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Messente @MobileMonday Estonia

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Co-founder and CEO at Messente and partner at Mobi Solutions. Messente is a fast growing global enterprise messaging platform based in Estonia. Mobi Solutions was founded back in 2001 and has served as a “launch pad” for several successful startups and technology companies including Fortumo, mobilab, 1oT etc. Lauri will share his takeaways on sales in tech, not raising money and building teams that last.

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Messente @MobileMonday Estonia

  1. 1. Hi!
  2. 2. Fortumo Mobilab Messente Mobi GW Mobi anno 2018 Nevercode 1oT Startup investments #mobispace
  3. 3. The investment the returns the fund Be the one who brings the cash Until you have 1m EUR in annual revenue just sell Network 😞
  4. 4. Enterprise messaging platform Founded in 2013 A2P messaging industry = 65B USD + 6% annually Chasing a billion SMS annually 15 people Messente anno 2018
  5. 5. Window of opportunity --------vs-------- crazy long term Foundation in solid processes or founders? “fail fast and move on” vs find your thing and do it A 100-year-old company?
  6. 6. Hire business partners, not skillsets - Mobi’s core team together for 16 years - 2 people have left Messente since 2013 - the example of Möku Go out of your way to make your business partners feel good - transparency and patience - culture cannot be created or changed - Messente’s culture: personal growth + compatibility Contributing and moving on
  7. 7. build a company, not an exit plan every day you are not forced to sell a part of your company is a good day clever people who back you with their money start selling and finding customers whenever you have something resembling a product/service captured value Raising money and having an exit plan
  8. 8. positioning and silver bullets easiest way to get your heart rate up winner takes all? “lifestyle businesses” and other toxic startup myths. Calm down! World domination and unfair advantages