Abandonment Cross Sell Product Reminders Decreased by 55% 50% uplift in 200% uplift in compared to control group compared to control group Ayopop currently has 150+ automated campaigns across channels with Sherpa Optimization and witnessed:
  16. P a g e 16Our Revenue Model Based on Monthly Active Users (MAUs) App Push, Email, In-app, SMS, and other channels Based on User Profiles Web Push, Email, SMS, On-site Messaging and other channels Mobile Marketing Cloud for Mobile Apps Web Marketing Cloud for Websites
  17. P a g e 17Leading Service Provider in Southeast Asia across Major B2C Verticals Commerce Travel Others
  18. P a g e 18Category Leader in India across Major B2C Verticals Large Enterprises Entertainment Others Travel Commerce
  19. P a g e 19Promising growth in EMEA and US EMEA US
  20. P a g e 20Accolades and Milestones One of the 5 companies in the CRM Retail category Included in Vendor Landscape: Mobile Engagement Automation Vendors 150 million+ users profiled every month 8 billion+ personalized interactions every month 20 billion+ events analyzed every month
  21. P a g e 21Introducing Sherpa
  22. P a g e 22AI-powered Optimization For Higher Conversions Sherpa powers a set of Machine Learning-based capabilities, built right into MoEngage; these help automatically optimize or predict the ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘when’ of marketing to ensure higher conversions. Rule-based Algorithms Learning-based Algorithms Traditional Sherpa Increase ROISave time No guesswork
  23. P a g e 23Sherpa – System of Intelligence over MoEngage Who High Propensity for Purchase in Category High Propensity to Buy High Propensity to Churn What Message Recommendations Product Recommendations Content Optimization When Send as per User’s Time Zone Best Time to Send Time Optimization
  24. P a g e 24Time Optimization 75% of our customers who run automated campaigns now use Sherpa Time Optimization. This helped one of our clients (travel industry) improve engagement by almost 45% Sherpa Way Manual Way
  25. P a g e 25Content Optimization With Sherpa Content Optimization, our customers such as Chillr, Grofers, Mental Floss, and Matahari Mall have seen at least 20% improvement in engagement.
  26. P a g e 26Dynamic Personalization User Behavior Product/ Content Catalog Sherpa Interaction Graph Email Push
  27. P a g e 27Push Amplification An in-house proprietary technology that acts as a fallback to Google Push Service. It can help improve push delivery by 20%! Push Amplification Impact Overview Increase in device reach for crucial onboarding campaigns Aggregate increase push notification delivery Increase in push delivery for certain Chinese OEMs Increase in conversions attributed to increased reach 17% 10% 3.5x 16%
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