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Mobile Monday Brussels
8 Nov 2011

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Mobile mondayb2b belgacom

  1. I0IIII0 I00I ENTERPRISE MOBILITY AHEAD Mobile Monday Brussels, November 7th 2011 Enterprise Mobility, a Challenging Value Chain by Jan Paesen, Director Product Mgt Enterprise Mobility Belgacom
  2. Enterprise Mobility, a complex value chain Hardware Connectivity Device Mgt Cloud Conn. Business & Security Mobile Apps Consultancy 5 challenges for the Telcos, Suppliers, End Users
  3. Challenge 1: The Fragmentation of Mobile OSs Fragmentation is there to stay ... solutions should be designed mobile platform agnostic
  4. Screen size is no longer a choice. Screens are becoming complementary
  5. Challenge 2: Mobile Data Traffic Explosion Worldwide Mobile Data Usage Monthly Volume on Smartphone 2010 6.3 EB x 16 2015 Compound Annual Growth Rate +92% 1.300 MB 79 MB
  6. Operator Strategies 1 Improve Coverage & Speed of 3G Network Nationwide EDGE + increase HSPA+ 2 LTE (4G) 28th of November, 2.6 Ghz Spectrum Auction 3 Offloading via Fixed Broadband Belgacom Partnership with FON 4 Quality of Service Bandwidth differentiation respecting net neutrality
  7. Challenge 3: Security, Reliability, Manageability 1. ‘Digital natives’ want to bring their own device in the corporate IT infrastructure 2. Devices will contain both private as company data 3. These devices do no longer work in a vacuum, and will connect to more and more cloud services 4. Mobile means by definition the device (data) will physically leave your building
  8. Challenge 4: Which business processes to mobilise ? Top 3 Business Applications ... to be mobilised 1. CRM 2. Field Force Automation 3. Company Collaboration • Document Management & BI • Company Intranet • UC (presence, chat, video conf, …)
  9. Virtualisation is not always the ‘magic’ solution here … Mob Apps have set new standards in simple intuitive ‘touch’ UI design
  10. Challenge 5: Business Consultancy requires a sector focussed, multi-disciplinary approach 1 Focus on 2 Break down 3 Industry Industry Solutions Organisational i.s.o.Products Partnership Silos
  11. Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem Telco Operators Many Component  Open Telco Assets • Connectivity, QoS Partners Component • Mobile Hardware • Sms/LBS/mPayment Partners • Device Mgt & Security Co-Sourcing • Fixed Broadband • Datacenter IAAS / SAAS Partners • Context (billing address, …)  E2E Bundling Assets  Sales (together with Partner) Product  Billing Partners  (co)branding A Few  Technical Expertise  Project Management  Support
  12. How Belgacom will tackle these challenges + = + + + + 12
  13. Thanks for listening ... any questions ? @bmapps -

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  1. - Study Gartner By 2014, 90% of the organisations will support employee owned devices- (cloud services) 30% use comsumer apps for professional services (example Dropbox)- (leave your building) Do you know how many mobiles are lost in London Taxis every hour ? 16 !!