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Coucil for Responsible Energy

Presentation to the AGA Green Conference on behalf of the CRe

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Coucil for Responsible Energy

  1. 1. Council for Responsible Energy American Gas Association Energy Efficiency and Green Technologies Forum Donna N. Peeples May 21, 2009
  2. 2. CRE Mission The Council for Responsible Energy educates and builds awareness among consumers, builders and businesses that by choosing natural gas today they can help save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment without compromising performance or lifestyle.
  3. 3. Natural Gas Brand Promise Natural Gas. Comfortable. Responsible. Natural gas is an environmentally-friendly choice you can make today. Natural gas is efficient, reliable and clean burning. Choosing natural gas today means you can help save energy, decrease our reliance on oil, reduce emissions and protect the environment without compromising performance and lifestyle.
  4. 4. Brand Promise Video
  5. 5. Strategies • Demonstrate the benefits of natural gas through applications for home and business • Connect natural gas to green and position it as a current solution by appealing to consumers’ desires for comfortable and responsible choices • Insert natural gas into responsible energy discussions and engage GreenFluencers and Builders • Generate buzz and excitement within the industry about the CRE
  6. 6. Target Audiences Opinion Leaders Legislators & Analysts Industry Allies Homeowners Associations •Builders •Developers • HVAC Current Prospective Dealers • Plumbers • Manufacturers • Customers Customers Retailers •Realtors • Architects • Engineers Civic Leaders & Local Regulators National Gas Industry (LDCs/Pipeline/Mktrs)
  7. 7. National Media Legislators Branding on local gas are exposed company vehicles Online bill pay supported to messaging by green messaging as consumers Local gas On-hold service Commercials tagged messaging person by local gas company reinforces leaves green behind messaging reminder messaging Statement stuffer in local gas company bill Local gas company radio supported by green messaging
  8. 8. Five Year Plan – Thinking Big We Are Here Increased Increased Online National Presence Advertising thru National Social Increased T Advertising/ marketing Channel Media Buy tactics Marketing Creative Consumer Research Materials National PR National Grassroots & Testing & Media Advertising Engagement Strategic Outreach Planning National PR National PR National PR Messaging Trade Spokesperson Partnerships Partnerships Partnerships Digital
  9. 9. Celebrity Spokesperson CARTER OOSTERHOUSE • HGTV personality • Credibility with consumer and trade audience • Appeal crosses gender and age lines • Opportunities for integrated content
  10. 10. Media Launch – November 17th • National press release • Live SMT with Carter Oosterhouse • Local releases by LDC member companies • Eight CRE board member interviews
  11. 11. Building a Brand Logo Extension • Brochures/newsletters • Bill stuffers/statements • Presentations • Uniforms/Trucks • Business cards Other Tools • Brand Promise Video • Consumer Website* • Carbon Calculator* • Press Releases • Ad Creative • Research
  12. 12. Synergies in Brand Building
  13. 13. CRE Industry Logo • Builds product brand • Integrates with your logo • Available free to all members
  14. 14. Carbon Calculator • Market specific data • National average tells story in less favorable markets
  15. 15. Consumer Website ComfortableResponsible.org • Call to action for campaign materials • Entry point for consumer and media engagement
  16. 16. Member Microsite CREmembers.org • Member resource center • Share ideas • Download materials • Committee work
  17. 17. Member eNewsletter • Regular member outreach • Promote tools available • Highlight integration successes
  18. 18. Creative Production
  19. 19. Looking Ahead: Social Media
  20. 20. The Energy Conversation • What customers are really saying • Tracks media influence on the Significant opportunity discussion for NG to have a greater share of the conversation and more positive mentions
  21. 21. Measuring Success Monitor Effectiveness Certify, Sample, Integrate PR Placement, Online Media Prominence Analysis Index Performance Evaluation ROMI Participation Rates, Metrics & Market Penetration Measurement Study Customer & Demand Growth Comply, Evaluate, Model Refinement Post Campaign Media Optimization Model Predictive Diagnostic Proof
  22. 22. What the CRE Means for Member Companies • Industry leaders drive the message – Chairperson: Donna Peeples, AGL Resources – Vice Chair: Kevin McCrackin, DTE – 2nd Vice Chair and Treasurer: Michelle Bloodworth, Alagasco • Engages customers in energy dialogue • Ensures natural gas has a voice • Establishes framework for industry synergies • Extends marketing investments • Increases effectiveness
  23. 23. Friends of CRE and Natural Gas
  24. 24. Membership Message
  25. 25. Visit www.CREmembers.org today!