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20150527 feed henry_r&d_overview

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An overview of FeedHenry by Red Hat.

Observations on R&D and innovation.

Discussion of Marc Andreesen's "Software is eating the world"

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20150527 feed henry_r&d_overview

  1. 1. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Born Mobile, Born Cloud Red Hat Mobile Application Platform And personal musings on R&D, Innovation in ICT Dr Mícheál Ó Foghlú, CTO FeedHenry by Red Hat May, 2015 1
  2. 2. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Agenda • FeedHenry & Red Hat Overview • Theories of Knowledge Production • TSSG Experience • Software is Eating the World 2
  3. 3. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 FeedHenry At a Glance 3 Spin Out 2010 from Irish research institute TSSG Funding 2013 - $9m led by Intel Capital (series A) Staff & Locations 65 staff Ireland, UK & USA Growth 300% year on year Customers Global 1000 customers, 50+ enterprise customers, >3,000 developers, Enterprise Customers VMware, Telefonica/O2, Orange, PwC, Aer Lingus, DAA, Diageo, Network Rail, Kier Group Industry Focus Healthcare, Business Services, Utilities, Transportation, Telecommunications, Government, Education Cloud Deployments HP Cloud Services, Rackspace, AWS, Joyent, TEF Instant Servers & FeedHenry HIPAA Cloud
  4. 4. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 FeedHenry Experience TSSG’s history of linking software services to telecoms industry Series of R&D projects targeting “service delivery platforms” pre-iPhone Recast as smartphone in 2010, W3C widgets Linked to experienced CEO driving business WIT IPR assigned Q4 2010, seed funding won (Kernel Capital) First Year 2011 – VMware & Telefónica IE Second Year 2012 – Telefónica UK, TEF Digital Third Year 2013 – Intel Capital led $9M investment 70 staff in Waterford, Dublin, London & US MA © Copyright 2013, FeedHenry. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 ABOUT RED HAT 5 Small company speed and innovation backed by large company security and global footprint
  6. 6. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 FeedHenry: What We Do 6 More Open, Agile, SaaS Solution vs. Traditional on-premise MEAP solutions Many apps Many toolkits Many devices Operations Finance Marketing Execs Control & secure how apps connect to the enterprise Deploy MBaaS in any cloud or on-premise Bringing order to the frenzy and chaos of app development Enabling CIOs to support a Mobile First organization Flexible deployment = Zero Lock-In
  7. 7. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Positioning and Marketplace Proprietary On-premise Consumer Focus - partial/point solution Enterprise Focus -end-to-end Open & Agile Cloud Legacy MEAP mBaaS • Enterprise-Grade • Cloud • Open, Flexible & Agile • Includes API Management • Database centric • Proprietary • On-Premise • High Price • Lightweight • Developer focus • Consumer focus 7
  8. 8. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 FeedHenry Platform 8 A next-generation, cloud-based Mobile Application Platform for Enterprises leveraging the latest open technologies across all major mobile platforms.
  9. 9. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Mobile Backend-as-a-Service mBaaS Development • Node.js Execution Environment • Fastest growing dev environment for mobile backend • mBaaS APIs ready to use • Auth, Caching, Encryption, User Management, Data Sync, Storage • Cloud Plugins / mBaaS Services • Circa 100k node modules -- >50 common plugins/mBaaS Services supported • Any 3rd party server-side JS library • Websocket Support • FHC-local • Command Line Interface / API access to cloud 9
  10. 10. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 mBaaS Services/Plugins (Pre-configured Integrations) 10
  11. 11. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 mBaaS Services (Extendable/Re-usable Integrations) 11
  12. 12. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 UK Rail Authority 12 A strategic solution for workforce mobility across the business Mobilising the work of 15,000-20,000 mobile employees Integrating with 200+ backend systems Securely distributing 300-400 mobile applications and solutions to support: • Process automation • Field force automation • Emergency response • Health and safety • Real time reporting and analytics • Asset management
  13. 13. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Utility Services 13 A forms-based workflow solution for field service workers in the UK • Rolling out to 10,000+ • Work order management • Video, photo, location& signature capture • Auto integration with backend systems
  14. 14. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Theory of Knowledge Production
