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Preparing for filming copy

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A2 media documentary preparation for my filming

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Preparing for filming copy

  1. 1. The name of my documentary is going to be.. To get this into my documentary I will editing it into my film I will also be editing on screen text when needed. For example, when there is an interview with Darcy’s mum I will put this on the screen on the bottom left.
  2. 2. Firstly I have to think about the dialogue within my documentary.. The main voice that will be heard within my documentary is my voice over Some of my voice over can be planned but other parts of it may need to be recorded after the filming. This is because you cannot guarantee that it’ll match with the filming. For example, Darcy’s actions will mostly not be planned meaning that my voice over will have to match what she is doing. My script: For the first bit of my documentary where I am asking lots of individuals if they know what Autism is will have to be scripted, the voice over will be asking the questions: - ‘What is Autism?’ - ‘Can you tell me what Autism is?’ - ‘Do you know what Autism is?’ I will also make there reaction be natural but give them guidance as why I am doing it and what I want their reaction to be like. For example I am hoping for reactions like: - ‘Ummm..’ - ‘Err..’ - ‘Ermm..’ - ‘I have no idea!’
  3. 3. Another thing that will need to be scripted is when my voce over is talking about the facts and statistics. This is where my extra research of Autism and the characteristics of Autism is important for me to include: ‘Autism is a life long development disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people’ ‘It affects how they make sense of the world’ ‘They can’t form friends as well as other people so they feel left out’ ‘They can’t form friends as well as other people so they feel left out’ ‘Sudden change can make people with autism very anxious and nervous’ ‘People with autism may look okay on the outside but aren’t on the outside – it isn’t physical enough for the general public to notice. This can often lead to people making judgements’ I will also have to make sure that it fits in with Darcy’s actions – for example if she is playing on her own it may be relevant to the statement about how they cannot form friends easily.
  4. 4. Other parts of my documentary script I will have to think about is the dialogue of the individuals within the documentary.. Because my documentary is observational, it means that most of the dialogue will not be planned. For example, when filming Darcy and her brother playing they may be having a conversation which is just natural instead of scripted. This is because it is a common convention of a documentary to have a technicality of realism. Another reason for this is because of the interviews. This is because you cannot plan what the interviewee is going to say.
  5. 5. Non-diegetic sound.. There will also be a non-diegetic soundtrack when my title is coming up. I have looked at different music and found that an upbeat ukulele song is ideal to have in the back ground. The soundtracks in the corners are my two different options. I have chosen to go for either of these because they are upbeat and they lighten the mood. When doing research as to what would be a good instrumental track to use most people and websites said that a piano or ukulele would be good.
  6. 6. I then have to think about where I will be filming.. I will be filming wherever I can. For example, if I am with Darcy and we go to the park then I would film her at the park. The majority of the filming of her or her family members will be in her house. I will also be having filming of things like motorways and roads sped up. I have decided to stand on a bridge in Horley to get this part filmed. This is because it is a general convention within a documentary as it can represent a journey, for example if it were to represent me travelling to Darcy’s house.
  7. 7. This slide is about the costume and props that I will need.. There are not many specific props or costumes that I will need to have in my documentary because I want it to look as natural as possible. I will not be dressing any of my characters up as I want them to just be themselves so my documentary film is believable as possible. Some props that I may use may be toys when filming Darcy to make it look more ‘childish’ and set the scene.
  8. 8. My lighting.. Most of my lighting will be natural unless I am inside when it is dark. This means that I will be using the lights within the buildings, there will be no technical lighting due to trying to make it look as natural as possible.