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Real Estate Marketing Through Story Telling 101 | Matthew Rathbun

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A pervasive force in real estate today is marketing with both traditional and modern engagement. With a significant number of consumers beginning online and finding the home they eventually purchase, it’s important for agents to have a healthy understanding of the consumer profiles, engagement tools and communications. Agents will be able to find new tools and learn how to use them safely.

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  • Great presentation! Thanks for sharing.
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  • Very interesting. Thank you!
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Real Estate Marketing Through Story Telling 101 | Matthew Rathbun

  1. 1. Marketing and Engagement A Modern Approach RathbunMatthewABR, CIPS, CRB, CRS, EPRO, GREEN, GRI, MRP, RSPS, SFR, SRS
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Matthew TheAgentTrainer.com | @MattRathbun I Love Being a… ➡ Husband and Father ➡ Broker ➡ Seasoned Bohemian ➡ Disrupter ➡ Apple Fanatic
  3. 3. TheAgentTrainer .com/Marketing101 Resources | SlideDeck | Videos | Tools
  4. 4. Let’s start off by what this program isn’t…
  5. 5. The Typical Agent
  6. 6. Success Requires Investment
  7. 7. Have Fun! …no, seriously
  8. 8. The
 Brand Called You
  9. 9. Marketing is A Conversation
  10. 10. Your Sphere
  12. 12. The Seller
  13. 13. Where Did They Come From? 42%Known or Referred 24%Previously Used Agent 4%Agent Website 4%Agent Initiated Contact4%Agent Referral 3%Open House
  14. 14. 33%Sellers Will Refer Their Agent to more than 3 people
  15. 15. Who Are These People? Reasons For Selling 16% Too Small 14% Job Relo 13% Near Friends 10% Neighborhood 10% family Change 8%FSBO 9Years Average Tenure 54Average Age 3%Open House
  16. 16. The Buyer
  17. 17. 96%of homebuyers use the internet as part of the search process 49%of homebuyers found the home they bought online 64%searched on mobile device 76%drove by home they found online as the first step 46%online inquires actually buy
  18. 18. 12weeks of active searching online before buying 3 weeks of active searching before contacting agent 51weeks from first online inquiry until becoming serious about looking for a home
  19. 19. The Basics of Marketing
  20. 20. 3,104
  21. 21. Embrace the Client’s Experience
  22. 22. The Experience You offer has to be better than the one they’ve had...
  23. 23. End the Clone Era
  24. 24. AT&T “Professional”
  25. 25. Digital Story Telling
  26. 26. Your Bio Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum. • You're not an professional athlete, don’t write in the third person. • Tell a client your story, as well as theirs. • Long Version • Short Version • Twitter Version • Save as a document • Refresh once per year. MatthewRathbun.com/matthew_rathbun
  27. 27. Profile Photos | Avatars
  28. 28. Old Vs. New
  29. 29. Year Book vs. LifeStyle
  31. 31. Video Story Telling
  32. 32. Consumer Feedback
  33. 33. The Aggregators
  34. 34. •Create/Update Profile •Free Webinar’s •Wordpress Plugins •Local Market Data •Mortgage Information •Facebook Apps •Website Badges •Market Data for your Site zillow.com/Agents
  35. 35. Claim and Enhance Your Listings!
  36. 36. The Tools
  37. 37. NextDoor.com
  38. 38. placester.com/nar
  39. 39. canva.com
  40. 40. WordSwag.co
  41. 41. YouTube.com
  42. 42. NARRPR.com
  43. 43. VistaPrint.com
  44. 44. Listing Specific Business Cards
  45. 45. sincerely.com/postagram
  46. 46. MailChimp.com
  47. 47. HouseLogic.com
  48. 48. Create Your Plan And Then Work Your Plan
  49. 49. Social Media
  50. 50. What to share?
  51. 51. try to do it all…. Don’t
  52. 52. Twitter
  53. 53. Engage!
  54. 54. The Interview
  55. 55. • Google House • Google Client • Social Sites • HomeTrackr.com • Prior Listings • Tax Records • Zillow • Predictive Models Pre-Meeting Research
  56. 56. Be Prepared
  57. 57. Pre-Meeting Engagement
  58. 58. The NoteBook
  59. 59. PresentationMaterials
  60. 60. CRM Customer Relationship Managers
  61. 61. ThankYou TheAgentTrainer.com