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Middle School Messenger -May

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Middle School Messenger newsletter for May 2011

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Middle School Messenger -May

  1. 1. Middle School Messenger A Tr a di tio n of E xce ll e nce & E q u i ty May 2011Principal’s MessageDear Parents, what it is like to placed in home rooms Congratulations have a child in the alphabetically. Inside this issue:on surviving the win- Middle School. It Please make noteter! Although it be- was an excellent ex- of the events listed Music News 2gan early and ended change between par- on the district andlate, we finally seem ents. Next month, Middle School Mes- Citizens of the 2to have some warm our 5th graders will senger calendar. Quarterweather. Keeping host 4th graders for Concerts and the Art Shakespeare 3this in mind, our a visit! Our last PTA Show are listed.school dress code meeting will be May We appreciate Simple Machines 4prohibits exposure 25 at 7:00 pm. your continued sup-of any under gar- Please come and help port for having stu- All County 5ments, straps must us plan for next year. Chorus dents in school andbe one inch in width, We are in the ini- on time. Attendance Student Leaders 6and skirts and shorts tial stages of devel- is a key componentmust be at least the oping class lists for for academic suc- May Calendar 7length of the middle 2010-2011. If you cess.finger tip when arms have concerns re- Please contact usare fully extended. garding your childs if you have any ques-Your assistance in placement for next tions or concerns.checking on your stu- year, please submitdent’s attire before them in writing toschool is appreciated Mrs. Turner in the Yours truly, Many parents of Middle School Of-incoming 5th graders fice by May 16, 2011.attended a parent We do not honorpanel discussion on teacher requests. Jean J. Regan, Ed.D.April 28. Thanks to We also do not honor Principalour parent volun- team non-requests.teers who answered Students enteringmany questions about seventh grade are
  2. 2. Middle School Music Department News Our Music Department is feedback on their perform- Many of our middle schoolgetting ready for our Spring ance. They have been working students will be performingConcert season! The Junior hard on their music and are solos at the NYSSMA SoloHigh Concert is on Thursday, looking forward to this trip! and Ensemble Festival on MayMay 26th at 7:30PM in the 6th and 7th at Fayetteville-High School Auditorium. This Manlius High School. Bandconcert will feature the band, The Junior High Concert is on students include Alex Mar-chorus and orchestra. Thursday, May 26th at 7:30PM shall, Maddy Langey, Allison The 6th grade band will be Muller, Emily Kielbasinski,going to Darien Lake on May Morgan Mapstone, Janie28th and will be competing in Middle School Art and Mu- Kempf, Trevor Nourse, Mariathe Darian Lake Music Festi- sic Night is on Thursday, June Groetz, and Derek White.val as well as enjoying the 9th at 7:00 PM. The 5th and Mimi Gabor will also be per-park for the day. They will 6th grade chorus, orchestra forming a level 4 solo on cello.perform in front of a panel of and bands will perform on this We wish them all good luck onadjudicators who will provide concert in the high school their solos!!them with written and verbal auditorium.Citizens of the Quarter The second quarter Citizensof the Quarter have beennamed. This is an honorawarded to a student who dis-plays good manners, a positiveattitude, a consideration forothers, co-operative behaviorand a responsibility toward selfand school in an exemplary man-ner. The students are nomi-nated by their teachers whouse specific examples to explain Each student will receive a cer- Shepherd, Angela Combs,why they feel their nominee has tificate as a reminder of this Julia Germain, Anna Horan,earned this honor. It empha- honor. Congratulations to: Ca- Cassie Light, Elizabeth Riha,sizes attributes that are not sey Crawford, Daniel Kent, Cole Strong, Devon Young,easily measured by grade re- Emma Nunez, Trevor O’Herien, T.J. Connellan, Sophie Goris,ports. Alex Pezzi, Matt Regan, Zoe and Ava Gurney. Page 2 Middle School Messenger
  3. 3. Hipshake Fifth graders were treated the world of Shakespeareto an assembly featuring ac- with a modern day Hip Hoptors from the Syracuse Stage artist. Both use a variety ofEducational BACKSTORY Pro- literary devices to exploregram before they went on universal themes. Both artspring break in April. forms use the language of"HIPSHAKE" is a theatrical their times and are meant toperformance that combines be enjoyed in performance. Page 3 Middle School Messenger
  4. 4. Mrs. Burry’s Science Classes Study Simple Machines Mrs. Burrys science stu- dents showed off their knowledge about simple ma- chines by participating in our Simple Machines Open House Page 4
