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Data ethics - Amber Macintyre at ECF Europe 2018

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(c) Amber Macintyre - @sliktor
How are different audiences' data treated differently? Personal data brings with it concerns of privacy and manipulative communications targeted to certain groups of individuals. This presentation will explore research into how civil society organisations are using data differently across different audiences and how our ethical guidelines for the use of data changes to reflect that.

Presented at ECF Europe 2018. Join the Campaigning Forum and find out more about its upcoming events here: http://fairsay.com/events

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Data ethics - Amber Macintyre at ECF Europe 2018

  1. 1. The relationship between civil society organisations, their audiences and personal data Amber Macintyre @sliktor 28th July 2018
  2. 2. Personal Data Data describing the personality, activities, behaviour, opinions and preferences of an individual or group
  3. 3. Effectiveness vs Privacy
  4. 4. Effectiveness vs Privacy To Effectiveness vs responsibility
  5. 5. Members
  6. 6. Donors
  7. 7. Action Takers
  8. 8. Followers
  9. 9. Beneficiaries
  10. 10. Questions from me
  11. 11. Questions from you?
  12. 12. The End @sliktor