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Exponential technologies institute

ICT 4 Stratups

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Exponential technologies institute

  1. 1. Decentralised Smart Collaborative IT-Platform that will become the Collective Human General Intelligence instead of an Artificial General Intelligence Concept www.exponential.institute
  2. 2. AeroSpace Energy 2.0 Big Data Internet of Things Artificial Intelligence Augmented economy BlockChain Digital banking Crypto Currencies Peer to Peer Systems Mobile banking Virtual Smart Machines Decentralized Autonomous Companies Exponential technology risks Existential risks Investment Opportunities Investment & Financial risks Technological Implications for Public Policy UltraTech FinTech Opportunities & Risks Nanotechnologies New materials 3D printing Drones Robotics Genetics Anti Aging Cyborgization Precision medicine Human Biotechnology Life Agriculture & Industrial biotech Clean Technologies New Entertainment Smart City Exponential Technologies Classifier
  3. 3. Experts (Approved) Specialists Freelancers Students Interested in ExpTech Innovators (Inventors) Startup owners Enterpreneurs Media-persons Investors Classic Venture Smart Charitable Foundations Private State State Agencies State Institutions Private Laboratories (RnD) Corporations Private State Analytical Agencies Users Resources Required Resource Offer Crowdsourcing Exchange Hub Crowdfunding Job searchFunding Investment Other Resouces Technologies Collaboration Expertise Employees Prize Challenge Competition Conference Analitical reports Hackathons Job offer CompetitionChallenge Dynamic Roadmap Besmart Prize Funding Investment Community People & Organizations Conference Media HR
  4. 4. Access Levels User Challenger Challenger Ch. Applicant Challenge Applicant Freelancer Customer Map Expert Specialists Students Interested persons Investors (Funds) User User voting Victory Challenge success User voting Moderator approval Community Blogs Prize Competition Challenge Dynamic Roadmap Prize HR Funding Media person Amount of articles Followers Comments Evaluation of Freelancer Order quality Voting for companies Expert evaluation of project Succesful funding Quality of investment Support volume 1 2 3 Investors Charity funds State agencies State institutes Private Laboratories (RnD) Corporations Analytical Agencies Organisation Organisation Media Person Map Expert Enterpreneur Investor Donator Employer Employer Enterpreneur Investor Donator Freelancer Customer Types of Users Sections Earning the Rating Users Roles in System Matching
  5. 5. Access levels 1 2 3 The third circle includes all who wish to take part (students, start-ups, scientists, entrepreneurs,venture investors) and has access to information and roadmaps. To be a part of the second circle, a person should be confirmed by experts from the first circle to have a high rating. The second circle has access to a deeper amount of information and can make adjustments to significant elements of the structure. For example, to create development scenarios for various technologies. Examples of second circle members include PhDs and PhD candidates. The second circle will also be available to investors who have already had successful projects. Members of the first circle are high level experts with great expertise (at the level of or Nobel laureate or accomplished expert). The first circle will have “smart investors” who will be approved by high level experts. These investors are guaranteed to be influential on the development of humanity (Such as Elon Musk and Deep Knowledge Ventures).
  6. 6. Is the process of generating spatially-controlled cell patterns using 3D printing technologies, where cell function and viability are preserved within the printed construct. The first patent related to this technology was filed in the United States in 2003 granted... Organ bank creation Skin growing Organs growing ABOUT 3D BIOPRINTING OPPORTUNITIES PEOPLE RISKS Organ growing Cloning Cyborgization Genchu Tang Bin Tang Shengcai Dong Bin Tang NEWS CONFERENCES 3D bioprinting Organ growing Tissue growing Body parts growing Translpantology Pharma Genomic Ecological destruction Drug printing FOR TECHNOLOGIES OTHER TREATENING TECH EXISTANTIAL RISKS OTHER EXPONENTIAL RISKS TECH STRUCTURE 8 12 28 20102005200019951990 2015 2020 2030 Past Nearest Future Shengcai Dong Zhijie Pan 2018 2018 2018 2018 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2030 2030 Biotech Roadmap Genetic engineering Sequencing Physical treatment Transplantation Nanomaterials Proteomics Regenerative medicine Personalized cell therapy Cloning Cyborgization DNA origami Aging reversal Cure of all diseases Personal genetic patterns Nanomedicine Personal genomics Big Data AI CRISPR technology Oncogenetics Synthetic biology Oncoproteomics Oncotranscriptomics Neuro-electronic interfaces DNA nanorobots 3d bioprinting
  7. 7. There exists a multitude of IT services; we have isolated the most powerful elements from each and included them within a single system. Wikipedia Upwork Github Kickstarter Researchgate Linkedin Facebook Facebook chats Mindjet Xmind Google Documents
  8. 8. Organizations Create Organization Skolkovo
  9. 9. Maria Adams
  10. 10. In their drive to make the region of Val-D'Or (which literally means "valley of gold" in French) once again live up to its name, the Integra Gold Corporation recently launched the Integra Gold Rush Challenge. With a pur... Historically, this mine has been one of the most productive in the entire "Abitibi Gold Belt". Over the course of the five decades since it was opened in 1935, over 24 million tons of ore and 4.5 million ounces of gold were extracted from its... Then, in 2014, Integra purchased the land, permits and infrastructure to the Lamaque and the adjacent Sigma mines with the intent of making them produc- tive again. Towards this end, they also made the 75 years' worth of mining... 327 12513 3689
  11. 11. Online Conference Ray Kurzweil: The future of virtual reality
  12. 12. In fact, this is a new generation of the collective mind of mankind. All the systems engaged in this process will be autonomous and self-regulated. And everything is based on ratings and collective voting, both of which will insure the highest objectivity. Internal and unbiased ratings will disregard the external profiles and will be self-contained; this kind of dynamic, regardless of ranks and titles, is used internally in sources like GitHub. And this will be transformed onto Blockchain technology system. The system was created and is being supported by Deep Knowledge Ventures. DKV gave birth to the concept and constantly contributes to the upgrade of the ETI-IT-Platform. When it reaches the appropriate level of self-sufficient development DKV will withdraw its control of the platform. The main target and interest is to harness and gain access to the best scientific ideas. A community of experts will be made from global expertise and knowledge that are not based in any one nation. It will be fully international and world-wide, regardless of the opinion of America or China. An investor will be able to find high-quality, inexpensive scientific and technical expertise, as the second circle will be restricted to start-ups which are approved by experts. The competency of their projects will be confirmed by this community. Experts will be able to find a lot of work, because any investment fund can actively make orders. Exponential Principles
  13. 13. ETI-IT-Platform and its Collective Human General Intelligence systems will be improved by BigData analytical systems and will be transformed onto blockchain technology system for ultimate data security www.exponential.institute info@exponential.institute