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TSSG Overview (Feb 2011)

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An overview of the TSSG, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology.

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TSSG Overview (Feb 2011)

  1. 1. Overview  of  TSSG (revised  Feb  2011)
  2. 2. Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)• WIT is a state-sector, university-level college funded directly by the Irish government, originally founded 1969.• Wide range of vocationally oriented courses, which lead to internationally recognised awards at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.• Delegated authority from NQAI to award its own qualifications (to PhD level in Science) within this framework.• Over 10,000 students of which 6,500 are full-time and over 4,000 are part-time.
  3. 3. TSSG  Research  &  Innova1on• Teaching  and  Learning  (WIT) Taught  Undergraduate  and  Postgraduate  Courses• Basic  Research  -­‐The  Science  (HEA  &  SFI) Postdocs,  PhD  students,  Journal  papers• Applied  Research  -­‐The  Engineering  (EUFP7) Industrial  partners,  Prototypes,  Conference  papers• CommercialisaDon      -­‐The  Entrepreneur      (EI) Quality-­‐driven  soMware,  Patents,  Licensing  ,  Spin-­‐out,  Spin-­‐in  companies
  4. 4. TSSG  Balanced  EcoSystem
  5. 5. TSSG  Funded  Projects Total  Projects 154 projects of  which  TSSG  led 73 % AcDve  Projects  Jan  2011 34 projects Completed  Projects  Jan  2011 120 projectsAverage  project    =      €396k,    Total  =  €61  Million  1996-­‐2010Staff  number  =      120  (20  PhDs,  5  Faculty,  12  Postdocs)Spin-­‐in/Spin-­‐Out  company  job  number  =    60Partners  =    425  in  35  countries  -­‐  academic  &  industrial  partners  working  on funded  projectsEnterprise  Ireland  InnovaDon  Vouchers  =  52  from  2007-­‐2010  **  Not  counted  as  projects  -­‐  small  scale  €5k  engagements  with  Irish  SMEs
  6. 6. TSSG  Posi1oning• Basic  Research    (HEA,  SFI)  One  of  TOP  3  academic  centres  in  Ireland  in telecommunica1ons:    WIT  (TSSG),  TCD  (CTVR),  DCU (RINCE)•    Applied  Research  (EU  FP7)   Irish  winner  of  EU  FP7  funding  -­‐  twice  nearest  compe1tor   Ranked  Top  10  insDtute  in  Europe  in  Future  Internet research    (i.e.  on  a  par  with  Nokia,  Ericsson,  FhG  FOKUS)   Engaged  in  many  EU  Technology  Plaborms  at  board  level          (eMobility,  NEM,  NESSI)
  7. 7. TSSG  Posi1oning  Contd…• CommercialisaDon  (EI) One  of  the  top  research  groups  for  commercialisaDon  Leading  edge  innova1on    &  technology  development  in:  IMS  Web  2.0  Mobile        Commercial  ‘Spin-­‐offs’  (Separate  from  TSSG) Early  stage  technology  clusters  emerging  based  around  TSSG 60  jobs  created  in  14  ‘Spin-­‐Out’  and  ‘Spin-­‐In’  companies linked  to  TSSG  (since  2001) Con1nue  to  develop  other  companies  in  the  marketplace
  8. 8. TSSG  Research  &  Innova1on  Philosophy• Research  and  innovaDon  is  non-­‐linear: good  ideas  come  from  ALL  parts  of  an  ecosystem  -­‐  requiring  a balance  of  funding  to  maintain  the  flow  of  the  ecosystem• Equal  value  across  all  parts  of  ecosystem: basic  research,  applied  research,  and  commercialisaDon, build  exper1se  in  VC  funding  and  following  stages• Build  research  teams: u1lise  non-­‐tradi1onal  staff  (professional  researchers)  in applied  and  commercial  research    -­‐    fight  academic norms/assump1ons
