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3.1 Online Services (Part 1)

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3.1 Online Services (Part 1)

  1. 1. 3.1 Online Services Momina
  2. 2. Click for more>>> The Internet Online Transactions Other Services (1) Online Services Security Issues Other Services (2) Card Gateway Internet and Web Problems with Payment browser online shopping Customers should Purchasing Goods be aware Electronic payment Why is online Hardware and shopping popular software required Protecting Customer (1) and (2) Details Back to contents
  3. 3. It is useful when we want to find out information about different types of topicsUsed by companies in order to provide services to internet users. What type of online services are there? Back to contents
  4. 4. People have the opportunity of paying online for services that are provided by particular organisations.People can shop online (E.g. Kelkoo)Bank customers can use online banking.What type of hardware and software is required? Back to contents
  5. 5. Hardware SoftwarePersonal Computer Internet BrowserModem Word-processing (text-editing software) may be useful for copying confirmation of orders and sending details for future reference.Broadband type Back to contents
  6. 6. What is transaction?It is a transfer of money.Some services require online payment:- Applying online for first provisional driving license- Applying for tax disc online- Booking a theory/practical test online- Ordering learn-to-drive books online Example: People at in the UK can pay their council tax, parking fees or car tax online. Back to contents
  7. 7. ~ This is a service provided by banks~ Makes it possible for companies and businesses to accept credit card payments online~ It is essential for modern businesses and companies, why?~ Because business and commerce is increasingly done globally, so a faster and easier way of making payments is necessary. Back to contents
  8. 8. These are not transaction services. They include:Finding the location of disabled parking paysChecking a certificate of roadworthiness record - This is to see if your car is worthy enough to be on the road (For example: Can you take a car out if you have one of the rear lights missing?)Using an online calculator that can calculate carbon dioxide emissions and vehicle excise duty (vehicle tax, car tax and road tax)Finding a personalised registration plate Back to contents
  9. 9. • Customers can arrange for packages to be picked up and delivered to a destination of their choice (For a fee)• Filling in tax returns and making tax payments• Reserving/renewing library books. Back to contents
  10. 10. IMPORTANT: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INTERNET AND WORLDWIDE WEB.What is the internet?-’Network of computer networks connected by routers’-It is much of the hardware involved; such as cabling,connectors and the computers themselves.What is the worldwide web?-It is an aspect of the Internet.-’it is a collection of hypertext documents in HTML format.’-’information retrieval system requiring a web browser toaccess it. Back to contents
  11. 11. What is an online shop?- It is an e-commerce (electronic commerce) application allowing business’s to communicate with each other or to offer customers services/goods directly. Why is online shopping popular? Back to contents
  12. 12.  Items online are cheaper (warehouse and staff costs are lower) Order online and then going to pick up what you order is cheaper; rather than going to the store and buying it. Customers have the ability to compare products and prices as they please Customers are given the opportunity to shop at a time convenient for them Back to contents
  13. 13.  Customers are able to shop at their favourite place; despite the distance Groceries can be remembered by the store and you can have them delivered to you at a time convenient for you. Time can be saved as the customer does not have to spend time by going to each and every shop Customers have a greater variety of shops to choose from Customers have a greater variety of manufacturers. Back to contents
  14. 14. 1. When you buy something from a foreign country you must keep in mind that there may be fluctuation in the exchange rate. – If the rate increases the product may turn out to be more expensive than it really is – If the rate decrease the product my turn out to be more of a bargain.2. Depending on where the customer receiving the goods lives; the country may impose a tax on foreign goods; resulting in the customer paying even more. Back to contents
  15. 15. 1. Deciding on what online shop to use2. Browsing product categories3. Using the virtual shopping basket4. Going to the checkout Back to contents
  16. 16. o Using price comparison services o This way you can find the cheapest price for a particular product. Back to Back toPurchasing Goods contents
  17. 17. • Usually websites have an icon representing one type of category • By selecting it; you can browse through those particular products. Back to Back toPurchasing Goods contents
  18. 18. • After deciding the product you want; you can put it in your shopping basket; just as you would do in reality • The things that are put in the basket can be a. Added to b. Removed c. Changed • After they have decided what they are going to take they move on to check out Back to Back toPurchasing Goods contents
  19. 19. 1. A) If the customer has never used the site before; they will be requested to register by creating a username and password. • The customer needs to enter additional data such as: – Billing address – Shipping address – Customer’s phone number – E-mail address 1. B) Customers who have already been registered to the website can just enter their username and password 2. The customer then needs to choose a method of payment (debit card or credit card) 3. The customer then needs to choose how quickly they want the goods to be delivered and the method of delivery (The longer you wait; the cheaper the delivery costs)( The delivery charge is then added to the price of the goods) Back to Back toPurchasing Goods contents
  20. 20. • A persons personal data and payment details may be intercepted by a hacker. • The hacker could then use these details to defraud the customer and the shop. How? – The hacker could log on to a shop’s computer system and can order a large number of products which can then be delivered to another address rather than the credit owners’ -- > small part of Identity FraudHow can a persons data Back to be protected? contents
  21. 21. • Data can be encrypted – data is encoded so that if someone was to intercept the data they will be unable to decipher it.The data can only be decoded if the receiving network server has the correct encryption keyAlthough banks have tried their best to eliminate the access of hackers, the hackers have developed other ways of acquiring information:a. Phishingb. Pharmingc. Attaching spyware in order to obtain customer dataWhat should customers be aware of? Back to contents
  22. 22. 1. In many countries the card company must refund the customer if their credit card or debit card has been use frequently2. They should always keep a copy of the receipt3. Their consumer rights also apply online4. They should only use reputable sites. Back to contents