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Self Motivation

  1. MOHAMED EL HUSSENY • Mini MBA ( Swiss e-learning). • Marketing Diploma (AIPS). Mohamed ElHusseny
  2. Agenda 1. Motivation & Depression . 2. Importance of Self motivation . 3. Tips for self motivation.
  3. Importance of Self-Motivation
  4. “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. that's why we recommend it daily.” “When you lose motive , you lose desire , When you lose desire , you lose vision , When you lose vision , you live a distracted life.
  5. Amazing Tips For Self -Motivation5
  6. Know your motive
  7. Focus on the prize Most of us tends to be distracted by our fears of failing. But, if we focus more in what we want we will Achieve.
  8. Build track record Build track record of your tasks The more task you finish the more confident You get as task finisher.
  9. Self-development Spend at least 30 min. per day Reading self-development books Watching inspiring videos Listening to audio books & inspiring sessions.
  10. Don’t enclose your self in –ve thoughts. Gratitude Stop Complaining & start doing
  11. Motivation Actions
  12. What have we learnt from today Test Mohamed ElHusseny