  5. 5. NYS Department of Health School Requirements NYS Education Department requires all current 11 year old students receive the Tdap vaccination. This is a mandatory requirement for entrance into 6th grade . Please have your physician or clinic, complete this form and return it to the Health Office ASAP._________________________Had the (Boostrix/Adacel) Tdap vaccine on ________________._________________________Had a Td, DT or DTaP on_______________________________._________________________has a medical exemption and the vaccine is contraindicated.Physician name and signature:___________________________________ ___________________________________ Exceptions: If a child received a Td, DT or DTaP vaccination within the last 2 years, the Tdap vaccine should bedeferred until a period of 2 years has elapsed and then get the Tdap vaccine. 10 year olds entering 6th grade have 2 choices to prevent being excluded from school in the fall:1) They can receive the Boostrix Tdap2) They can wait until their 11th birthday to get the Adacel Tdap vaccine licensed for 11-65 year olds.They have a 2 week window after their birthday to legally remain in school. Please call me at 655-1332 with any questions or concerns. Diane Belton RN, School Nurse Clinic Dates and Times: Please take your child’s immunization record with you!!! Wednesda;y May 4th 3:30 - 5:30 pm at the Madison Dounty DOH in WampsvilleTuesday May 17th, at Morrisville Cooperative Extension from 9:00-11:00 am - back door, Eaton St.
  6. 6. Health Office Hype Spring greetings from the Health Of- Pen in the Health Office if your child hasfice! There has been much less illness this bee sting or severe food allergies.winter. There have been approximately 10 ALL students entering 7th gradecases of the “real flu”, this is less than pre- need an up-to-date physical on file in thevious years. Strep throat is still being diag- Health Office. This is needed to attendnosed but seems to have slowed down. school and to participate in modified sportsThere are various stomach bugs, and viruses (school sport teams that 7th grade stu-with fevers, but overall the Middle School dents can participate on). The front andis quite healthy. Allergies are beginning to back of the form must be completed andcause problems and there is an increase in returned to me before the start of school.injuries, abrasions, bug bites and rashes, so It is recommended that you see your familymy office is probably going to get busier. physician as he/she knows you best. CallHappily, I have most of my vision and hear- now for an appointment. The school physi-ing screenings completed. cian will be here in November to do physi- Please remind your children of the ne- cals on those of you without a doctor. Popcessity of sunscreen, bug repellent, bike Warner physicals are not accepted. Therehelmets for biking and skating, and to avoid are no longer physicals for school sports, sowild or stray animals as the threat of rabies if your child wants to play on the modifiedstill exists. Please be sure I have an Epi team they need to see their own doctor this summer.Junior High All County Chorus Pictured right are the 7th and8th Grade Students who auditionedand were chosen to participate inthe Madison All County Junior HighChorus. The Spring Festival washeld at Chittenango High School onMarch 19th. Vocalists are Helen Barna,Mitch Britton, Josie Chiarelli,Claire Dudley, Abigail Hodge, Caro-line Hudson, Lillie Hunt, Emily Kiel-basinski, Allie Karmis, David Kempf,Sydney Levinson, Willa Mihalyi-Koch, Rebekah Swart and AmeliaWolsey. Page 6
  7. 7. Sixth Grade Sixth Grade isnt easy The tests make me Queasy I am not saying it is Hard at least we dont get a purple card We write many words And cant watch any birds We used to watch Sky High Now were watching Bill Nye (the science guy) Back then we read Nursery Rhymes but now were reading the New York Times Liddy Rankin & Delaney YatesStudent Leaders Our third group of stu- the teach-dent leaders has been se- ers or thelected. The Student Leader principal.program is designed to de- Our Lead-velop student responsibility ers alsoby having 7th grade leaders act as rep-encourage others to follow resentatives for their Congratulations to: Mi-school rules. Student Lead- homerooms to discuss cala Zelinsky, Brittney De-ers set, by example and school wide concerns and vendorf, Mason Stehle, Paulmonitoring, appropriate be- special activities. We meet McLaughlin, Jillian Brittonhaviors in the lavatories, on regularly to address ideas and Emily Kielbasinski.the playground, and in the in a modified form of stu-hallways. Any inappropriate dent government.behaviors are reported to
  8. 8. May 2011Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ELA 5,6,7 ELA 5,6,7 ELA 5,6,7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 NYS Math 5 NYS Math NYS Math 5,6,7 6,715 16 17 18 19 20 21 School End of Budget Vote Interim22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Jr. High Interim Concert Reports Posted on line29 30 31 Memorial Day No School