  15. 15. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Vannevar Bush Co-ordinated US scientific R&D in WWII 1945 “Science the Endless Frontier” This led to setting up of National Science Foundation (NSF), he subsequently chaired (May not have espoused linear model) Promoted a post-war model of the state funding “basic” research, and industry dealing with “applied” research (though the latter was spurred on by lucrative arms contracts) “The most important ways in which the Government can promote industrial research are to increase the flow of new scientific knowledge through support of basic research, and to aid in the development of scientific talent.”
  16. 16. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 (Simplistically) Bush = Linear So, although Bush did not invent the linear model, he promoted it as the model for US R&D funding: Basic Research Leads to Applied Research Leads to Experimental Development Leads to Commercialisation
  17. 17. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Modern Research Policy Rejects Linear Model Generally it now believed that R&D is a much more complex interactive system Economists (Nelson et al) have posited a “National System of Innovation” where these complexities interplay Educationalists (Gibbons et al) have posited “Mode-2” science, where flexible domains that are trans- disciplinary are too malleable to conform to traditional scientific domain norms
  18. 18. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 A detailed Analysis of Vannevar Bush, NSF, OECD Frascati and other ways in which basic and applied research have been split by funding mechanisms, to the detriment of technological innovation. Stokes, Donald E. [1997] Pasteur's Quadrant: Basic Science and Technological Innovation. Washington D.C., USA: Brookings Institution Press. Stokes’ Pasteur’s Quadrant
  19. 19. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Pure Basic Research (Bohr) Use-Inspired Basic Research (Pasteur) Taxonomies and Tools Researchers are the users Pure Applied Research (Edison) Quest for Fundamental understanding? Considerations for Use ? No Yes No Yes (Adapted from Pasteur’s Quadrant: Basic Science and Technological Innovation, Stokes 1997, p. 73). Stokes’ Pasteur’s Quadrant
  20. 20. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 WIT/TSSG Experience © Copyright 2013, FeedHenry. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 WIT/TSSG Experience HEA PRTLI Cycles 2, 3, 4 and 5 (success in latter 3) Importance of Institutional Strategy documents SFI CSET, Joint-PI, SRC, new centre (success in latter 3) Importance of pure basic academic criteria Industrial impact in earlier proposals nominal, now less so Enterprise Ireland CF-TD Never had the same level of funding as HEA/SFI EU FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020 Always open, fewer biases (being an IoT is fine)
  22. 22. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Software is Eating the World Marc Andreessen, Wall Street Journal, Aug 20th 2011 - world’s biggest seller of books - world’s biggest seller of music - world’s biggest video service 22
  23. 23. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Software is Eating the World 23
  24. 24. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Software: Low Barriers to Entry • Internet 1970s & Web 1990s & Virtualisation 2000s = Cloud • Hosting is cheap • Software is getting better • We now know how to scale from 100s to billions users/transactions 24
  25. 25. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Mobile is Eating the World 25 • Benedict Evans (also at Andreessen Horowitz) • Update to Andreessen's article with more recent mobile stats • http://ben- evans.com/benedictevans/20 14/10/28/presentation- mobile-is-eating-the-world (Oct’14)
  26. 26. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Example tool chain Docker & DigitalOcean • Register a domain ($10 per year) • Setup SSL Certificate (Self-signed free, certified <$100 per year) for domain, wildcard domain • Spin up a VM (DigitalOcean $5 per month, entry) • Setup DNS (Amazon AWS Route 53 <$1 per month initially) • Use Node.js (free, >90k modules), git, Atom.io, … • Deploy a Docker container • Test locally in VM on own laptop m/c • Deploy exact same stack to remote production VM • Register a company, and start selling • MVP in months, A/B testing iterate 26
  27. 27. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Summary • Universities and IoTs can generate innovation • Spinouts are all about funding (angel, round a/b/c, exit) and revenue – execution of the idea • ICT lowers barriers to innovation, but making many parts of execution easier • The world is your oyster, but most modern innovation needs software expertise to execute 27
  28. 28. © Copyright FeedHenry Ltd. 2014 Dr Mícheál Ó Foghlú, CTO FeedHenry by Red Hat mofoghlu@redhat.com @mofoghlu http://blog.ofoghlu.net May, 2015 1