  9. 9. TSSG  Standards  and  Memberships
  10. 10. TSSG  ResearchSample  Projects  Basic  and  Applied
  11. 11. FAMEFAME  Strategic  Research  Cluster  (SRC)  will  develop  autonomic  managementsolu1ons  incorpora1ng  new  seman1c  analysis  techniques,  that  can  beapplied  to  build  federated  network  and  service  management  systems  thatunderstand  changes  in  the  environment  and  coordinate  their  ac1ons  toreconfigure  network  resources  and  services  to  effec1vely  deliver  services  onan  end-­‐to-­‐end  basis. www.fame.ie
  12. 12. TSSG  NGN  Test  Centre TSSG  has  setup  a  NEW  interna1onal Next  Genera1on  Networks  (NGN)  test centre  for  services  and  infrastructure, using  carrier-­‐grade telecommunica1ons  equipment provided  by  Ericsson  Ireland  Ltd. hhp://www.ngntestcentre.com/
  13. 13. 4WARDThe  4WARD  project  is  looking  to  the  newarchitecture  and  design  for  the  FutureInternet  and  has  set  itself  the  task  ofcrea1ng  a  new  approach  to  networkingarchitecture  that  is  more  flexible  andbeher  adapted  to  present  and  futurerequirements.www.4ward-­‐project.eu*  IP  EU  FP7  ICT
  14. 14. Panlab  II PII  addresses  the  need  for  large-­‐scale tes1ng  facili1es  in  the  communica1ons area  by  implemen1ng  an  infrastructure for  federa1ng  testbeds. www.panlab.net *  IP  EU  FP7  ICT
  15. 15. SOCIETIES• Societies: Large FP7 IP led by TSSG“Creating an integrated Community Smart Space (CSS), which extends pervasive systems beyond the individual to dynamic communities of users.”• www.ict-societies.eu
  16. 16. TSSG  ResearchSample  Commercial  Projects
  17. 17. JOLT Award San Francisco The Oscars” of Software Development Industry Honor Innovation & Technological Achievement Winner: Structure101 for Java (March 2008)1)  hhp://www.headwaysoMware.com
  18. 18. 2)  hhp://www.zolkc.com
  19. 19. • Sunday  Telegraph,  24th  February  2008“It  was  all  a  long  ,me  ago,  but  the  voices  and  images conjured  by  the  new  ,me  machine  at  Culloden  linger haun,ngly  in  the  memory.”
  20. 20. 3)  hhp://www.muzu.tv/
  21. 21. 4)  hhp://www.feedhenry.com
  22. 22. 5)  hhp://www.zimbie.com
  23. 23. 6)  hhp://www.gomonews.com
  24. 24. Testimonials
  25. 25. Final  Remarks• 15  Year  track  record,  EUR  61  Million  1996-­‐2010• Strong  integra1on  with  WIT  teaching  (especially  MSc (taught)  Communica1ons  SoMware)• Strong  Basic  Research  and  Research  Student  track record:  28  MSc  (research),  5  PhD  graduated;  21  PhD enrolled• Strong  Applied  Research  network  with  links  par1cularly in  EU27• Strong  CommercialisaDon  culture
  26. 26. Ques1ons?• Happy  to  answer  any  ques1ons
  27. 27. Contact  Details TSSG  Offices: Mícheál  Ó  Foghlú TSSG    (Waterford,  Ireland)  Headquarters ExecuDve  Director ArcLabs  Research  &  Innova1on  Building Research WIT  West  Campus,  Carriganore TSSG,  WIT Co.  Waterford,      Ireland +353  51  302963  (w) +353  86  8044640  (m) TSSG    (Dublin,  Ireland)  Customer  MeeDngs Digital  Depot,  Roe  Lane Barry  Downes The  Digital  Hub ExecuDve  Director Dublin  8,    IrelandInnovaDon  and  Commercial TSSG,  WIT bdownes@tssg.org +353  51  302932  (w) +353  87  9075535  (m)