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Silicon Straits - introduction & overview

Public deck introducing Silicon Straits.

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Silicon Straits - introduction & overview

  1. 1. @SiliconStraits #intro #deck #SG #HCMC #APAC An innovation tribe in Asia Pacific James Chan / @m0t0chan Founder & CEO, Silicon Straits 5 September 2013
  2. 2. USA is the undisputed leader of startup ecosystems in the world. Pro-talent, university excellence, vibrant community
  3. 3. It takes decades and generations of entrepreneurs who failed more than succeed, to get Silicon Valley to where it is today. Defense → Semiconductors → Web → Social/Cloud → ? http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2009/11/startup-ecosystems-take-time.html “...new startup ecosystems developing in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. It can happen and it will happen. But it takes time. And you can’t fast forward because we are talking about experience which can’t be manufactured. You simply have to put in the time.” UEN: 201005970E
  4. 4. Sure, let’s give it time. BUT it doesn’t mean the rest of the world (emerging ecosystems) can’t do anything to leapfrog and play catch-up. Turn on, boot up, jack in. → → co-working spaces fabrication labs maker movement angel investment networks venture debt grassroots community movements equity-matching initiatives “bridge-building” de-regulation talent attraction education pay it forward evangelism media research funding non-dilutive grants UEN: 201005970E
  5. 5. Silicon Straits is an innovation tribe in Asia Pacific. Tech distribution, sales, product marketing; US, Asia Pacific; SiS Int’l market cap US$100M F&B (Thai Express), e- commerce, gaming; Singapore, Southeast Asia; S$100M cash exit E-commerce; Japan, emerging markets; Netprice mkt cap US$70M IT services, angel investment; India; 1 of 3 co- founders that sold Kanbay for US$1.25B to CapGemini Hyper-connector, futurist; US, Japan, Middle East; Director, MIT Media Lab CO.LAB co-working members, event participants, tech community SAIGON 24-strong web/mobile development team in Ho Chi Minh City NETWORK 25 investments across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific 30+ investors from US, Japan, Singapore, Middle East and Europe CTO COO Like the internet, “small pieces loosely joined”, a collection of like-minded individuals UEN: 201005970E Investor Investor Investor Investor Investor
  6. 6. Accelerating startup ecosystems in emerging markets aren’t that different from pitching tents. All or most poles need to go up at about the same time, but that’s hard... UEN: 201005970E
  7. 7. The right mix of “Patient” & “Impatient” Capital is needed. That’s hard to juggle well too. V.S. UEN: 201005970E
  8. 8. The right mix of “Patient” & “Impatient” Capital is needed. That’s hard to juggle well too. V.S. Patient Capital Impatient Capital + Angels UEN: 201005970E
  9. 9. We can’t change the world, but we can change the environment we’re in. Embrace serendipity & neoteny. Amplify positive deviance. UEN: 201005970E
  10. 10. Ideas Capital Talent Our own ideas Other people/ companies’ ideas Entrepreneurs Designers Engineers Product Managers Advisors Our own $ Other people’s $ Government $ Startup ecosystems are defined by ideas, capital & talent... UEN: 201005970E
  11. 11. SAIGON Ideas Capital Talent CO.LAB NETWORK Our own ideas Other people/ companies’ ideas Entrepreneurs Designers Engineers Product Managers Advisors Our own $ Other people’s $ Government $ ...and Silicon Straits operates at its intersection. UEN: 201005970E
  12. 12. Silicon Straits is building a better platform for designers, engineers & entrepreneurs to get together, be inspired, make things and start/grow companies. venture capital, incubation & advisory software foundry co-working & business services Design + UI/UX RoR, iOS, Android CO.LAB 2,000 sq ft Blk 71@SingaporeSAIGON invest in teams of entrepreneurs, engineers & designers and value-add for growth/scale help entrepreneurs, engineers & designers bring ideas into reality location for entrepreneurs, engineers & designers to work & play US$5M seed fund; 24 investments from 2010 to 2012 in US & Asia Pacific NRF TIS incubator; S$100K investment matched with S$500K for S$600K in total NETWORK UEN: 201005970E
  13. 13. CO.LAB is a 2,000 sq ft hybrid work space that blends co- working & personal fabrication in Singapore. “Man is by nature a social animal.” UEN: 201005970E
  14. 14. UEN: 201005970E Get Hacking Arduino workshop series :: 17 Jul 2013 Raspberry Pi Singapore meet-up #5 :: 5 Aug 2013
  15. 15. Hackidemia Singapore #2 :: 31 Aug 2013 UEN: 201005970E
  16. 16. SAIGON is a software foundry that builds web and mobile software for individuals & businesses. 24-strong team based in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam Ruby-on-Rails, iOS & Android UEN: 201005970E
  17. 17. NETWORK manages a US$5M venture fund and is an approved incubator under Singapore’s National Research Foundation S$50M TIS program. 24 investments in US (11), HK (1), Singapore (11), UK (1) circa 2010 UEN: 201005970E Exits Still in Play Deadpool Acquired by Yelp in Jul ‘2013 for US$12.7M. Acquired by Eventbrite in Sep ‘2013, amt. undisc. Acquired by Rakuten in Sep ‘2013 for US$200M.
  18. 18. It’s a long and often lonely journey, but it’s most important that we’re on that path and lovin’ it. Join our tribe, drop us a note, start your (journey) today. Positive deviance Cross-programming in real estate development with startup ecosystem spin Embrace & celebrate failure Skew the opportunity costs Pay it forward Socially engineering a startup culture Exited founders with liquidity jump-starting virtuous cycle by giving back At the convergence of design, hardware & software Building bridges across SEA region Public private partnership (PPP) At the intersection of ideas, capital & talent Serendipity Positive deviance UEN: 201005970E
  19. 19. www.siliconstraits.com @siliconstraits james@siliconstraits.com 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-11/12, Singapore 139951 147 Ton Dat Tien Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City @m0t0chan Thank You! www.facebook.com/siliconstraits Level 25 North Tower, One Raffles Quay, Singapore 048583 UEN: 201005970E