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Powerpoint on logitech

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Powerpoint on logitech

  1. 1. Logitech Confidential WelcomeOn Case Logitech
  2. 2. Logitech ConfidentialPresented By:ID Name Program11104012 Md. Mominul Islam MBA12104012 Rajib Bosak MBA12104017 Dilip Chandra Ghosh MBA12104025 Md. Kuddus MBA12104016 Md. Abdul Al Mamun MBA11104032 Md. Arifuzzaman Miah MBA
  3. 3. Logitech Confidential Logitech• “Logitech is a world leader in global provider of personal computer accessories headquartered in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland. The company develops and markets products like peripheral devices for PCs, including keyboards, mice, microphones, game controllers and webcams. Logitech also makes home and computer speakers, headphones, wireless audio devices, as well as audio devices for MP3 players and mobile phones.”• Logitech purpose is to provide user-friendly interfaces with agility and low cost.Founded Switzerland (October 2, 1981) • Daniel BorelFounders • Pierluigi Zappacosta • Giacomo Marini
  4. 4. Logitech Confidential Romanel-sur-MorgesHeadquarters: Switzerland.Area served : WorldwideWebsite : www.logitech.comIndustry : Computer peripherals • Guerrino De Luca (Chairman and acting CEO)Key people • Erik Bardman (SVP, Finance and CFO)Logo :
  5. 5. Logitech Confidential CURRENT SITUATION Current performance:• 1981 – Established in Switzerland by Daniel Borel & Pierluigi Zappacosta & Giacomo Marini.• 1982 – introduces its first computer mouse, the P4• 1984 – introduces the C7, which sells for under $100 and does not require a separate power supply.• 1989 –introduces the Series 9 mouse.• 1997 –first USB mouse• 2000 –Optical sensor to track movement mouse.• 2003 – exceeds $1b in annual revenue; ships its 500m mouse• 2005 – opens new facility in Suzhou, China• 2006 – 130 new products; 143m products shipped worldwide
  6. 6. Logitech Confidential LOGITECH TODAY• Global operations – California – marketing, finance, and logistics (some R&D) – Switzerland – research and development (programming) – Ireland – design, mechanical engineering, sales support – Netherlands – European distribution – Taiwan – worldwide operations – Suzhou, China – manufacturing• Performance – more than 11000 employees – distribution in more than 100 countries – projected sales, $2.4 billion (11% OEM; 89% retail)
  7. 7. Logitech Confidential FINANCIAL INFORMATION Mar Mar 2010 Mar 2011 Mar 2012 2009Revenues 2.209B 1.967B 2.363B 2.316BGross Profit 691.23M 626.89M 836.50M 776.59MNet Income 107.03M 64.95M 128.46M 71.45MAssets 1.422B 1.600B 1.862B 1.856BCurrent Liabilities 289.29M 440.29M 470.72M 487.79MShareholders 997.70M 999.71M 1.205B 1.150BEquityNet change in Cash 10.4 -172.8 158.0 0.4
  8. 8. Logitech Confidential LOGITECH PRODUCTSo Keyboardso Webcamso Speakerso headphoneso Gaming deviceso Network music systemso Video-security solutionso Remote controlso Digital Writing
  9. 9. Logitech Confidential LOGITECH PRODUCTS1982 1984 1989 2012 Ii’s products are now distributed worldwide, in over 100 countries.
  10. 10. Logitech Confidential TOP MANAGEMENT Guerrino De Luca Chairman of Logitechs board of directors Acting President & Chief Executive Officer Erik Bardman Junien Labrousse Werner Heid Sr. Vice President Executive Vice President Sr. Vice PresidentChief Financial Officer Products Sales & Marketing Finance
  11. 11. Logitech Confidential Vision Statement The interface that links people and information willtransform the way they work, learn, communicate & play Mission Statement Logitech brings to market tools that enrich the interface between people and information
  12. 12. Logitech Confidential EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT GENERALThe company is facing a tremendous competition of its operating business. Theproducts of Logitech are highly competitive overall world. The main competitivefactors for the company are given below:Frequent introduction of new products.Rapid technological advances.Competitors frequently cut prices of their products.Product quality and reliability.Availability of productsMarketing and distribution capability.Service and support.Above are the main threats for the company. So if company want to survive incompetition ,must have to concentrate above factors.
  13. 13. Logitech Confidential STRENGTHS OF THE COMPANY ARE WORLDWIDE REPUTATION, QUALITATIVE PRODUCTS, ADEQUATE RESOURCE, EXPERIENCED EMPLOYEE, EXCELLENT MARKETING STRATEGY, AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCTS, WORLDWIDE MARKETING. THE COMPANY OPERATES ITS BUSINESS ON A GEOGRAPHIC BASIS.THE COMPANY REPORTABLE OPERATING SEGMENTS CONSISTED OF THE AMERICAS, CHAINA AND ASIA PACIFIC. THE RETAIL SEGMENTOPERATED LOGITECH- OWNED RETAIL STORES IN THE CHAINA AND IN INTERNATIONAL MARKETS. Industry environmentThe local companies of China are trying to emulate with multinational companies. The models of Chinese companies are vary from one to another. But generally offers qualitative products at a chipper price. Firstly Chinese companies try to take idea about concern industry and try to become second position in their home market rather than third or fourth position. It is true that they are not economically viable but day by day progressing.
  14. 14. Logitech Confidential INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Corporate Structure Matrix structure of management. Corporate Culture Global mindset. Efficiency. Transparency and visibility Strong project management practices.
  15. 15. Logitech Confidential MARKETINGLogitech operates their business over the California,Switzerland,China and many other countries.Logitech `s products distribution in more than 100 countries.Logitech has sales apporach are retail sales,direct and indirect distribution channels and business with others company. Marketing mix Product: Innovative products internationally. Price: Buying power of international market. Promotion: Logitech should continue promotion of its products on the ground of innovation, style and technical elegance, internationally. Place: Eastern Europe, Middle East, and North Africa regions, Americas and in Asia Pacific in Asian
  16. 16. Logitech Confidential FINANCE In 2008-2009 hit hard on Logitech`s business. Sales figures were decrease $2.00 bill. From 2.2 bill in 2010 to 2009. Operating income was also decrease $78 mill from $110 mill the previous year. Net income was decrease $65 mill from $107 mill in the previous year. Gross margin was increase 31.9% to 31.3% in previous year.
  17. 17. Logitech Confidential SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities ThreatsStrong Online Online Market Bad EconomyManagement Presence Fragmented Mature MarketsBrand Name Cost Structure Marke IntenseUnique Products Customer New Services CompetitionCost Advantages Service New Products Political Risk
  18. 18. Logitech Confidential IDENTIFICATION OF STRATEGIC ISSUES Logitech implemented a strategy of innovation To enhance products with the technologic. To create the most advanced software. Most innovative and collaborative experience for customer. To enhance future portfolios. Expend the depth of the peripheral product line Quick cam PC of connecting corporation. Develop close partnerships with specific platforms.[Phone and Blackberry]. Produce apps [applications for each platform. And Produce ` platform neutral’ apps by using he mobile web.
  19. 19. Logitech Confidential Recommendations To seek long term profitable growth. Offering the highest quality products. Promote more electronic or digital peripherals. Promote environmental friendlier products. The passion and dedication of employees. Setup and distribute domestically in China and India. Focused strategies on reducing dependencies on suppliers including retail sales channel. Maintain current strategy. Brand Establishment. Mouse Advancements.
  20. 20. Logitech ConfidentialTHANKS EVERYBODY TO BE PATIENT