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tenCube journey intro - Darius Cheung

Slides used by Darius during the 7th Startup Roots Singapore Speaker Series

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tenCube journey intro - Darius Cheung

  1. 1. tenCube  Journey  Intro  
  2. 2. No.1  Mobile  Pain   “One  phone  stolen  in  UK  every  12  seconds….                        Mobile  the:  is  cos;ng  U.K.  consumers  £390  Million  every  year”                        BBC,  Dec  06     “1  in  4  mobile  users  are  afraid  to  use  their  phones  in  public”    Logica  CMG   Expensive  Device   Precious  Data   Priceless  Privacy   2   May  the  Phone  be  with  you                darius.cheung@gmail.com        |      +65  81611905  
  3. 3. The  ulKmate  soluKon  -­‐  WaveSecure     Lock TrackRemote lock down your lost phone Track location of the phoneMake it worthless to the thief Tracking of new SIM cardsShow message & sound alarm! SMS & Email Alerts Back Up Wipe Out All personal data coverage Remote wipe out of private data Zero-effort auto-backup Wipe all data(SMS, photos, etc) ... or remotely trigger backup! Protects privacy and security! 3   May  the  Phone  be  with  you                darius.cheung@gmail.com        |      +65  81611905  
  4. 4. Customers  Enterprise  Customers   Singapore     Police  Force  Global  Brand  Customers   4   May  the  Phone  be  with  you                darius.cheung@gmail.com        |      +65  81611905  
  5. 5. Major  Milestones   SEED  Round     Investment   WaveSecure 1st  Release   SingTel     launch   1st  Handset   Founding   Customer   Incubated     @  NUS  Pre  2005   2005   2006   2006   2006   2007   2007   2008   2008   2008   2009 2009 2009 WaveSecure   1st  Operator   Lite  on   Customer   Startup@Singapore   Singapore     Police  Force   2nd  Round   Champion   Funding   1st  Customer   Team reaches 20 5   May  the  Phone  be  with  you                darius.cheung@gmail.com        |      +65  81611905  
  6. 6. 6  May  the  Phone  be  with  you                darius.cheung@gmail.com        |      +65  81611905