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2011 in Retrospect

My year in review, as we hurtle towards 2012.

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2011 in Retrospect

  1. 1. 顾 2011 :: in retrospectOlympus E-P2, IISO 640, 40mm, f1.7, 1/20 My year in review, as we hurtle towards 2012. Happy New Year!Toilet at modernized village - James ChanJiuzhaigou Valley - Sichuan, China motochan.com
  2. 2. 19 days across southwestern ChinaOlympus E-P2, IISO 200, 28mm, f8.0, 1/100 My wife and I visited Lijiang, Shangri-la, Xi’an, Jiuzhaigou, Lhasa and Chengdu for ourTibetan prayer flags overlooking the city honeymoon. The high altitude reminded me of my ’05 trip to Peru. I hope I’ll get to doShangri - Sichuan, China this more often in the years to come. You only live once.
  3. 3. 1 year of living togetherOlympus E-P2, IISO 1600, 28mm, f5.6, 1/13 Our house certainly does not look like this now ;-). This photo was taken 3 monthsDemolished interior, pre-renovation before our wedding. It was a mad rush and a ton of work to complete our dream house,Fort Road, Singapore but it was all worth it.
  4. 4. 2 elections in a yeariPhone 4, color filter by Path app Singapore’s political scene had a watershed year with the Opposition gaining ground in theStraits Times newspaper General Election. Record crowds were seen at Opposition rallies around the island. The fervorSomewhere in Singapore spilled over to the typically non-partisan Presidential Election 3 months later.
  5. 5. 30 years of existenceiPhone 4, color filter by Path app Sometimes, I feel like I’m the bear in this picture; worn and used. Actually, I just love thisShophouse aisle photo and Uzia is telling me to cook up some sad story about how the bear is me. But hey, ifJoo Chiat Place, Singapore you know me well enough, you’ll know I’m an optimist. I look forward to the next 30 years.
  6. 6. 9 months of anticipationOlympus E-P3, IISO 200, 28mm, f4.5, 1/15 We watched and waited as Uzia’s tummy grew over the months. We went throughPosed shot with Uzia’s favorite bear every name in the baby name book before deciding to name our boy “Kyler”. IFort Road, Singapore rationalized our decision by purchasing the domain name kylerchan.com as the first of many gifts, from dad to son.
  7. 7. 3.25KG at birthOlympus E-P3, IISO 800, 90mm, f2.8, 1/100 I never longed to be home as much as I do these days. I’ve started on thePosed shot of Kyler, several days shy of his 1st month best investment I’ll probably ever make in my life, by joining my wife in theSomewhere in Singapore parenting of our son, Kyler Chan. He’s 9 weeks old now and comes in at 6 kg, at least when I last checked.
  8. 8. 60+ applications, 6 fellowsOlympus E-P2, IISO 1000, 40mm, f1.7, 1/60 I co-founded Startup Roots Singapore with Derrick and Zaizhuang.Startup Roots Speaker Series with Ian McFarland & Jeff Jonas It’s a fellowship program for l33t hackers to work at startups. It’sHackerspace Singapore our way of offering them the red pill of tech and startups.
  9. 9. 24 investments at Neoteny LabsLumix LX-3, ISO 400, 28mm, f2.5, 1/30 2010 marked the start of investing at Neoteny Labs, but 2011 was the one where we madeSome meeting room ~70% of our investments. It has been an amazing learning experience for me, and none ofSomewhere in Singapore this would have been possible if not for that moment of serendipity. Thanks Joi ;-).
  10. 10. 365 good days ahead! Olympus E-P2, IISO 200, 54mm, f4.6, 1/320 Streets of Habana Vieja Havana, Cuba