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Cae gold-plus-coursebook

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Cae gold-plus-coursebook

  1. 1. NEW We recommena the Longman Exams Dictionary to accomRanx the course.Visit our. website fo~ more information o ~ contact )'our. local booKsnoR· The Pelican Brie~ is one of tlie set texts fo ~ CAE from Deceml::ie~ 2008. , PLUS irhe trusted • series students' exam emRhasis teadiers around CAE Gold Plus includes the December 2008 exam specifications. • The wide range of engaging, contemporary topics make it suitable for mixed age classes Extended writing sections with model answers provide additional support with writing skills • Additional grammar and vocabulary activities on CD ROM provide students with extra practice in key language areas • The Exam Maximiser, a unique combination of workbook and exam handbook, is packed with extra language and skills practice for each exam paper, plus exam strategies and tips . • The Teacher's Book includes full teaching notes with answer key and audio script, photocopiable resources, progress tests and sample exam answer sheets Interactive exam practice at iTests.com and on CD ROM allows students to test themselves, monitor their progress and improve exam performance. CAE Gold Plus ISBN 978-1-4058-7680-3 9 76